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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 27 - Clarification on man’s raising up to independence. Seemingly difficult breeding school. - Loftiest divine love wisdom.

1. Say I: “Hearken, My dear friend! It will take you some trouble yet before you achieve clearer spiritual concepts. You still cling too much to matter and its consequent impressions. Wherefore you judge everything by matter, which is under judgement and hence transitory, making you incapable of grasping the purely divine spiritual.

2. “Do you still, as a major philosopher, not understand this: if the Deity sets a life free, out of Itself, then It has to necessarily set it free completely, and not judged. Excepting what has to be under judgement by necessity – physical life, in order to acquire firmness for taking in of life spirit out of God. Once this spirit has gained the right firmness, or God desires to strengthen a very weak spirit for eternal life in a different manner, without the latter having to go through the complete flesh test, - then God Himself takes the judged part from the freest spirit. It is then completely free, and nothing happens to it other than what he freely wants out of himself.

3. “Do you imagine that God will command you either to descend to hell, or to enter the heavens? Oh, such ideas you need not entertain; there you are completely free; whatever your love desires shall become yours! God can also assist you for the better part, if you want it. If you don’t want such help, God shall not force it on you, and that because you have a free life, completely independent of God, which is capable of self-determination as desired, and hence also has to take care of its food and fortifying, completely independent of God, otherwise it would be truly no free life!

4. “If however God causes man to be born into the world naked and completely helpless, then this is to free life already then, in order to it getting accustomed to being handed over to itself from birth. - Wherefore this process of life-separation must take its inception when the child is not capable of any idea, concept or conscious pain. Because such life-separation, if happening to a man capable of conceptualisation, would render him incapable of bearing the great pain and sorrow. Does not man mourn when a best friend is, as it were, separated from his life-band through death? How much more would man grieve if he had to separate from God, his very own life-Father, in fullest consciousness, - what nevertheless has to take place because without this act of pain, no life could be set free besides God.

5. “The Lord’s deepest wisdom and love pairs such separation with a state of almost complete lack of feeling on man’s part. He ads to the initially fully bound spiritual life an outer natural life, which hides the erstwhile life united with God, for an indeterminate time, so that the spirit would be more easily accustomed to such separation, and more easily find its bearings for such future, absolutely free life. Say, can man therefore blame of even deny God, when He does what His own highest love, wisdom and order dictate?

6. “Had there been another way for free development of lie out of itself, with less pain, then god is certain to have incorporated it into His order. But in the nature of life, - things as they hare and have to be, there is no better way. The way therefore is good and relevant. And since it is so and not otherwise, the matter is in itself the best proof of God’s visible, material proof of His existence, without Whom nothing can arise, exist or endure.

7. “If however God’s presence is therewith manifest, how does He deserve to be derided by a wise man, as you purport to be? Behold, dear friend, what injustice you do to the great, holy Father!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-27 Chapter