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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 23 - Robert agrees. His rejoinder about rulers’ misuse of power.

1. Says Robert: “What can I say, dear friend? I now realise that you exceed me sky high in wisdom and science, and are right in everything, because things really are so; none of it can be denied, since you must, as one well-versed in the deepest secrets of nature, know all about it! Everything you have now graciously clarified for me I have acknowledged as true and absolutely essential in every part. But something else arises:

2. “Your presentation of an absolutely free human spirit and a necessary law and official executor thereof come to the fore. Abut it must be asked: are God-ordained and chosen executors and usual originators of the law themselves released from following same on God’s part? Are completely arbitrary despots and tyrants, obeying for the sake of a miserable throne, allowed to slaughter poor mankind – who also are their brethren, by the thousands? Was my transgression for instance of a nature that allowed an Alfred (Windischgrätz) to have me and several others of my persuasion and action, shot in the name of his emperor!?

3. “If such ruler releases himself from his own law already, then it can be asked: who will release him from Your commandment of love, which is to be kept by the entire world, without distinction of rank or character? Why must hundreds of thousands languish in uttermost poverty if they become liable for some insignificant misappropriation, forced on them by sheerest want? Why carry the strictest burdens of the law, when the notables can smugly do, most unscrupulously, whatever they want, and no judge is permitted to call them to account.

4. “I am all for wise and good regents, certainly, but not for regents who hardly know what they are and even less, what they should be; regents who only sit upon the throne sucking the blood of their subjects like vampires, instead of guiding them through wise laws! Tell me, friend, should a poor oppressed society not have the right to chase away such sparkling good-for-nothings and unfeeling idlers, in order to put wise and suitable men in their stead, whose head and heart is in the right place. Does a regent’s dwelling have to be a magnificent palace, and his income amount to millions, which of course derived from the bloody sweat of the subjects! - A poor devil has nothing good to expect on Earth; from birth to death he remains a playball of the mighty, having to put in his property and blood for them. As thanks he is despised, and if he were not going to put up with every despicability of the mighty, and come to a parson in the confessional for somewhat lightening his heart, then he is on top of that comforted with everlasting damnation! Say, is this also grounded in nature? Friend, I, Robert, think: this is hell and its most active concern, to make still poorer and more miserable devils out of angels on Earth!

5. “It certainly is true that terrestrial life is purely a test-life for gaining the highest spiritual perfection, and that one rightly cannot expect too shiny an earthly happiness from it. For a student always remains more of less a slave of the masters in front of him. But if the tyrannous rulers tune the disciplinarian strings too tightly, so that people are made into purest devils in place of true humans – what does a primordial divine order say to that?

6. “Is the Deity then still the only Lord and Master, and its faithful followers and worshippers pure brethren? Is this also to ‘love God above all and your neighbour as yourself?!’

7. “Or is it right on the part of a righteous Deity to allow nations to sink below dogs, physically and morally, through bad regents? After the people have, through shamefully bad regents, sunk to the lowest rung of misery, then there come from above all imaginable punishments and scourges, from the most righteous Deity: only over the poor people of course, forced to become evil mostly through ‘the grace of God’! - For even the most unscrupulous regents go by the designation ‘By the grace of God’. Thus there usually also come poverty, hunger, all sorts of incurable sickness and many a pestilence and war, - obviously by the ‘grace of God’!

8. “On top of these most beautiful presents, there finally comes sweet despair and finally pleasant eternal damnation to burning hell. And look, all this by the grace of God! Bravo! Oh, is not life beautiful! Whoever invented it the way it is must himself be insanely pleased therewith!

9. “I will not therewith blame a highest divine Being, for Earth-life taking such despicable course; for such divine Being is certain to have greater things to do than bother with the filthy worms on this Earth. But the miserable thing is that these terrestrial human worms surely also have feelings and reason; nor are they ultimately destructible.

10. “Should the people of this Earth perhaps, as ‘children of God’, have as a special favour the honour and fortune to be those most cursed by the most loving Deity – Your ‘holy Father’ – Who had You hanged on the cross (probably out of love)?

11. “Verily, the longer I think about it, the more dubious the thing becomes; You therefore better speak again! Perhaps You will be able to shed better light upon it?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-23 Chapter