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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 111 - Bruno’s hunger and thirst continue. Hints about celestial order.

1. Bruno at once moves over to Me, now dressed in a white Toga decorated with red bands, saying: “Lord, I poor sinner thank You for this priceless grace with which You have honoured me undeservedly. For my part I am now exceedingly happy, excepting a little hunger and thirst. But that does not matter, for the bliss that streams from You, flooding my entire being, will not let me feel hunger or thirst. I am now happy and my heart for the first time feels a true, pure celestial love towards You oh Lord, as well as for all these poor brothers and sisters. Oh, this is a kind of love which would hardly ever enter a mortal'’ mind! For even the best people upon Earth love themselves more than their best friends. How much less likely are they to love their enemies? But what do they call love upon Earth? Oh you accursed love!

2. “Notwithstanding my heart’s fullness of pure celestial love however, and regardless of how completely my soul desires to forgive all sinners their sins, yet I feel not the least mercy towards unscrupulous rams, and would feel genuinely glad to see them burn in hell until they have repented their randiness to the last drop. I surely wish no harm to anyone, but nor do I wish someone any good until they have made themselves worthy through full repentance. There are indeed bound to be some rotten vipers and snakes among the little fish I brought along, who in the world got deeply carried away with crafty fornication, but I yet ask You for grace and mercy for them, for most of them know not what they did. But on the other hand there are many who know very well what they do. These rogues I wish to taste the full sharpness of Your judgement!”

3. Say I: “My dear Bruno, you still feel hunger and thirst; do you know the cause? Behold, it is because there still resides a little judge in your heart! Although this judge is a fairly reasonable one, he nevertheless is not within My order!

4. “If you want to be fully within My order then you have to get this judge out of your heart, after which you shall eternally feel no more hunger or thirst. For behold, I alone am a judge, good and just in all fullness of My authority and power. Notwithstanding this, I Myself judge no one, but everyone judges himself in accordance with his love. If same is pure and good, then his judgement over him shall also be good. If however his love is impure and evil, his judgement shall be likewise. If however, within My authority and might, I judge no one, how much less must you judge anyone!

5. “I Myself know best about the nature of these Viennese, and what spirit animates them. They have feathered their bed without Me, hence they rest the way they bedded themselves for time and eternity. They practiced all kinds of incest, hence they also rest upon bloody resting-places. This blood is indeed crying out to Me for vengeance, manifold. Yet I still don’t wish to avenge it but simply permit it that perverts of all types tear themselves apart like tigers, rewarding each other the way they deserve. And this is hell in full measure. There is nowhere any hell other than this one, which develops by itself from selfishness in a man’s heart.

6. “He who does not condemn himself, we will not condemn either. But he who condemns himself out of the evil love of his heart, let him be condemned! In short: everyone in accordance with his desire. And if that is his lot, then that also is the most perfect justice a man can receive. We shall not of course on our part fail to show everyone the right path in accordance with their understanding, and through the right teaching lead them to good. If they want to walk that way, good for them. If however not at all, then no punishment is meted out to them on our part, but only what they desire. Therewith they have their fullness of judgment and punishment! Should they however with time wish to hit upon the right path, then no barriers shall be set across anyone’s path eternally.

7. “Behold, this is the true celestial order of the purest love of My heart! This order will also have to become yours completely, and you shall become perfect as I Myself, and will then experience no more empty pressure in your inward parts. Satiated and lit up in this way, it shall be easy for you to help all these you brought along from your own fullness, in any need they may have. You shall fill them and slake their thirst. The naked you shall clothe, the captives you shall free. The downcast you shall comfort and the miserable you shall heal. And the eyes of the blind you shall open, and cause the deaf to hear the word of life. Now turn again towards your little fish and open their eyes, and the ears of their hearts forever!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-111 Chapter