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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 10 - Favourable thoughts about Jesus. Growing faith in immortality and a God of love.

1. Continues Robert: “This wisest teacher of nations, like myself, was born into the world through destitute parents. He will have elevated Himself to the loftiest moral wisdom laboriously and through all sorts of privation; besides that, all His life having had to tolerate untold persecution from the capricious Jewish Priesthood. It must have been dreadfully hard for Him to swing Himself aloft among the most stiff-necked Mosaists and Aaronites, in whose hearts reigned deep night.

2. “He probably once came to Egypt by some caravan, as a poor devil with His parents and there, through inborn talents, drew the attention of some great sage, who then took Him into his school, initiating Him into deepest wisdom, wherewith He must have then aroused great sensation among His most foolish compatriots. Or He attended the Essene school, who were at that time the bench mark of all wisdom. Wherewith He then must have appeared to His blind Jews like a God, and the greatest comfort to poor mankind, although as the greatest vexation to the wealthy and haughty priesthood!

3. “My heart is still bemused on remembering how He rebuked the entire High Priesthood, in a manner which not seldom caused them to all but explode with rage! Unfortunately He became a victim of His great courage and the malice of the gold and precious stone-studded temple beasts.

4. “But did I fare much better? Indeed not! I too became a martyr to my most noble endeavours. I strove to free mankind from the old chains of slavery, and my pay was a most despicable death. Mankind in aggregate is of the devil, killing its best friends; and its most determined foes it honours with triumphal marches, music and torchlight processions!

5. “But I am liberated from all that, and of the conviction that no benefactor of mankind ever fared better by a hair’s breadth than I, who in spite of my good will am no Jesus by far!”

6. At the mention of this name, another mighty lightning strikes, this time in Robert’s vicinity, leaving behind something like a dusk, together with a hazy landscape towards the West, enabling our man to well recognise his whole shape, without abandoning his freest state in the air.

7. Although again taken by immense surprise, this time the lightning no longer frightens him; and he quickly begins to ponder about it, saying to himself: “Verily, most peculiar indeed! This time the lightning struck through my body, as it were, yet I felt no more than a most pleasant breeze for the first time, feeling most invigorated as a result! I even seem to notice a very hazy area – which convinces me even more firmly that I float in free air. I can also well make out my feet and hands and also my clothing, as I wore it at my execution.

8. “Ah, what person on Earth would not burst out laughing if told that at the falling away of the body, not only the soul in its former shape but, in all seriousness, the clothing also is immortal!?

9. “The great Shakespeare truly was right in saying: ‘There are more things between moon and sun of which mankind has not yet dreamt of!’ And to these belong the immortality of terrestrial clothing! And a most conspicuous circumstance prevails, in that my very victory-uniform – the clothing of greatest embarrassment before my enemies’ eyes, has been elevated to the highest freedom with me! In truth, only a most loving and righteous God can bring this about! Now do I indeed believe that there is a true God, who shall eternally not have need to ask Hegel and Strauss whether He can exist or not.

10. “It intrigues me however that there was lightning every time I mentioned the name of the great Oriental! Should there be also actually more to His human Sonship of God?

11. “If even coats are immortal, then there could of a truth be more to Jesus … oh indeed – there was the lightning again – and that yet more powerful than the previous times! - Most peculiar!!!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-10 Chapter