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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 16 - The Lord promises realisation of just desires, with certain reservations. Robert’s fiery denunciation of tyrants.

1. Say I: “Your answer to My most portentous life query was quite good, and is the more commendable as it comes straight from your heart. I can but say unto you that I can respond to all your aspirations to the extent it is in My power.

2. “There is only one thing that I cannot reconcile with your otherwise philanthropic thinking and dealing. And that is the certain pleasure you afforded yourself on Earth when one or the other bigoted aristocrat was made a head shorter by the so-called Proletariat!

3. “Thus I recall that a meeting in Vienna, you yourself, amid much applause, exclaimed: ‘Things shall not improve in Austria or some other countries until at least a few hundred notables are decapitated!’ Tell me honestly, whether this proceeded fully from your will? Or was this thrown in only to give greater emphasis to your oration?”

4. Says Robert: “When I was still on Earth I strove to sacrifice my life for the betterment of poor mankind, oppressed on many sides. But thereby I had to learn through many of my own experiences as well as those of others of how the aristocratic, wealthy human beasts fed on the sweat and blood of poor mankind! And when I discerned only too clearly in Austria that the old, steel-hard fundamentalism was to be reintroduced on the part of the high dynasty, in order to weigh poor mankind down with threefold chains of slavery, it became too much for the humanitarian I deemed myself to be! Verily, if I had a hundred thousand lives, I would give them all, if I could help mankind therewith. For this high society will not allow themselves to grow one grey hair over the butchering of hundreds of thousands, if this raises their stature and splendour!

5. “Ah, tell me friend, can you blame a heart filled with brotherly and neighbourly love, if out of empathy, watching such abominations upon poor brethren, it is driven to scream with rage, something it would not do under normal conditions?

6. “This could indeed be part of God’s mysterious ways, and hence happen from necessity. But how is an earth-dweller to conceptualise it? Or, of what concern is to him some most secret arcana, about which some divine Being within infinity’s portals takes counsel with Itself?

7. “We earth-dwellers know only Your most exalted commandments of love, which we are obliged to keep even at the expense of our lives! What is above or below that truly concerns us but little. There could indeed be other commandments applicable in some solar system, which could be wiser or easily more foolish than those that You, most beloved humanitarian, have given us but it would be decidedly foolish if we were to arrange our lives in accordance with such potential, distant solar rules. We recognise only one commandment as divine, true and orthodox, which our commonsense tells us makes the best human existence possible. But whatever some fate may mix into it is only bad tares among the top wheat that You, most noble humanist, have cast upon ungrateful Earth. And these weeds deserve nothing less than burning in the furnace of a fully just judgement!

8. “I say without fear of contradiction: as long as man lives by Your commandments, he is worthy of the deepest respect. Once he exalts himself above Your commandment however, and out of self-interest subjugates and dominates his brethren, then he thereby declares Your commandment null and void. He is then not a brother but a lord over his brethren, with whose lives he deems himself capable of wheeling and dealing. On this point I shall remain Robert Blum forever, never to sing the praises of the powers that be! And that because they have long since ceased to be what they should be, namely wise and loving guides of their poor brethren.

9. “I am well aware that among the poor there also are many that are more beast than man, capable of being maintained within order only through the scourge. But I ask: whose fault is this? Those very ones that subjugated such people, multiplying their former darkness and increasing their hold on them through such people’s very lack of intelligence! Friend, whoever drinks to the health of such despots can’t be a Robert Blum, and even less a Jesus of Nazareth!

10. “There are indeed statesmen still who take their office seriously, and these are true angelic friends to their subjects. A thousand cheers to such leaders! But to tyrants and murderers of the spirit, words fail me! If there be devils, then it is these!

11. “I believe to have now answered Your question in the proper German manner, and beg You for Your opinion! Although I am quite firm in things I recognise as just, I am not stubborn and unbending, particularly if You can persuade me of something better!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-16 Chapter