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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 106 - The speaker Bruno, and the Lord’s response. Bruno’s humility brings down the Lord’s grace.

1. The thirty’s spokesman steps forward, bowing down deeply before Me and the entire company at the table, saying valiantly: “Lord, Creator, Maintainer and Regent throughout infinity! We stand here as complete nothings before You, who are all in all, looking for grace and mercy from You! Not however as if we had any right to it, since we are weak and even crude sinners, but because You are as God the purest and most perfect love, permitting Itself to be nailed to the Cross for the fallen sinners. You alone are the weak ones’ strength, the Saviour of the miserable, the help of the destitute. Your Yourself spoke to the sinners: ‘come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will quicken you!’

2. “And so we too are before You, fully laden with all life’s burdens. Take them away according to Your mercy, oh Lord! We cannot of course offer anything in return other than thirty sin-filled hearts that would love You above all if they dared. True love looks only for the heart, being blind for everything else.

3. “Deal so with us, oh Lord! Look not upon our deeds that are altogether evil. Look upon our hearts which, although impure, nonetheless hanker after Your Father-heart like dry grass after a dew-drop!”

4. Say I: “Indeed My dear Bruno, what you have spoken in your brothers’ and sisters’ name is good, true and nice. But it is written that fornicators and adulterers shall not enter the Kingdom of God! You all however have been fornicators and adulterers through and through and full of selfishness besides. But My grace, which you see, is the actual kingdom of God. It has to be asked however how, according to Scripture, you can be blessed with My grace and mercy?”

5. Says Bruno: “Oh Lord, permit a sinner to open his mouth before You. You are certain not to forbid a sinner to feel repentance and to beg You for grace over his sins! Because, notwithstanding this severely judgmental text of Your holy Scripture, You did not exclude the murderer upon the cross from Your kingdom, did not judge the adulteress in the temple, nor Magdalene, and entered Zacharias’ house. Besides that You have, through Your grace, made quite a few blissful over here already, who could not do more for You than ourselves. Oh, deal not more harshly with us!”

6. Say I: “Indeed, indeed, but none of these were as callous sinners as yourselves!”

7. Says Bruno: “Oh, Lord, what could be great or small before You, sin or virtue? You alone are great and good, and everything else being nothing before You! Oh Lord, Who providest for panthers, lions, hyenas and tigers, which are the most wicked animals – provide for us also, at least by the measure of these animals!”

8. Here I give Robert a sign to bring wine and bread. Bruno looks at Robert in astonishment, not knowing what this will turn into.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-106 Chapter