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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 22 - Graduated subordination necessary also among men.

1. I continue: “Dear friend and brother, with this presentation from nature, you will have noted the system of subordination even among seemingly lifeless and unintelligent things, as you saw previously with the animals, planets and waters. It will hardly be necessary to present you with more instances from, as it were, dead nature. I could indeed still do so, particularly if I took you to other planets, where the order appears much more strict and measured than upon the seemingly intentionally disorderly planet Earth. The reason lies in the rearing upon same that much more freely, for their freest spirits, as true children, nature spirits to become children of God. This you now perceive with your innermost agreement. And I say unto you that I am well pleased therewith!

2. “But now that you realise that, even within seemingly dumb nature, a certain graduated system of subordination is absolutely essential for the maintenance of nature – well then: think of man, who is endued with an absolutely free spirit, which finds itself fully unrestricted in thinking, deciding and motivational process! Note well what the ultimate result, if every man, from his absolutely free will, were allowed to create without any restraint, from his inner desire in any shape or form, from his never-failing, god-like life-chamber of unending ideas’-treasure!

3. “I say unto you, no man would be safe from another! Because there are firstly, spirits whose inner fantasy or creations, mind and lust it is to destroy everything that exists. Some are constantly minded to kill men in every possible way, whilst others are bent on constantly destroying all mountains. Still others would dig a hole right through the Earth, then fill it with gunpowder, to explode the entire Earth. Still others would eradicate all the Earth’s water, and still others drown the entire Earth, and still others burn it; whilst some would try to pull down the moon to the Earth with a rope.

4. “Secondly, there are a great many intensely sensual spirits whose fantasy is made up entirely of the joys of life. If these were not restricted by laws, no female would be safe from their lust, and ultimately no boy or beast! For I know many such friends of nature, in the style of Sodom and Gomorrah, who would make it their life’s business to copulate with the women of all races; and if this generating game failed to satisfy their imagination, the would also experiment with the most diverse animals.

5. “Now imagine a large society of such hedonists, totally unrestricted by moral or legal law! It shall abound with the most diverse creatures and barest monsters! After a few centuries, the Earth would be teeming with beings before whom no human life would be safe! Wherefore Moses brought out a most severe law, with the death penalty by fire for such daring hedonists.

6. “Thus there were and occasionally still are lustful spirits whose truly devilish lust cannot be gratified if they cannot also torment their maid most savagely during the act. Only her last and most painful life-manifestation satisfies their ultimate lust! I won’t need to cite a great many special deeds; it is enough for you to know what fruits a completely lawless society would bear.

7. “Thirdly, there are spirits of the most extraordinary conceit, finding everything besides themselves below their dignity. These are proud and endlessly domineering spirits, before whom everything has to crawl into the dust, and only do their bidding. Think of society made up of such individuals: how would they cohabit? I say unto you that a world full of tigers, lions and panthers would live in greater harmony than such people, if not restricted by moral as well as wise political laws!

8. “And thus there are among men countless other deviations of the most diverse spirits whose tendencies are so perverted against all positive order as you could not imagine!

9. “If however all these spirits were allowed to make even partly uninhibited use of their absolute inner freedom, then say: what would only too soon things look like upon a cosmic body? - You say: friend, this would be terrible – hell upon Earth! – Correctly thought and said, I tell you!

10. “I ask you further, what is most essential for keeping hell away from Earth, as far as possible? Behold, this brings us to where I wanted you.

11. “Do you understand now what I meant with Paul as well as all My followers submitting to rightful worldly authority? Do you see now why one must give to Caesar what is due to Caesar, and to God what is due to God?

12. “Tell Me how you see things now. Do they still seem to you as absurd as before? Do you still find proper obedience and proper humbleness as unworthy of the human spirit? Speak, it is your turn! I shall hear you.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-22 Chapter