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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 12 - A human shape in the light region: is it Jesus? Robert’s joy at the yearned for.

1. Continues Robert: “My heart, be of good cheer! For the region has moved up close, and I am seeing something like a human, who appears to be waving to me from upon the mountain!

2. “In the end it is the good Jesus Himself? Indeed, indeed, it is Him unmistakably. Because I now saw how at the mention of His name, powerful lightning came forth from Him in my direction. Ah, this should be endlessly charming, to find myself in company of that Spirit whose stature and matchless depth of unsurpassed wisdom I so often admired!

3. “Oh you poor mankind on Earth who, on account of worldly chattels and so-called ‘blue blood’, deem yourselves higher than other thousands of poor brothers and sisters, whom you call ‘canaries’: I call out to you that you are not worthy to carry such poor brothers’ droppings in your ‘noble’ head, in place of your brain! If you had such a vapid skull, then you would at least have a notion of how things are over here!

4. “Come over here, you more than half-dead donkeys. Here you shall find out what you and your noble birth are, and what your notions and your gold! Verily, no devil shall free you from your dark banishment. For you have always arrested and hideously murdered those whom the Deity sent to you as redeemers, starting with Abel.

5. “But now I loudly proclaim over you: your wicked time is up! Soon you shall be over here and perhaps asking for your proud forebears, but the eternal dark outer space around you shall not answer back! Out of you the Deity will build hardly a snail-shell, let alone a world! But may God do as it pleases Him! I am now exceedingly happy about my most beloved Friend, together with the bright region, being so close at hand that I can all but speak to Him! Praise God for this gift!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-12 Chapter