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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 28 - Physical death also an aid out of God’s love. Death throes in former and present times.

1. I continue: “Behold, human dying for the outer senses also is accompanied by sadness and various pains. The mere worldly intellect finds this very hard and cruel on the part of almighty God, Who is, on top of that, supposed to be full of deepest love and mercy. How often already has the good Deity been cursed and even denied by men and spirits on that account!

2. “But here too, the same necessity applies as at birth. The free spirit within man cannot free himself from his true, freedom-restrictive judgement, other than through removal of his judged, temporal covering. This must be left the spirit only until his isolation from God’s primordial life is complete, God also as Creator of life being the only one Who can know when such spirit is ready for such full independence. On the advent of such maturity, it is time to relieve the spirit of such burden, which inhibits his freedom.

3. “Of course, like many, you say: ‘why does this removal not take place without pain?’ - But I say: ‘if man was living in accordance with God’s doctrine, then the death of his body would only be ecstasy, or at least completely painless. But since men, on account of their freedom, enter upon the disorder of matter, cobbling their spirit unto same with iron chains, raising it up to love of the world, such removal has to be painful in proportion to its clinging to the judged world.

4. “But this pain also is not hardness, but only God’s purest love. For were the Deity not to apply a modicum of force, which can never be pleasant, of course, the spirit would go over into complete judgement and therewith into the most tormenting eternal death, which is the actual hell. To potentially save the spirit therefrom, the Deity must play such essential power-trick. Say, is this another ground for It to be cursed or even denied? Unfortunately, there are now a great number of spirits who want to hear no more of God as soon as they have attained to their freedom. God nevertheless does not fail to lead them to the true and complete destiny along the best ways.

5. “Behold, in antiquity, men in general, physically, achieved much older age and died a gentle and painless death. This however was due to their spirit’s separation from God not being as easy as for contemporary man; which was due to the Earth having too few stimulants for them. And they hence remained more introverted, with their ties to God also being harder to break.

6. “But when with time, Earth-dwellers sought ever more stimulants, facilitating also the separation from God’s life, the life-span also steadily shortened.

7. “When mankind however began to actually forget their Creator more and more, for all the worldly tumult and stimulation, they also reached the high mark against God’s order, which had to bring them eternal death. Behold, it then became necessary on God’s part to again approach them and to reveal himself here and there in order to save a mankind near to everlasting ruin. - Many permitted themselves to be saved, but many did not – out of their own freest will! Should the Deity have then seized them with Its omnipotence, when they disregarded Its love? This would certainly mean to destroy all such spirits forever!

8. “What can eternal love do other than to say: depart from Me, those who have completely separated from Me, and attend some other maintenance school that has been prepared for the likes of you, for your potential winning back! It is a fire of the world’s judgement, which has to sunder you from it, or it will be the end of you!

9. “In order to prevent such evil as far as possible, the Deity causes outer natural plagues to come over the Earth; say, is It not attending? Or is It harsh and loveless, if it does what It considers as absolutely essential? - How can you even dream of believing that the Deity would want to curse and forever condemn its beings, which it generated out of Itself? What good would this do It?

10. “But if it wants to free the beings forever, should it not be Its foremost concern that these beings do not again somehow fall into the arms of Its omnipotence, which should be the end of freedom in every case. It would be like you having children, whom you want to press to your breast with all your male power, which would cost them their lives. It however you pressed them to death, and you also had other children – would you not warn these against your unrestrained power, or would you try this power on others? - Your experience should warn you against it!

11. “God however has no need of experience, as He possesses the most endless wisdom. He is the only true and good shepherd of all His sheep and knows best how to protect them against His omnipotence, which He uses only in the fashioning of the judged things of the physical world, but never for the formation of free spirits out of Himself! These must go forth exclusively out of His love and wisdom; otherwise no freedom and therewith no life could be achievable! For God’s omnipotence engenders nothing but judgement upon judgement!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-28 Chapter