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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 25 - Purpose of the terrestrial life school. Temporal or everlasting blessedness?

1. Say I furthermore: “But when, under a good regent, a nation during years blessed with peace, becomes too casual and sensual of nature, thinking only of how to prepare a heaven on Earth for its flesh, – behold: this a Deity, concerned for every man’s spiritual welfare, can no longer tolerate, and that because an earthly flesh heaven, in accordance with God’s primeval order, always brings with it the death of a spirit; as it is with a boy who from the cradle always has lived in comfort, having very little spiritual sense, so it is with a nation that is terrestrially too well off.

2. “Go to the palaces of the rich and examine their education, and you shall see that rarely will a divine heart orientation be at home there. Then go to a poor countryman’s cottage, and you will find him amidst his loved ones blessing the frugal bread. This man prays out of his spirit, hence bringing up his children spiritually, lifting them up to God. The rich man’s god however is his flesh, which he worships through all kinds of relishes, thus raising up his children only for the flesh. Such upbringing however cannot possibly please God, because the holy purpose for which god created man cannot be achieved therewith.

3. “And so it is also with an entire population. If same is well off on Earth, it increases in hedonism. Being too well off, it ultimately forgets the true God completely, making either itself or what most pleases its senses into a God. And this has at all times been the ground for idolatry!

4. “Of course you say to yourself: ‘what is the purpose of God’s supreme wisdom and omnipotence, if it cannot prevent this?’. But I say unto you: ‘if the Deity were to judge the absolutely free-to-be spirits with its omnipotence, then that would be the end of freedom eternally! For omnipotence would then, instead of the freest spirits, come up with only judged play-dolls and never self-determining spirits completely independent of God, becoming gods themselves in their perfection.’

5. “Concerning the effect of divine wisdom, this puts in place such conditions for deviant mankind as will enable it to be put back on the right path to their destiny. This indeed also is a judgement and, as-it-were, a coercion, but only touching the outward man, to enable the inner to awaken that much sooner. Omnipotence however judges and kills the entire man!

6. “Think therefore whether you still have the right to blame the Deity, as if It did nothing for mankind, or if anything, then only something hard, loveless and evil!

7. “Do you still consider Earth-life so deplorable? Is in your opinion its inventor a Being who has no cause to be proud of?

8. “I think that you must admit this if you possess only a spark of your own, and Hegel’s light; and from many experiences you must realise, that there is no true happiness upon transitory Earth; and this because, by their nature, all things of the outer world must with time be changeable, and ultimately only transitory!

9. “He who gathers treasures which cannot be destroyed by rust or moths, in accordance with My doctrine however, such alone can speak of true blessedness. For that which lasts forever surely will be better than that which is subject to the sharp teeth of time!

10. “What have you yourself gained through your striving’s after purely worldly joys? Behold: lead and powder have put a complete end to all your efforts. We will put aside for the present as to whether you deserved it or not, for I had to suffer a similar fate, excepting the difference: I Myself for God and Spirit; you yourself for the world and its supposed material happiness; I Myself for the eternal and you for man’s temporal advantage.

11. “You too can now say as I did: forgive them Father, for they know not what the did in their blind assumption to be doing right! But what have you brought over with you for the assumed eternity? Behold, friend, that’s another question! Will the world that passed away from you be capable of giving you anything? Ponder it and tell Me what you are going to do over here!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-25 Chapter