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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 29 - Meaning of the text: ‘Depart from Me, accursed ones!’ Every wicked spirit curses itself. - Sin against the holy Spirit.

1. I continue: “If, as sharp thinker, you had gone through yonder sentence from the Gospel, which seemed to terrible to you, then only from the grammatical aspect you would already, from the word-structure at first glance, have recognised that God could not and would not therewith have pronounced a judge’s sentence upon the so-called stiff-necked, mortal sinners forever, out of omnipotence.

2. “For behold, it says there: ‘Depart from Me, accursed ones!’. Those subject to this command therefore are already cursed; otherwise the command would have to read: ‘You had always sinned before Me incorrigibly; I now, as God, condemn you to the torment of hell-fire forever!’.

3. “If however those on whom the Deity pronounces such sentence are already cursed, then it follows firstly that here, God does not stand up as judge, but only as marshalling shepherd, having to strictly point out another way to the spirits, completely separated through the power of their own will. For otherwise, lacking all ties with the love of God, they would have to end up directly in the arms of omnipotence, which verily would be the end of them!

4. “It can secondly be asked: ‘who cursed them?’. Impossibly God! Because if God cursed someone, then there would be neither love nor wisdom in Him. If the Deity were to crusade against Its works, would It not actually crusade against Itself for Its own ruin, - instead of fortifying Itself from one eternity to another through the growing perfection of Its works, - Its children!

5. “Since God cannot possibly manifest as judge with His omnipotence, but only from love and wisdom as organising shepherd, it is clear that such spirits must have been sentenced in some other way. But by whom? - This question is easy to answer if one is sufficiently introspective to realise the following: that a being has on the one hand a fully free spirit and will, which actually is grounded in God’s love and wisdom. On the other hand, to isolate it from omnipotence for becoming a truly free being, it also for a while has to have in omnipotently judged body and outer, judged world with its own stimulants under judgement. Hence it cannot be judged and determined by anyone other than itself. Such free being therefore can be ‘cursed’ only by itself, that is, completely separate itself from the Deity.

6. “The Deity however, Who does not want to deprive such being of freedom either, can do no more than call out to the nature of such wayward beings and with earnest love indicate to them the way by which they can again establish ties with God’s love and wisdom. Outside of this tie, no absolute freedom and hence no spiritual everlasting life is possible, for outside this connection, only God’s omnipotence acts, within which only the power of God’s love and wisdom integrated with omnipotence can persist as the arch-primeval life itself. Every other life isolated from this primordial life must perish and be eternally paralysed, not being by itself capable of the feeblest resistance to the most endless heavyweight power.

7. “Wherefore it is written: ‘God resides within the eternally inaccessible light!’, which is to say: ‘God’s omnipotence, - God’s actual power, filling infinity, is forever inaccessible to the nature of every created being, if it wants to endure. For every conflict with God’s omnipotence is the death of the being. Because every being, having completely separated from God’s love, and taking it up with this might, must necessarily be completely swallowed up by such almight, being only with difficulty or not at all, capable of disentangling from it – somewhat like a mite buried under the rubble of the Himalayas! How would you free it?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-29 Chapter