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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 24 - Comforting reply for Robert’s dark doubts. Free man’s wickedness is self-punishing. The lesson of history

1. Say I: “Dear friend, this criticism, in line with the judgement of your short-sighted mind, on the surface has much going for it; and if it were really as you sharply judged before Me, then the outlook for mankind as a whole would be bad. But most fortunately, you are here upon the driest woody path with your comprehension, and hence your sharp judgements.

2. “Because firstly, the Deity cares especially for the people of this Earth as if It had hardly any other beings requiring Its nurture throughout infinity; guiding mankind under all the conditions of their test-lives in such a way that nearly all must, in spite of the difficulties reach yonder lofty destiny, on account of which alone the Deity called them into being!

3. “Of course there are quite a number who in spite of all the best methods applied, will not bow down their will before God’s best will! - It is understandable that with such spirits, the Deity has to apply more earnest and sharp means in order to still bring them unto the right path, without harm to their free will. I would say that such assessment of the Deity on; your part is rather shallow, attributing to It results which are to be sought and found exclusively in the perverted and haughty will of men!

4. “You certainly said plenty about the licensing of regents through grace, but you omitted to say that there are bad nations not made bad by the politics of bad regents, but who became worse than bad through themselves. This I could well demonstrate to you through countless examples and later shall also do.

5. “But behold, secondly, the point of your supposed eternal damnation after death, which is presumed to befall men who were made wicked by bad rulers, and therefore without their own fault! Here I Myself, Who surely know all the conditions in the spirit world, have to admit ignorance of such happenings. Eternity itself of a truth cannot attest a single case where even one spirit was condemned by God! But I can present you with numberless cases where spirits, on account of their fullest freedom, despised and cursed the Deity, not for any price wanting to depend on Its endless love, as they deem themselves lords even over the Deity!

6. “Since the Deity can let only those enjoy the endless fullness of its love who want it, it will hopefully be clear that those who hate and despise above everything the Deity and It’s love, making a mockery out of It, can for that reason not be partakers of that love, - precisely because they are most determined not to become so!

7. “Such beings love only themselves, hating everything that their ego does not find suitable and submissive to it. Love of God and neighbour to them is an abomination, and a curse in their heart! To them God is pure fantasy of a distorted mind, the stupidity of a supremely foolish reason, whilst the neighbour is a canary not worth spitting upon.

8. “If however freest spirits stubbornly stick to something that is not capable of healing through any free means, and hence not voluntarily through themselves either in their most destructive insanity, preferring to expose themselves to self-inflicted bitterness rather than submit to the gentlest commandment of God, - say, can the Deity be held responsible for such self-condemnation?

9. “If then the Deity, out of purest love isolates such rebels from their most blessed friends, not however depriving them of fullest freedom in their isolation, can It be chided as uncaring, hard and loveless?

10. “You say: ‘Peoples and nations cannot be blamed it they become evil, as it is the fault of bad schooling and upbringing; and that they are bad because of bad, selfish and domineering regents, and that these bad regents in turn are God’s fault! Oh, I don’t wish to deny that there are bad regents, and that no nation has ever been ruined by them!

11. “But neither shall you be able to say that the most righteous Deity has never punished a bad regent! Go through the history of the human race from the beginning, and it will show that thousands of regents were most severely punished for bad leadership of their entrusted subjects.

12. “Notwithstanding this, experience at all terrestrial times has shown that in general, the people were better and more manageable under tyrants than under good and gentle regents. Wherefore also the Deity usually puts bad regents over nations, so that the people, after becoming evil, should have a rod over them. They are to therewith don a true repentance sackcloth and reform, whereupon the Deity will without fail give them better regents, and always did so.”

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