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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 26 - Robert’s retort: I will return life to whoever gave it. Can there be a God of love who treats His creatures so harshly?

1. Says Robert after some thought: “My dearest friend and brother! Regarding Your convincing disapproval of my reproach of God and His life-order, I am now in full agreement with You. I loudly confess to have done the loving Deity an injustice – provided there really is a God as a most loving Father, as You taught Your disciples.

2. “Wherefore they once asked You to show them Your Father. And since You could not meet their demand other than by presenting Yourself as Father, You wanted in my view to tell them nothing other than: ‘oh you Jewish knuckleheads! Do you not know that there is no God besides man? When seeing Me or some other human, then you see what you ask. Can you not grasp that the Father is in us and we in the Father?’. Or, in other words: ‘there is not God other than the one within man!’

3. “Although I cannot really comprehend this in any other way, I do not insist upon it and would be glad to accept a Deity if you can prove and show me one. Since however my aspersions were cast only against such Deity within us, I can also accept Your most fitting refutation that more readily, as it concerns only our very own internal judgement, or in other words: ‘man, know thyself first completely, then evaluate your being and all the necessary conditions that attend the certainty of your being.

4. “I can but thank You with all my heart for this truly great counseling, because such fruits are not likely to appear on my most meager ground for a long time yet.

5. “But although I now acknowledge the wise restrictions of absolutely free will as essential and most appropriate for the nature of human order in respect of true life, I still must confess something: I simply cannot reconcile the doctrine of God as pure love, and to love Same above all and one’s neighbour as oneself, with everything that You said to me so far, and even less, until You convince me of the existence of a real Deity!

6. “God has to first be there in substance, and His essence and will fully recognised, after which alone one can speak of demands. If however god is only a Being accepted in blind faith, but never demonstrated to commonsense then, might it sound ever to metaphysically and theosophically true, it will dissolve into nothing by itself.

7. “I do not in any way contradict Your counsel, for I see its reality only too clearly: but only in the likelihood of there being a Deity Who set up such order for the raising up of man to a higher, freest being. If however there is no god, then I have no need to contradict You, as the thing then contradicts itself.

8. “In reply to my question: ‘with what right did a Windischgräz have me executed, You proceeded straight to the excuse that the time is not yet to say much about whether it is just of unjust. Because a similar fate befell You, although in Your case for God and for man’s eternal wellbeing, whilst in my case for the world and its transitory joy!’. And that I am to tell you now what I brought over with me for eternity from former times! Friend, this question will not cost me much of a headache!

9. “Should there be a most loving Deity, then thousands of years of experience teach us that when this Deity sends man into the world, for the so-called freedom-school, It sends therewith only the most naked, inconceivable and most stupid life. Hence man brings the barest nothing into this miserable world! Nothing of all the world treasures belongs to him, as he has to abandon them eternally at the end of this life.

10. “What therefore should I have brought with me for eternity other than only myself – without requesting or willing it! Except for the small difference, that I now entered this world as a thinking and hence more spiritually developed being, whilst my entry into the material world was a most helpless and miserable one. Which latter entry however I prefer to this other-worldly one, because in the material world, as infant I felt nothing other than a quiet hunger or pain. But these tow torments were as good as nothing, for I had no consciousness then. Had my earthly mother not given me a most meager care then, so far as your divine care was concerned, all the mice and rats might devour me; the Deity is sure not to have prevented it!

11. “The Deity within my mother’s breast indeed cared for me. But the great and almighty one somewhere above the stars – same may not know a thing about a poor devil Robert Blum to this moment.

12. “If I am nonetheless a product of this great Deity, Who out of purest love sent me so richly provided for into this test world – can It now ask back from me more than It gave me for my world-journey? I mean, where there is nothing, there all rights must cease. Or is there here in the world of spirits some statutory law, according to which one becomes a debtor to someone for the barest nothing?

13. “Naked life is not mine, since I did not give it to myself. This life, enriched with a modicum of intelligence and a bad coat besides, I brought back again and shall restore it to Him Who gave it to me with the greatest pleasure, but with the request that I as the miserable Robert, cease to exist for all eternity! Because from Your wise talk I gather that no happy side can be derived from life at all. And thus it is endlessly better to never exist again in all eternity, than to be as miserable as I had the great honour to be!

14. “To complete the perfection of my luck, only one thing is missing, dear friend: that You would say to me: ‘accursed one, depart from Me, to the eternal fire of God’s fury, to burn there in the uttermost torments!’. Wherewith life with its glory would be crowned with primordial divine love, Friend, if such incredibly hard judgement, lacking all love, also was placed in Your heart by Your most loving Father; - verily, then not much could be expected from His endless love! But I don’t think that such crude sentence ever came from Your lips, and was probably inserted by the most loving Romans in later times? It would not be hard to guess why! - Would You speak again, as I am finished with my answer.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-26 Chapter