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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 110 - The Lord about catching soul-fish. Bread, wine and celestial clothing.

1. But I say to Bruno: “My dear Bruno, you verily are a good fisherman. With just one draft you brought Me a full net. This is true mastery, worthy of a full reward! It shall of course transpire whether on lifting these fish from the net they have to be laid aside and thrown back in the sea on account of their leanness. But that does not reduce your merit before Me in the least, for the sorting is My own affair, whereas your concern as the dispatched fisherman is exclusively the catch. Every fisherman has done his part already when he has filled his net, not having to concern himself with the quality of the fish. I as the Lord can then decide which fish are suitable or not.

2. “But go over to Robert now and he will give you sustenance by way of bread and wine, and a worthy cloak of honour.”

3. Says Bruno: “Oh Lord, I am hardly worth Your feeblest grace, how could I accept such very greatest one? Lord, whatever You want to do for me in excess please rather do for these little fish which You lift from the net as too lean. But leave me as I am. For verily, in Your holy proximity I neither hunger nor thirst, and Your word is my most precious cloak of honour!”

4. Say I: “I am pleased beyond measure with your greatest humility and plainness. But you shall nevertheless have to do as I commanded you. Behold, My Peter too did not want to permit Me to wash his feet once. But when I showed him the reason he wanted his whole body washed, what however would have been too much again. And so it is the case with yourself now. You have to now be fortified with bread and wine, and then purified through the celestial cloak of honour, so that these little fish can then be strengthened and truly enlivened through your sphere. If however you were not thus equipped beforehand, then there would be no advancing for these your little fish. Only later will you understand the reason. Hence do as I counseled you, and the sorting of these fish can then get truly under way.”

5. On hearing this, Bruno immediately cheers up, saying joyfully: “Oh Lord, Father! If so, then I shall gladly eat and drink for a thousand and be clothed with a solar cloak of honour!”

6. Say I: “Eat and drink what shall be given you, and put on the clothing that shall be handed to you – whereafter your little fish shall soon receive their light to see Me and all those assembled around Me here!”

7. Hearing this, Bruno bows down deeply before Me and at once hastens over to Robert who hands him a sizeable piece of bread and a small crystal beaker with some wine. Bruno consumes the bread and wine with one gulp so to say, afterwards still feeling a sizeable appetite. Robert however shows no sign of repeating this gift, but fetches the said cloak of honour which Bruno immediately puts on, thinking he shall feel more satiated, but it is not so. For he now gets really hungry and thirsty, asking Robert for another gift of bread and wine.

8. Robert however sends him to Me, saying: “Whatever is lacking the Lord shall provide. Go over now! I only do the Lord’s will.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-110 Chapter