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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 18 - Jesus’ talk about the necessity of worldly powers. No human society without order and obedience

1. Say I: “My beloved brother! If one has regarded this thing with just worldly eyes and equally worldly intellect, like yourself, being content with a persuasion lacking all free and proper sense about the deficient translation of the four Gospellers, and Paul’s Epistles, after also imbibing with deep draughts the worldly philosophy of several German atheists, then it cannot be other than it is with you right now.

2. “I say unto you that, had you ever troubled yourself with the Old and New Testament Scriptures with proper attention, and that with good translations, such as that of Martin Luther or the so-called Vulgate, and the original Greek Bible, then you would have come to conclusions other than your radicalism. Your roots are as good as none, since the dogmas of your worldly-wise occur upon the tree of knowledge only as parasites. As an earthly tree-grower, you surely would know what to make of parasitic roots? And so you will gather how much your spiritual leaders would feature in My eyes!

3. “If firstly, one translates the Bible to accord with one’s views, and then quotes only those passages that admit of a dual interpretation in certain arbitrary translations, then it is no great feat to argue as you have done before Me.

4. “But behold, things are not so, because firstly, the quoted texts read as follows – My well-known temple saying regarding the tax coin, and especially that of Paul’s epistles to the Roman and to Titus, are not as quoted by you. And there can furthermore be no talk of fearing the authorities either on My part or on the part of Paul, since I proved more than adequately before Pilate and Herod, as well as earlier before Caiphas, how little I feared these worldly rulers! For He who fears no death and is Master over it, eternally has that much less reason to fear the vain arbiters of mere physical death.

5. “Just as little ground to fear earthly rulers had Paul. Nero, among the worldly rulers of Rome, surely was the admittedly cruelest. Yet behold, Paul sought his protection from the persecuting, spiritually evil Jews, and also found it, for the duration of his earthly need. Did he perhaps fear the Jews? Indeed not! Notwithstanding his knowledge of their hostility he went to Jerusalem, in spite of his most intimate friends’ advice.

6. “From this, you will gather that neither I nor Paul gave commandments, or rather advice, from fear of the authorities, but only for the peoples’ sake: to conform to the necessary minimum worldly conventions. For this you ought to realise – that no human society can persist without leaders. Which necessitates instructing mankind to obey its leaders!

7. “Or do you think that on Earth, great societies can persist without leaders? This would be most impossible, and even against natural order, not only for men but for all earthly things.

8. “To enable you to grasp this more deeply, I shall take you through the diverse kingdoms of natural things, and so hearken!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-18 Chapter