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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 14 - Robert addresses the Lord. Jesus’ answer, and an important life question

1. On finding himself standing right in front of Me, he looks Me over from head to toe, finding precisely and unmistakably the Jesus he was seeking. And that in the same wretched clothing, together with the scars with which he had often imagined His Jesus.

2. After quietly studying Me for some time, tears start to roll from his eyes. And after recovering his composure, he says with deepest compassion:

3. “Oh dear, greatest friend of mankind, who had the heart to forgive even Your most hideous henchmen their most shameful misdeed upon You, and that because from Your lofty human stature You accepted their guilt of total blindness as stemming from their ignorance!

4. “Yet how hard nevertheless the Deity must be, Your so often praised and worshipped Father – if there be one, if He allows You, the noblest, most perfect and best of all men to float about in this darkest void for nearly two thousand years, and that in the same destitute condition from which You became the purest and supremely noblest humanitarian from childhood!

5. “Oh my best and most love-worthy Master Jesus! – How I lament for You, but nevertheless also love You for that very poverty! For had You met me in a state of only partial bliss, then I would have been offended at a spirit like Yourself, after bodily demise, should not at once gain the highest distinction, if there be a righteous, rewarding Deity!

6. “But since I encounter You here the way You departed from Earth, the conditions here seem totally different from what we imagine. Wherefore our condition, after casting off the body, appears a necessity which enables us, only after long epochs, to realise what has been placed within our cognition as a basis for our existence.

7. “Wherefore, from this aspect, Your and my present existence of course still appear most pitiable, because the realisation of what our cognition have shaped into a concept of vivid expectations, remain far beyond the domain of our will. We nevertheless fortunately possess something in our feelings, for the realisation of our concepts, which in our social life we call patience. This is of course put to tests about which we shall have plenty to relate to one another!

8. “Most beloved friend, I have now given You my opinion as best I could. Please oblige me now with Your own opinion about our awkward condition? Through informing each other, we shall be able to while away lengthy periods more tolerably. Hence be so good, most noble philanthropist, and open Your most holy mouth!”

9. Say I (Jesus), holding out My hand to Robert: “Be greeted most warmly, My beloved and dear fellow-sufferer! I say unto you, be of good cheer for having found Me, and trouble yourself no further. It is enough that you love Me, regarding Me in line with your cognition as the most noble and wise man. Everything else leave to Me hereafter. I give you the most holy assurance that, no matter what we may still encounter, it shall certainly be for our best. For I have thought everything through in this void, and can say unto you with utmost certainty that in the use of willpower, which you deem most feeble, I have achieved the capacity to accomplish whatever I will, or imagine. That I seem to you rather neglected and lonesome however is due to your persisting vision-deficiency for this world. Once this strengthens, with your growing love towards Me, you shall come to discern the scope of My willpower.

10. “Notwithstanding all you said unto Me, and I said to you however, I shall challenge your feelings with a portentous question, which you are to answer Me without reservation, as best you can, straight from your heart.

11. And this question is: Behold, most beloved friend and brother, upon Earth you had the honest desire to free your brethren from the excessive oppression of their hard and heartless regents. Although not choosing the most appropriate means for this, I look upon the aim more than the means. So long as this cannot be regarded as terrible, it is right and proper before Me. But as far as I am aware, halfway through the realisation of your good purpose, you were seized by your enemies and executed. I find it perfectly natural that you were, as a consequence, gripped to your innermost by rage, filling your heart with vengeance! If you could now get yonder Austrian captain who sentence you to death, together with his accomplices, into your now powerful hands, then tell Me truthfully, what would you do with them?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-14 Chapter