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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 112 - Bruno reaches his charges. Questions concerning rebirth and free will. Bruno’s clarification.

1. Bruno is celestially transformed by this doctrine, and he turns to his little fish and starts to properly teach them.

2. But on concluding his doctrine, one who is a New Catholic says: “Friend, your words were well chosen, but what for all those theosophical wisdom phrases? Behold, Moses says in his Genesis: when God took on the work of Creation there was darkness throughout infinity. And God said ‘Let there be light’, and there was light, in all endless spaces! Only when infinity was lit up in this way did the almighty Spirit of God, Who hovered above all the waters together with what they contained, separate and order these waters and their chaos. And this was truly wise action, worthy of a God. – You however start the other way round with us. Thus you said much, and that in a logical fashion, about Christ and His sole Deity; about His love, goodness and mercy and also about His proximity, but what good does it do if we have no eyes with which to see Him, and judge for ourselves whether it really is He?

3. “Hence say to us, like the Deity, if you have the power: ‘let there be light’. Then everything shall fall into place, once we have purified vision. But if you talk about what you can see, whilst we can see and hear nothing besides yourself, then how are we to give credence to your words? Hence consider what we have initially need of, and you shall then hopefully not act against the divine order of heaven, since this order conditions the being of everything else!!

4. “We still don’t understand why we now see less than at the start of our presence here. In the beginning we could wee see this hall and also the supposed Saviour Jesus, and Robert Blum, Messenhauser, Jellinek, Becher, Leanderl, the dramatist Dismas, his friend Max Olaf, and a couple of the cutest dancers. And now we see and hear nothing of them and the many others. Where does the dog lie buried?

5. “You told us nothing about it, but instead promised us that God the Lord shall Himself open our eyes. But none of this is happening! Hence carry this out with us, and everything else shall look after itself.”

6. Says Bruno: “Friends, just a little more patience, and that for which you thirst shall be done unto you. You have indeed postulated quite wisely God’s order in the Creation of the world. But I don’t have to proceed like God with the creation of the primordial waters of His eternal ideas, but only like a godmother with a newborn infant. With the child, the opening of the eyes is not the first thing. How should it be different with yourselves? Let yourselves be first lifted out of the mother’s body of sensuality, and it will then show how much of the divine light you are able to bear at once! And may it be so in the name of the Lord!”

7. Says another next to the previous speaker, with scornful eyes and sarcastic tongue: “Well, dearie, so you are now a celestial midwife! What a shame the holy Liguorian Padres on Earth haven’t found out yet! These may have in your advance age already carved you out as a wooden saint Hebammius Coelestis, and artificially gilded you and performed a few Masses in your honour for facilitated births at a hundred silver pieces each! My, are you not a clever fellow, getting yourself out of scrapes!

8. “But as a patron initiated into all matter of child-birth, how often does a human soul have to be born before it can at last say: Now, praise God, I have at last crawled out of the last mother body for permanent daylight! I think that with your concept of heaven it shall never come to that. Now wonder that a Nicodemus was once forced to ask Christ, Who spoke to him about spiritual re-birth, whether he shall have to crawl back onto a maternal body! – Tell us honestly how often you are going to practice your celestial midwifery on us, before we attain to real eyesight! Light, light, dear friend Hebammius! Then everything shall get better without much midwifery; because in the absence of light, all babbling is an old wives’ tale – understood?”

9. Says Bruno: “Friend, here in the kingdom of spirits no soul has gotten by being rough. This you can let yourself be told for a start. I shall certainly not judge you for it eternally, but you shall gradually distance yourself from the goal of your destiny. Why ask how many times you will have to be born from a mother’s womb to attain to the full light of truth? My reply is: many hundreds of times yet, should you remain in your present stubborn and crude disposition!

10. “Is it so hard to shrug off your own will and replace it with that of divine order, and become firm in it? Had you done this already upon Earth, you would already have been born out of the last womb, finding yourself in the truest light of all light long since! But you had not the least taste for abandoning your bent towards indulging in the good life. And so you shall have to now taste blindness – like all those who were similarly constituted, and still are as you are.

11. “Seek God’s will, and you shall attain to the light! But if you want only what suits you, then it shall take a long time for you to improve – do you understand such words?”

12. Says the ruffian: “Indeed, little brother St. Midwificus, I understand you! But listen, you are stupid and talk what has neither head nor tail, and if a head, then it’s of the dried Cod type!

13. “Tell me, who can abandon his own will and drip an alien one into his soul? It is strange how, as a sighted person, you don’t see that I cannot make a strange will my own except through my own will! If however I did not have a will of my own, then I would love to know with what will I should desire that which someone else wants to impose on me. I did indeed always regard you as somewhat stupid, but could not dream that you could be that stupid! – No, to have no will, yet unbendingly desire to do someone else’s will! That’s crazier than making over a property to someone when not owning a snail-shell oneself! Will you not tell me whether you perhaps derived this wisdom from holy Ignatius of Loyola? Or did you muck up your brain with a badly roasted ass?

14. “But, joking aside, tell me, are you really that stupid, or are you just kidding us for your own fun. Look, a man without will would be no more than a mechanically organic clockwork without spring or weight (pendulum). I mean, a man can indeed surrender his will for service to another, doing what someone else wants, whether it be sensible or otherwise. But to fully dispose of one’s own will like a pregnant woman of her fruit, to then as it were have another will inserted, such goes beyond the horizon even of the last fixed star! Chop off your hands and feet simultaneously in strict accordance with the Gospel and then have two other strange pairs grafted on, and we shall see how you shall be bounding ram-like therewith! Just go on smartly, little friend! If you are in possession of some power, then act on our behalf! But spare us your empty words forever, Lord Brunissimus!”

15. Bruno tries hard to calm down but finds it hard to get the churl out of his heart completely. On getting his inward part sufficiently calmed down, Bruno says to the ruffian: “Friend, from your purposefully offensive remarks I gather that you did not understand my talk at all. At first I called for patience, without which no man can accomplish something notable. After that I indicated how man can only move forward towards a set goal when he takes his own, worthless will captive, to take up the will of a wise man, discontinuing to allow his perverted will to act in place of a better, foreign will as the active power within him.

16. “I think this ought to be clear? Yet you find only stupidity in this supremely important truth, because you adopt the thing as if one has to become devoid of all will to only then adopt a strange will to operate within oneself. But who ever told you such doctrine? I know at least as well if not better than you that one cannot do someone else’s will without one’s own will. Because a person without will would be like an automaton or a mere statue. And so it speaks for itself that a man can only hand his will over to someone else when with his own will he intensely desires the other’s will, subjecting his actions to it.

17. “The will is the arm of human needs. He who therefore wants to change his will has to first change all his requirements. If indigence is a person’s acquired need, then this need imposes the desire to do nothing upon the soul. If satisfying the needs of the flesh is a person’s need, then the soul has to do everything to supply the satisfaction of the flesh. But man also has a higher cognition, with which he discerns the harmfulness of crude desires. With this he can fight such unclean desires, ultimately banning them altogether, putting better, that is, godly ones in their place. That means trading-in one’s material for one’s divine will! This is what I ask of you in the name of the Lord.

18. “If however I want only that and nothing other of you, then tell me why you militate against me in such outrageously crude fashion?”

19. Says the ruffian: “Had you spoken to us so intelligently before, then I would have encountered you differently. But you held forth with us in such exalted and orthodox fashion that we would not have been able to understand you with the best of will, the result being that I had to shower you with a few compliments on behalf of my many brethren. But I take it all back, because from your subsequent qualifications I realise that you are after all not as simplistic as I had thought you to be. After which the market stocks are considerable improved, and we now comprehend your remarks about patience and the exchanging of the human will. Indeed, in this way it could work, even if with some difficulties, because an old horse is harder to train than a young one; but this is besides the point when patience is on our side!”

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