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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 255 - The Lord’s concluding words: keep to the spirit of love. Out of love comes wisdom, and vice versa. The eternal order of life in God

1. Now Matilda Elijah returns with her Peter, once again thanking Me ardently for again giving her the former teacher as a permanent teacher even in the celestial kingdom.

2. But I say: “You are good fare for him and he for you, just don’t let your spirit of love be again determined by the outer form! Because shape can be altered in heaven too, depending on love’s growth, or the demands of a planned work of love; which latter however remains eternally unchangeable. Furthermore the beautiful form diminishes with familiarity; love however, constantly producing new wisdom in wonders upon wonders, becomes constantly more attractive. Hence stay with the inner spirit of love, which shall be your true heavenly bread and fortify you progressively, because such spirit in your hearts is My Spirit.

3. Matilda Elijah is deeply moved by my instruction, saying to Peter: “Noble brother, did you hear this holy truth and comprehend it?” Says Peter: “Why do you ask; do you fear I would want to do something against the Lord’s will? Don’t be troubled, I have carved the Father’s holy words deeply into my heart and now live only by His word within me. It would now be impossible to think or will anything but what the Lord wants. Should I be still lacking in something, you shall compensate it; and I shall do likewise, if necessary. Should we both be lacking, then united we shall pray the Holy Father and He shall give us everything we have need of from His never failing fountain. Hence be untroubled, dearest Matilda, your Peter has understood things well.”

4. Says Matilda: “Indeed so, for are you not my master in everything, in wisdom as in love! Although you kindled my love for you upon Earth through your wisdom, it now seems that the great and pure love in your heart is now kindling wisdom in me; what do you say?”

5. Says Peter: “Behold is not this the very cycle within which all things move and stir: love as the Deity’s eternal life warmth, if warmth is the warmth developed within us. And warmth in turn magnifies in proportion to the light, the one always proceeding from the other, the light from heat and the heat from light.

6. But just as these primordial elements of all life mutually constantly produce, breed, nourish, strengthen and maintain each other, just so we too, on the smallest scale, are destined to mutually strengthen one another through love and wisdom. This is the Lord’s eternal will and order. Hence fear not, for I now, through the Father’s grace, know how to live the right life in God.”

7. Say I: “Amen! That’s how things are, and life correctly understood! Let you all tarry within this. But now, my dear friends, it is time to continue our journey; align yourselves in a certain order. Robert, this all is still within your house and you are the host. It is therefore your turn to once again lead the entire large company; but take friend Peter with his Elijah, as also your Helena, with you - they shall provide useful service along the way.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-255 Chapter