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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 20 - Further example: the need for high mountains

1. I continue: “Hence it has now been proven to you that this element too is imbued with its peculiar intelligence, with which to the last drop it obeys the divine law of order, notwithstanding that every drop contains trillions of lives within it!

2. “But we shall furthermore turn to the water’s birthplace and hence the mountains, and see whether their own peculiar intelligence is noticeable, and therewith their own inherent divine laws.

3. “Behold, friend, on Earth you find all kinds of mountains. Among these are lofty or primeval ones, followed by those of medium height or of secondary formation, followed by the very low ones, – hills rather than mountains, summed up in worldly teaching as those of tertiary formation. – You are smiling happily now, discovering also the geologist in Me! Oh, be at ease, for I am as well-versed in geology as in advanced cosmology.

4. “To continue: we have three kinds of mountains, of which we shall first examine the highest ones.

5. “Why indeed are there mountains upon Earth, with particular reference to the first variety? Behold, their purposes are diverse, firstly they are regulators of electro-magnetic waves, for their even distribution over the entire Earth. Secondly, they preclude the standing still of the air around the Earth through the latter’s fast rotation, whilst its surface is moving, which would cause counter-draft movement exceeding any hurricane, which no being would be able to resist. Thirdly, they attract the too dense air moisture arising from the combination of oxygen and hydrogen, for which reason also their highest peaks appear shrouded in mist, being rarely visible. Here they combine with the copious, ever-present electricity, afterwards falling upon the steep slopes as snow and ice, from where, after sizeable amassing, they crash down to the gorges and alpine valleys, to there massively accumulate as glaciers. These in turn have the special attribute of attracting the frigid air particles, thereby protecting the lower-lying fertile altitudes from the numbing frosts. Whilst the glaciers diminish the sometimes too intense electric overcharge, also regulating the atmospheric moisture, without which action the Earth’s plains would be exposed to the heftiest and perpetual cloud-bursts.

6. “From these few comments you will se the need for alps, saying to yourself: indeed, this is plain and incontrovertible! Because whenever people dared to make reckless changes to the primeval mountain systems, they were only too soon chastised most severely through unprecedented environmental damage. – Behold, friend, so it is! – But this brings us to the main point, and so pay especial heed!

7. “Behold, in order for the alps to fulfil the important purpose of maintaining an entire cosmic body upon its wide surface, their location is not arbitrary. Furthermore, they must, through their indwelling spirits – natural forms by your parlance, possess such intelligence as will enable them to effect what they are destined to do.

8. “For them, the sphere of action assigned to them by their indisputable intelligence is a positive law, which they discern with their intelligence; something you shall believe Me the more for having yourself asserted earlier that, through the Egyptian school, I had been initiated into the inner powers of nature more deeply than any contemporary scholar.

9. “Realise therefore that an entire cosmic body can be maintained only through the strictest intelligent observance of laws, with which these great terrestrial outgrowths are imbued. Were these alps to pit themselves against these laws however, saying, as it were: ‘we don’t want to lower ourselves to fertile, lower hills’ – what nameless ultimate woe should accrue to the Earth through such alpine disobedience?

10. “Although these lofty mountains bear no fruits, notwithstanding their making up many hundreds of square miles of infertile land and therewith appearing to human commonsense as ‘useless’, would it be desirable to dethrone these alpine princes and convert them to supposed fertile plains? You say: ‘Heaven forbid!’

11. “Well, in that case say also ‘heaven forbid’ that the alps of human society be ravaged! Otherwise the political Earth should have the appearance of the devastated natural alps!

12. “Behold, if the kings of the Earth are to accord with their destination, they have to be like the lofty mountains! Do you comprehend that? You say: ‘I do indeed, fully, and that your are a true arch-sage!’

13. “Very well! But this is not the end of it. We still have two classes of mountains before us. These must also tell us something. Hearken therefore, for the purpose of what these are good for!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-20 Chapter