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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 105 - The works of the intellect and the heart. Dismas brings the sceptics to the Lord.

1. Says Dismas: “At last you have decided the road of life, rightly so! If we do as the Lord wills it we shall never go astray. With our own intellect however we are on the garden path. Where man follows only his own cold intellect there he ends up on ice, where standing firm has its peculiar ways. Only where man follows the living advice of his heart does he reach green pasture, that is, a living hope. And so it is now with yourselves and me. We have now submitted to the advice of our hearts and I am firmly convinced that it shall soon get better with us!

2. “Just think of the jumble of laws that our intellect brought into being. Of what use were they? Next to that put all the truly great works of men upon Earth, namely the great masters of the beautiful arts of music, poetry and painting! These were all students of their hearts and feelings! And their works stand out of reach before the blind eyes of a subsequent intellectual world which then takes the trouble to explain the great works of a free heart through a thousand rules and laws of which the grand master of his creation never dreamt.

3. “Ask yourselves however whether such limping follower of a regulators’ blacksmith every cobbled together something brilliant, free and life-fragrant? Are the works of such fabricants not always dry and stiff? For in the works of mere intellect lies the curse, whereas the most insignificant works of the heart are of endless worth for everything that breathes and lives.

4. “For which reason we shall also take our eternal leave of the intellect and its works, keeping exclusively to the ways and works of our hearts. Therewith we are certain to attain to a greater good than up till now.

5. “With this necessary preliminary consideration we can cheerfully betake ourselves over to the Lord where we shall, with our reformed mental attitude attain to our essential heart and stomach fortification. Hence follow me in the order that you yourselves suggested on account of deficient presentability!”

6. Following Dismas’ good and true words, they come over to Me somewhat timidly. Dismas again bows down deeply before me, saying: “Oh Lord! I, a sinner, have succeeded in this holy work solely on account of Your grace and singular help. All thirty have followed me over in Your name. May Your holy will be done upon the, as it was with me! But I beg You, no cloak of honour for me! All honour be yours eternally!”

7. Say I: “Very well have you carried out your mission and ingratiated yourself in My name, My dear Dismas. Wherefore I intend to give you your due. Afterwards also those you won, in accordance with their hearts!” – Turning to Robert: “Robert, go and fetch wine and bread and a proper garment for brother Dismas! But I shall now have some negotiating to do with these thirty. Be it so!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-105 Chapter