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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 108 - Love-hero surrounded by enemies. Christ’s love overcomes all.

1. As he attempts to enter his enemies’ room, several of them stand in front of the door, vituperating: “Step back, rogue! What have we to do with you? Were you not always more despicable to us than death, and an object of our hate and loathing? What would we be doing with you here in hell? Join the devils, you outrageous human beast!”

2. Says Bruno heatedly: “Dear friends, what did I ever do to you to make you so vociferous? Would I not do everything you fairly ask of me to be on good terms with you again?”

3. Yell the brutes at the door: “You miserable human beast can never do anything to change our opinion of you! We need nothing besides your leaving us. Your very appearance puts us off more than hell! And so leave of your own accord, before we tear you to shreds”

4. Says Bruno: “I would let you crucify me to be reconciled with you, if you promise to bear me no further grudge!”

5. Say the brutes: “Do you think that would bring us honour? Us crucifying you would be the utmost shame for us! We could for decency’s sake knock you down like a mongrel dog, if we were in the right mood! But it would be ridiculous to put in more effort for you! Hence get lost and stop upsetting us with your loathsome presence.”

6. Says Bruno: “But dearest friends, I know only too well how you always hated, and wherever possible persecuted me in every way. However much I tried to find out the reason it was futile. You persecuted me only for not liking me! But over here we have changed much. I now think differently from the way I did upon Earth, having become a completely different person. Surely that might also be the case with yourselves?

7. “Will you not tell me what I’m supposed to have done to you in the world? I am now in a position to compensate you a thousandfold whatever harm I may have done you, unknowingly. Only forgive me and be friendlier! I by no means lay claim to your friendship; this would be asking too much of you, my self-declared enemies! But I can ask you t cease your hostility, and that because you regard me as too insignificant to be crucified by you?”

8. Say the brutes: “What’s the use of your talking and your stupid showing off! You are a bastard and shall remain so forever. To our faces you act as the rarest and most honest person, but later you are a ratbag and cannot be trusted! When you worked at the stock exchange you only predicted falls, scaring us out of our investments, to then scoop them up! You churl, stop acting innocently! We know you! Are the notes perhaps dropping over here too, since you seek our friendship?”

9. Says Bruno: “Ah, there we have it! Oh friends, if that’s where your grudge stems from, then I hope that we shall soon be the best of friends! There I can assure you that your hate is well off the mark! Consider firstly that I could foretell stock rises and falls as little as yourselves, and secondly you can’t prove that I bought those stocks you sold back to the bank at a loss. See on what swanky ground your grudge! Did I ever force you to buy or sell? But who persuaded you to sell your papers at the lowest and buy from the highest bidder? Certainly not I, nor a thousand others! You yourselves were most foolish but do not want to admit it to yourselves. Committing speculation sins upon yourselves, you blamed the first more clever speculator that came along! Don’t be laughable! Why would your papers bother me? I bought, you bought when it seemed advisable! Or you sold and I bought – that’s something completely normal! From where comes your grudge against me? But it was never my business to spread rumours, nor serving myself illusory lanterns.”

10. “Good”, says one of the haters, ‘you acted the way you claim. But this cannot reduce our rage and hate against you, because in the world you always thought differently than your sweet words would have it. If you said black, it was sure to be white, and vice versa! The opposite always was the full truth. But your malicious guile did not reveal to you that we used your predictions in reverse. That we did not always succeed was the name of the game. Had we gone by your announcements however we are sure to have soon blown the lot. That’s how things are, and from then on our justified hatred of you! Prove us the contrary and we shall even ask your forgiveness and be your best friends.”

11. Says Bruno: “Good, I take you at your word! Answer me a few questions: first, was I at the stock market more often than you, perhaps as director, accountant, secretary or some consultant or the like?"” Say the begrudged: "No, you were like us an interested party”

12. Says Bruno: “Good! Question two: is there actually anyone at the stock market initiated into all financial secrets?” Answer: “The bank, and exchange clerks.” – “Good, question three: are the traders usually served up the truth by the initiated officials?” Answer: “No! When things go wrong you never find out.” – “Good! Question four: how should I have then arrived at the truth?” Answer: “Quite easily! Through corruption – a rogue can find out things that remain hidden to the honest person!” “Good, the bird is known by its song! Bring me all the bank and exchange officials and let them say whether I ever paid one a farthing of loose money for bank secrets! Yet the so-called bad world said that on one critical occasion you were to have given one initiated a thousand gold-piece punch in the ribs to give you a prediction on developments. Whereafter you already the next day traded in your papers for a resounding metal coin loss, afterwards doing a secret deal therewith abroad, therefore crashing a second time! Say, did my back-for-white bid you to do so? – Persuaded?”

13. The begrudged ones pause, not knowing what to say. But Bruno continues: “Friends, did I perhaps also advise you that, as a group, to brick in thirty thousand guilders in a cellar? When however under marshal law in Vienna, during a house search, the soldiers broke open the hollow sounding wall, coming across the most welcome find, confiscating it to the last farthing – was that also due to my black-for-white advice? In short, your losses always were you own doing, and you mistakenly think that I was appraised of your secret speculations and betrayed you. How would this be, since I never bothered you with my presence excepting at the stock exchange? I have not the smallest part in your misfortune, of that you can be certain! God is my witness! If however you believe I made you unhappy, then prove it before God, and I shall do everything to compensate you for my debt a hundred fold.”

14. Says one of them, after lengthy deliberations: “Things are indeed the way you just outlined it to us! But if you are not supposed to have played a part in it, then we don’t know how you were so closely appraised of our circumstances. How could they be known to you as if you had organized them yourself? There are bound to have been many other such unfortunate happenings in Vienna; say, are you just as familiar with them?”

15. Says Bruno: “Certainly not all, but quite a few. Did you not also always know who was hauled before the courts and why – without being informers on the parties in court? How then should I not have been able to find out how you fared during the tribulations, since you were well known to me through the Exchange? Prove it to me that he who by chance find out about this relatives’ tragedy must also have caused it. Tell me which law makes this a criminal offence?”

16. The grudge-bearers are at a loss. They can’t think of a proper retort. Their rage fares likewise. They would like to remain unreconciled but lose the plot. They now stand there in front of Bruno without enmity, annoyed at themselves for having no further hate or grudge against him.

17. After a sizable interval, one of them steps forward, saying: “It is stupid that we have no sensible retort for you. How we would have liked to thrash you, if we could only have ascribed a make-believe guilt to you! But you are too clever for anyone to get at you. And so we have to become your friends on top of that! But what else do you want of us?”

18. Says Bruno: “Friends, do you not see the big conference-table in this chamber, and all those assembled there, holding a meeting dealing with all of infinity?”

19. Says the speaker: “We see neither chamber nor conference table We see only this real, dark saloon-bar, and yourself! We can’t tell whether there is an exit. But what do you want with your silly question”

20. Says Bruno: “Nothing other than to lead you over to the Lord Jesus, that he may purify you and therewith make you truly blissful for eternity – for which purpose alone I was sent unto you. Follow me good-naturedly where I shall lead you, and the light of your eyes shall come on at the appropriate place!”

21. Says the speaker: “This will be rather difficult, because firstly you do not yet enjoy our trust sufficiently for us to blindly follow you, as if you had been a long-proven friend. And secondly we are New Catholics, who know what to make of the Jew Jesus, not being stupid like some who even make Him into a god, like the Greeks once did with their Hercules and other heroes of antiquity. Wherefore you shall have to think out something more clever, if you want to seriously lead us about by the hand like children.”

22. Says Bruno: “Friends, the Roman Catholic faith is indeed stupid and shallow in many ways, but the New Catholic is a thousand times more stupid. Does it not deny the life of the soul after physical death? Yet you continue to live after the death of your body! This by itself already tells you of what spirit New Catholicism is. Furthermore, it not only denies the obvious Deity in Christ, but according to Strauss and Hegel, any Deity at all! Who would therefore hold to such doctrine, particularly here in the eternal world of spirits, since it came to so immensely erroneous conclusions regarding the continued life of the soul!? Such doctrine in all its postulates surely shall be no more believable than its despicable acceptance of the mortality of the human soul! If however a doctrine’s fundamental axiom is wrong, then the other aspects flowing from it cannot be other than basically wrong! Hence throw your New Catholic doctrine onto the rubbish heap and follow me where I want to lead you! I guarantee you that you shall soon be better off.”

23. Says the speaker: “Friend, you are a devilishly clever fellow! One has to agree with you whether one wants to or not. I am now sincerely sorry that we encountered you so harshly and offensively before. But I hope you shall be able to forgive us! Remember how in Vienna, everything – prelate, public official, etc was designed to sink and make the human spirit fall asleep into darkest night. Under such spirit-killing conditions it was impossible to swing oneself up to a more exalted knowledge. We are still the way we were brought up – namely blind, deaf and dumb of soul and spirit. Hence show us forbearance and patience, and in God’s name lead us to where we can come by a brighter light.”

24. Says Bruno: “Very well, I hope I hardly need to prove to you that I came over here with a most patient heart. I have forgiven you everything and am perpetually your best friend in all truth. Thus I believe there to be no further obstacle between us to taking you to the path along which alone it is possible to attain to a life-condition that makes full bliss possible for soul and spirit. Hence take courage and a firm resolve, and follow me! For everything else look to Him with cheer, Who alone can and certainly will help you. Not for nothing has He sent me to you. May there be ever so many of you to follow me, all of you shall be helped!”

25. Say the ones in front: “There are only about twenty of us who know you through the stock exchange; but behind these there are countless common riff-raff; whether these shall follow you too is another question; improbably, for they are of the deepest night. Try, we don’t mind one way or the other.”

26. Say the many in the background: “We are not quite as stupid as the lords in front think! Hence we shall feel free to follow you as a true thousands-battalion! For He Who is going to help you is surely not going to show us the door. Hence forward with good luck, for the honour of God!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-108 Chapter