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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 11 - More reverent thoughts and yearning for Jesus. The light region moves closer

1. Continues Robert: “Should He also like myself be located here somewhere, communicating electrically with me, without hazard, as with a man of His own sort? Yes indeed! For He is supposed to have been one of the most deeply initiated into Egyptian magic, mainly through the knowledge of innermost natural forces, which could also explain His so-called miracles – especially if those most stupid Osminians were not to have burnt down the great library of Alexandria.

2. “Indeed, indeed, just as my Hegelian and Rongean wisdom has stayed with me, so also his great treasury of wisdom stayed with Him, with whose incalculable treasure He communicates to me now that He is somewhere in my vicinity and perhaps cherishes the desire to encounter another being in this void. It can be no joke, with His most wakeful spirit to content Himself with His own presence for some 1840 years. Oh most noble and greatest humanitarian! I am in truth not worthy to loosen the bands of your shoes, but of what avail here all earthly status? Here indeed all brilliance and worldly fame vanish!

3. “Your name, and mine in future as well, shall be honoured and admired for a long time to come; but of what use to us both? Here in this endless void we can indicated only through a kind of electric telegraphy that we find ourselves here, perhaps at not too great a distance.

4. “If it were only possible that we approach one another, then verily our company would suffice us forever! Two great and most akin souls should truly not be short of most marvelous conversation, therewith shorten and even spice time and eternity! But of what avail even the most fervent desire. Who is going to, or can realise it?

5. “Countless beings might be hovering about like ourselves. Perhaps even the cosmic bodies were once like us. After trillions of terrestrial years, they gathered up countless atoms. In this way, entire cosmic bodies came into being, which are indwelt by similar spirits or souls, around whose aggregations entire worlds have formed.

6. “Perhaps You, my great friend, after close on two thousand years have become some small comet, capable of generating lightning from Your own haze-sphere? With me it is bound to take much patience, before I have amassed a few metres of nebulae around myself. Once perhaps, when You will have become a mature planet, I shall be a satellite to You? Or if You should become a sun after many decillions of Earth years, I might be Your most proximate planet, like Mercury!

7. “These are perhaps over-stretched hopes; but what is to be done? No more than wait patiently. Here in the eternal kingdom, one has to comfort oneself with eternal hopes, if one does not wish to go over into desperation from dreadful boredom.

8. “But look! That hazy, peculiar region far below me is getting brighter and seems to even approach me. Oh, that should be charming, just as I thought earlier on.

9. “My great friend Jesus – oh ho – more lightning! No worries though! – What was I going to say? My great Friend, who by now has probably grown to some small cometary world, has perceived my most ardent wish and is doing everything to come over to me, whereupon He is certain to haul me unto His young world’s midst, intensifying therewith the gravitational force of the outer ether atoms, and to therewith the sooner and easier grow into a complete world. Indeed, He may have already a large number of kindred souls around Him? This could easily be, for there have already been plenty of beings like me.

10. “If He is able to draw me unto Himself, then He has similarly drawn to Himself all His followers – who had gone the true way of the cross before me! And so I could encounter a large company around Him? If this were the case, what joy would this bring me!

11. “This could indeed turn into something! The peculiar region is steadily getting closer, and it gets brighter and clearer. Now I can really make out something like a small mountain surrounded by small hills! Praise God, in this way I may at least gain some firmer ground!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-11 Chapter