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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 15 - A good answer. Pious desires.

1. Says Robert: “Noblest friend! I think that every decent spirit would consider it just, if I were gripped by the most intense rage and vengeance, at the way this most cunning and loveless brute treated me. But now, forgiveness has set in long since. Whence I truly desire, for this blind one, nothing more than that he would gain his sight and recognise as to whether he dealt with me righteously or otherwise.

2. “Had he been able to render me dead in actuality, then I could not have thought of any vengeance anyway. Since however he has in all reality shot me to life and not death, being unable to cause me further harm, making me actually already much happier than could ever be with all his despotic delusion, I can forgive him everything that much more easily. He had besides that, outwardly, far greater reason for regarding me as much more dangerous to him for disposing of me than once the supremely wicked High Priests of Jerusalem had to get You, my most life-worthy friend, out of the way in a most shameless and appalling manner!

3. “If You, my most noble One, under the most painful torments could forgive Your tormentors, then how more so I, who basically felt nothing that I could describe as real torment.

4. “For which reason my most determined earthly foe right now could appear before me, and I would say to him nothing other than what You said to Peter in the garden of Gethsemane, when he cut off the attendant Malcus’ ear.

5. “If there be a most righteous Deity somewhere within infinite space, then same shall in any case reward him in accordance with his works, upon myself and many more others to come. Should there be no such Deity however, which I hardly still dispute, then history shall judge him without my needing to desire it.

6. “If I could confide a heartfelt desire in You however and it is within Your power to realise it, then I entrust my family into Your hands, that is my dear wife and four children, and after that all people of goodwill as well! The mere egoists however who did everything to enrich themselves at the expense of all subsequent mankind – cause these to taste on Earth what those do who depend on such rich from day to day! But do not regard this as a firm request, because I find in You the most adequate compensation for all terrestrial suffering and loss.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-15 Chapter