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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 13 - Robert’s call. Jesus comes. The departed soul finds solid foundations again.

1. Continues Robert: “The region approaches steadily! The mountain upon which the Grand Master of the most excellent morality stands is one of some altitude and could be several hundred feet high, and is quite rocky and rough on one side. The other little hills around it however could be taken for sand dunes with the highest barely thirty feet tall. The area is lit up in a strange way, the hills appearing phosphorescent, with their bases and in-between troughs and plains not visible however. One sees only a dark grey-green mist, but its extent beyond this hilly region cannot be made out.

2. “This is how all newly formed cosmic bodies would look, I would think, before they start their treks as inconsequent comets around a sun? These hills would somehow be connected at their bases, but how? This, the only inhabitant, the erstwhile Grand Master of morality, would know best! He has perhaps moved up sufficiently to hear my loud shout out to Him. Should I succeed, it shall of course be a great boon for me, and perhaps also for Him. If however I call out in vain, then it shall not likely be my last call!”

3. Following this, Robert caps his hands for amplification, drawing a deep breath and shouts with all his strength:

4. “Jesus, You grand Master Teacher of all nations on Earth! If you are Him and hear my voice, then come to me with You new earth! Verily, in me You shall find Your greatest admirer! I esteem Your plain and yet loftiest wisdom, with which You exceed sky high all Your precursors and successors. And furthermore, because Your earthly fate was almost identical to mine. And lastly, I adore you exceedingly, since You were the first to bring me light into my intolerable darkness, for which I shall everlastingly thank you.

5. “If You are He, my most adorable Jesus, then come! Oh come, let us comfort one another. I know in advance that Your exalted wisdom will bring me the greatest comfort. Oh come, my beloved Friend and Partner in suffering!

6. “You Master of love, who made love the only all-embracing law! If Your love has stayed with You, as it has with me, then meet me with the love which You Yourself taught. And with this love I also shall eternally reciprocate!”

7. Following this powerful summons, the entire little shimmering world of hills quickly moves right under our man’s feet, to the extent that for the first time since his violent passing, he comes to stand on firm ground, upon the highest mountain right next to Jesus’ right.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-13 Chapter