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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 109 - Peacability among the light-hungry. The host of worldly-blind before the Lord. Bruno’s life-story.

1. Say the former grudge-bearers: “Oh, don’t be embarrassed on our account. In this world all status differences are in any case at an end. And we are bound to have enough room within infinite space. And so you can come along untroubled to where our friend Bruno wants to take us!”

2. Says one from the numerous background: “This we like to hear! Before God, all is equal; prince, beggar, wold and lamb. The prince must not look down upon the beggar and the wolf must not lust after the blood of the lamb. If we are square among ourselves, then we shall be so before God. If we carry no debts in our mutual debtors’ ledger then we shall probably find none in the great book of life. Should you have anything against us then cross it off forever, as we did with whatever we found there.”

3. Says the speaker at the front: “That is nice of you! We did likewise, and so we are now friends, brothers and sisters! – But now friend Bruno is waving at us, and so we shall follow him in silence!”

4. With these words they gladly follow Bruno wheresoever.

5. Coming up to Me with his big caravan moments later, Bruno says: “Lord, here are all those who were captive in that dull chamber. I have carried out my order. May Your holy and best will be done! Blind they all are; give them light that they may see You the way I now see You in all Your gentleness and Father-love!”

6. Says one of the crowd: “Bruno, friend, are we already at the destination of our short journey? And with whom did you speak into the air of spirits?” Says Bruno: “We are fully at our destination! And He to whom I spoke is the Lord, God Jehovah, Jesus Zebaoth! Ask Him for light, as I have already asked Him, and light shall at once come over you, whereupon you shall see Him as I do!”

7. Says another one: “Do we not find ourselves in that big hall from which we were driven into that dark hole on account of our presumptuousness – by that none too courteous Saxon Robert Blum?”

8. Says Bruno: “Yes, you find yourselves in same, and brother Robert is not far away.” Says the speaker: “If I remember rightly then the Lord Jesus also was present there, in Whom we did not then believe however. That time we saw Him; how can we not see Him now?”

9. Says Bruno: “The reason is that you have become too crudely sensual. Nothing spiritual can be seen and comprehended through such sensuality, which I know from my own experience of diverse stages of my spiritual life.

10. “When upon Earth as a tender, God-fearing boy I was still staying in my pious parents’ house I had all kinds of glorious visions. It indeed seemed to me at times after saying my morning and evening prayers as if angelic beings floated around me who fortified me, awakening such celestial feelings within my breast that I already found myself in some Paradise of God. In this period I also often had wonderful and meaningful dreams, making me even predict certain happenings within our circle of relatives. But when as a grown youth I left my parents’ house, acquiring more and more taste for the world, it was the end of my celestial visions. My ebullient friends argued me everything overboard and made my youth funny and boring, so that I became ashamed of it. And so I went over to the world of fun, became crudely hedonistic and hardly remembered my childhood visions. Only towards my last days did I receive certain warnings, which however I did not heed either until it was too late. Only now do I see how all these visions have been confirmed upon me and why! – But over here little if anything more can be done about them, because her it depends only on the poor soul-heart’s feeble capability. If it is still capable of some pure cognition and a superior will, then it is in our favour. If however the heart is a bastard, as they say, then everything is bastardly. From this genuine recall of my very own and most miserable life, and how it took shape and developed, you can all clearly deduce the reason why spiritually you are still completely blind. But turn to the Lord Jesus in your hearts earnestly now and sincerely beg pray to Him for the right light, and there will and must become light within you!”

11. The entire company is now engrossed in thought over this, and many start laying their hands upon their breast and heart.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-109 Chapter