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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 19 - About obedience. Examples from the natural world.

1. “Take the case that all cosmic bodies are imbued with essential intelligence and insight, in relation to their destiny. Behold, these great bodies, imponderably for you, float within freest etheric space. Why have they stubbornly, for thousands of years moved within the same orbits around a particular sun which they, as it were, are not prepared to abandon at any price?

2. “Their orbits indeed are of diverse benefit, as indicated by a planet’s good and bad years, especially at times of increased solar wind activity. A body like a planet can of course bear up to an occasional short thump from the sun, but such painful orbits often occur several times in a row for a planet, affecting only localites, naturally.

3. “If such a big wanderer through space, after ten or more such orbits, were to grow tired of such motherly solar treatment and earnestly intend to leave his ruling sun – to become a solitary wanderer throughout infinite space, what should be the unavoidable consequence of such idea of absolute planetary freedom, to reel about in isolation?

4. “Behold, an early initial, complete freezing due to lack of light and warmth, followed by a necessary interior kindling on account of the too mighty pressure from without, followed finally by complete dissolving of all planetary constituents, and therewith full mortality!

5. “The planets in their deepest interior have feelings however. Their existence is their most profound, perceptible need. And so they constantly remain within their sun’s regimen, keeping to their movement with unalterable regularity and not being concerned about whether they are dealt with more harshly, at one time or another, by their dominating sun.

6. “Some friend of planets like yourself, in sympathy to them could indeed say: ‘I salute such independent-minded planets. But if I were the Creator, I would severely punish such capricious ruler over the poor planets.’

7. “But to that, the sun speaks up, saying: ‘what are you short-sighted cosmopolitan driveling? Do you not see that I also have other, large and small planets to look after? Don’t you know that their orbits differ, that the larger as well as smaller planets are more distantly positioned? That sometimes the majority are found on one side, putting great strain on me, so that some individual planet on the opposite side will have to necessarily be dealt with more sparingly! Should such orbiting planet nevertheless have to do with less, it shall nonetheless receive enough to get by. I can testify that during trillions of my own orbits around a still bigger sun-regent, no planet falling in with my order has starved or perished. If however some comets that prefer roaming free to my meticulous order, perish within infinite space, then I can’t be blamed. For no injustice can befall a being that is bent on self-determination, not wanting to depend on a mightier leadership; for it has thus ruled itself! – If you liberal cosmopolitan would have me, the planetary ruler, punished on account of my necessarily changeable behaviour towards the planets subordinated to me, then take my light and my shine, my greatness and power! But then see how the planets, held in slave-chains by me, according to you, shall persist.’

8. “Behold, friend, this is how natural order speaks already through the primary, most powerful and free cosmic bodies, without whom no planetary subsistence is thinkable! If however these big freewheelers need a leader, how much more those small beings, restricted in their movement through all sorts of conditions, such as the animals and especially the fully spiritually free humans!

9. “Animal of the same species usually have one among them who is, as it were, a leader who, when moving, stirs the others to similar movement, as if electrically activated. Look at a herd of cattle, there is a leader among them! The shepherd, who knows from experience which one is being followed by the others, hangs a bell on its neck. When turning them in at evening, he just listens for the bell, moving there to find the entire herd assembled around it. To take them home, he just has to lead the bell-hung one, and all the others follow. The same is the case with pigs, especially those living in the open, as also it is with goats, sheep, horses, donkeys and a hundred other animal species. You can detect it even with the various insects and birds, and no less with the mindless, dull fish and other marine animals.

10. “But I will take you further and point our the seemingly much more dumb nature.

11. “Let us look at the exceedingly loose water, divisible into countless droplets without perceptible resistance. This exceedingly important natural element, which harbours all the embryonic life of the animal and the plant, – harbouring also forces incalculable to you, in its free state also obeys its inherent natural law of heaviness. In line with same and to its capacity to perceived the most feeble gradient of a railing, it immediately moves to a lower level and will not stop until reaching sea level. – This element also has the peculiar attribute of not completely clearing up until reaching sea level. It therewith indicates, so to say, that man too becomes conscious of his true eternal destiny if not striving for the greatest worldly honours, but only towards lowly station, that is the true humility which I so often counseled, attainable not through commanding but obeying!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-19 Chapter