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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 21 - Medium and small mountains - their origin and overall purpose for the Earth planet

1. I continue: “When the Earth was still a desolate cosmic body, having to maintain neither plants nor animals other than the primordial archetypes of all future forms within the waters, the primordial mountains sufficed to serve the, as-it-were, ‘unbaked’ Earth-ball, as related above. But after the planet gradually became firmer in the course of a number of millennia, and substantial numbers of island groups began to rise above sea level, and the primordial seeds laid into the waters began to spread over them as all kinds of grasses and plants, it became necessary to also provide the ripening seeds with more land for their development. New landmasses were created through subterranean fire-power by which, with time, the new products would obtain more space, food and protection. Whereupon it began to mightily rage and storm over the entire terrestrial surface. Seabeds were ruptured and raised above water-level by the millions, through the mighty powers.

2. “It took many millennia indeed before this great work could cease, but with God, – with whom a million Earth years is like a day, this makes no great difference! In short, this was the reason for the creation of the mountains of secondary order.

3. “These mountains however were also in the beginning much higher and more rugged than they are now. But time and the natural storms have much lowered their heads, gradually filling the great deeps, forming ever broader valleys. Since these valleys ended up with varying levels, preventing regular passage of water, the latter remained in the greater depressions, naturally forming diverse seas.

4. “Since furthermore, through the constant water cycle, through the Earth pores as from the air (rain, snow, hail and dew) these lakes steadily grew, they had of necessity to overflow and burst their banks. Therewith through streaming they gradually eroded their natural banks and or dykes, partly filling the uneven valley depressions and, especially during great flooding, also forming veritable hills and hilly country - which takes place even today - as does also the raising of mountains of secondary order, through fire.

5. “The above-mentioned hill-formatting by way of alluvial watering, is the so-called tertiary formation which of course is occasioned by the secondary order.

6. “Therewith we have the creation of the last two mountain orders, showing also the cause of the second order. Why the third variety came into being and still does so occasionally, is easy to grasp, if the purpose is not lost sight of - that for the advent and maintenance of new beings as well as propagation of existing ones, spacious ground is above all necessary.

7. “The Earth's soil is so constituted as to enable all sorts of beings to arise, dwell, live and propagate; and this system was and is effected through the three varieties of mountains.

8. “The two latter mountain formations appear, of course, not to have a destiny similar to the first. Because the method of their formation as well as their destiny is completely different. But since they joined up with the primordial mountain system, they must without resistance fall into line with those laws which are, as-it-were, prescribed to them by the primordial mountain princes, so-to-say, as if one of themselves. For them this means: ‘it is not enough that you lower and younger mountains fill the valleys and ditches with your excess, to there produce fertile land, laying down little hills and recreational forests; you must also from the start of your existence carry a large part of our burdens and support us in everything, otherwise you do not fulfil your destiny. Nor can you fulfil it, as through your creation our powers would overtaxed if we had to again, as before your existence, order and guide everything!’ And behold, these new mountains, on account of their inherent intelligence do exactly as laid upon them by the mountain princes.

9. “But there are in truth among them some who will not obey, so-to-say. But such mountains are harassed by powerful storms, until they either bear up to the order of the loftier ones or are destroyed in the alternative. To the ancient sages, these mountains are the ‘unruly’ or sometimes the cursed ones. In more recent times such ‘rebels’ are referred to as ‘loose’ ,’'insubstantial’ or ‘weathered’. - There are plenty of examples of such punished (crashed and completely annihilated) mountains in ancient as well as recent times.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-21 Chapter