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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 107 - Celestial mercy meal. Testing the heart for love of the enemy.

1. Robert set down bread and wine upon the table in front of Me, bowing down and resuming his seat. But I take the bread, asking Bruno whether he knows what it is.

2. Says Bruno: “Lord! This is the bread of the heavens, a true meal for eternal life and the forgiveness of sins. Blessings for him who gets to eat it!”

3. Say I: “Very well then! Since you believe and speak thus, take it and eat therefrom as much as you like!”

4. Says Bruno: “Lord! Besides myself there are another twenty-nine who could be hungrier than I! Oh permit me to first give them of this bread according to their need and satiate myself afterwards with whatever might be left over!”

5. Say I: “Do as your heart will have it!”

6. Bruno, thanking tearfully for the bread, deals it out to the twenty-nine, to the last crumb. These at once consume it, stirred in heart. One of them however notices that Bruno forgot himself, joining him and saying: “But dear friend Bruno, you forgot yourself completely when dealing out everything to us which the Lord gave you. I have not taken anything from my piece yet – take it and eat, for you are no less hungry than I.”

7. Says Bruno: “Dearest friend, keep and eat what I have given you through the Lord’s grace! I am happier over all of you being filled than my own hundredfold satiation. Do no t trouble yourselves about me. At the side of this holy Giver none need be concerned about satiation everlastingly.”

8. This exemplary demeanor on the art of Bruno and his friends brings tears of joy to the eyes of all guests, and even Myself! For in all the heavens there is no nobler and more gripping sight than that of a very hungry man, seeing his equally hungry brethren, fully forgetting himself, giving away everything he received for himself. Such one makes a giant stride into the centre of My love!

9. You people on Earth, take good note of this and inscribe it into your hearts!

10. Whereafter I take the wine, handing it to Bruno and asking him what it is.

11. Deeply moved, Bruno thanks Me, saying: “Oh Lord, this is a precious wine from the holiest winepress of Your godly Father-heart! With never-to-cease thanks I dare to take it from Your holiest hands, and if You permit it, I shall at once let my thirsty brothers have it.”

12. Say I: “I have already said unto you that whatever your noble heart prompts you to do is alright with Me. Behold, the wine is now yours, do with it as you wish.”

13. Animatedly Bruno thanks Me, immediately handing it to his brethren and friends. These however excuse themselves, saying they would not touch it until he had his drink. But Bruno insists, and they thankfully take and heartily drink from it. Nothing is left over from the wine either. Although he is still starving and thirsty, Bruno nevertheless is immensely pleased that his brethren are fortified, sporting an improved appearance.

14. Say I: “Now, beloved Bruno, say unto Me, how did you enjoy My bread and My wine? Are you now stronger than before?”

15. Says Bruno animatedly: “Lord, I have only one mouth, one stomach and one heart. These however have twenty-nine mouths, stomachs and hearts. Since, in place of one, twenty-nine are fortified, whom I carry in my heart like a second self, I verily was fortified not just once but twenty-nine fold through the joy of the quickened brothers and sisters! And so I can give but one answer to Your holy question – that Your holy bread of heaven and the wine have truly done me good! All thanks to You alone eternally!”

16. Say I: “Dearest friend Bruno! Behold, upon Earth you certainly sinned often and most crudely. But since you bear so much unselfish love in your heart towards your brethren, much shall also be forgiven you! Because mercy shall be shown here to every benefactor towards his brothers and sisters, since he practiced mercy himself, and hence also to yourself on account of your brethren, and your brethren on your account; for here, one counts for all and all for one!

17. “But there are also benefactors in the world who are most merciful towards a poor young maiden, trying to help her in every possible way. If however an old and toilsome widow comes their way she is fixed up with a sermon and a few pennies, and likewise an old, poor brother. Such merciful benefactors I will show little mercy! For he who seeks to derive pleasure from his deeds of mercy, and if unable to do so is of harder heart than a stone, same belongs to the family of devils. Because devils too do good to those of whom they hope to derive pleasant advantage.

18. “You however have practiced mercy here, behind which no unclean motives can be detected, and hence you shall also receive the highest mercy from Me! But before I cause same to come your way in fullness, you shall have to undergo a test of the heart for Me! If you pass this as well, then My grace shall at once come your way!

19. “Over there towards evening you see a half-open door; go over there. In that chamber you shall find all sorts of people who in the world were your worst enemies. Try to win them and bring them to Me, and you shall then be perfect before Me. For he who does good only to his friends has not by far done enough to even say to Me: ‘Lord, I nonetheless was a useless servant’. He who cannot say so however is not worthy of Me yet by far! Hence go over and do in accordance with My words!”

20. Says Bruno: “Oh Lord, Your holy will be done! Your will is my life, my salvation and my highest bliss! Oh how sweet it is to act in the house of the eternal, almighty Father! – Oh you my enemies, my brethren who grievously misunderstood your brother within me that loved you – in the name of my God, Lord and Father I come to you to bless you and do good and therewith also forever forget any injustice you ever caused me!

21. “Oh, bliss now fills my heart, which now feels strong enough to humble itself before its haughty and selfish scorners! Now my heart receives a hint on how Your holy Father-heart must have felt, in view of Your evil enemies when from within, You called: ‘Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do!’ Oh holy, endless greatness, which only a divine heart is capable of!

22. “It is indeed nice and uplifting when one brother helps another, with no thought of recompense! But a heaven can hardly grasp something higher or greater than the blessing of those who curse us and to do good to those who have hated, despised and persecuted us!

23. “Hence over to my enemies! For these are as if destined to perfect my heart before God!” – With such rare, uplifting words Bruno rushes over to the said door.

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