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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 113 - The ruffian’s talk about distortion of religion through the priesthood.

1. Continues the ruffian: “but no God can reproach us humans for being so inhumanly stupid, especially in the things of Christ’s religion! Because the ecclesiastical hierarchy both high and low have proceeded with the beloved doctrine of the Christ that makes it apparent to even the lowest swineherd as to what degree the evidently comfortable servants of the holy religion laid nothing so much to the heart of the baptised followers of the only bliss-generating Roman Catholic church as beloved heavenly poverty, love, patience and unswerving obedience – firstly of course to the Church and its divine (with a grain of salt) servants, and consequently also the state, to the extent of the latter favoring the alone bliss-providing church!

2. “Did not I often converse about it with the simplest of commoners, who look on these dirty tricks in the same way, saying: religion is no more than primordial conceived means of blinding poor mankind, to keep them in check with conjuring up hellish and heavenly sham and brilliant deception, so that through hell-mongering fear and desire for heaven they would provide the work-shy priesthood with the best morsels, having themselves to subsist worse than chained dogs; everything of course to the ‘greater glory of God!’ From which it is to clearly transpire that either there never was a Jesus or that He could not possibly have been the Son of God! Because when one considers the endlessly wise system of the created world, and next to that the ‘praiseworthy’ foundations of the Roman Catholic ‘only’ church – the sole beatifying one, according to which one is to , without question, believe everything regardless of how stupid and self-contradictory, on top of that having to testify that the Roman doctrine is the only pure Christian doctrine – then one must realise that the same God who created everything so wisely could not possibly have given such doctrine for the awakening of man.

3. “Behold, Bruno, only pure simpletons philosophise in that manner! How then should we of the learned class judge, in view of the stupidities, lies and deceptions of the Roman Catholic Church? And in what regard must stand the one who initiated doctrines which can be transformed into any malformations, wax or plaster?

4. “They say of course that the papacy resembles Christ’s pure doctrine like a dirty boot a medicean Venus. But this does not in the least alter my opinion about Christianity and its founder. Because whatever proceeds from God, no human selfishness can change in the least. If the doctrine of Christ therefore were divine, then there would have to be something to devils if mankind were capable of changing it according to any selfish desire. Should it be the Deity’s intention, on account of fullest human freedom to allow man to play the whore with the doctrine? Then goodbye to God, my friend! Because then even a blind person can see that such doctrine would benefit mankind less than none at all!

5. “It is my view that every person should show such purely divine doctrine the highest regard and respect, like for the rising sun, and most of all the proclaimer of such unique doctrine. But what if it is the parson who shows the doctrine the least respect, and on the contrary transforms it to a purely man-made work, out of dictatorial and selfish aspirations? If it is indeed the crassest opposite to what the original doctrine offers, then every enlightened person must come to the conclusion that a doctrine which is not shown any respect even by the priesthood but is promoted only by vain sacraments, cannot be of divine origin! Because even livestock shows respect for the things of God; how much more should man of reason do so!

6. “Who can watch the sun rise without awe of the great Deity? Who is not gripped at the sight of high, majestic mountains? Who can look at the sea dispassionately? Is anyone’s breast not shaken by the mighty, rolling thunder? Behold, these are godly things that make everyone shake with reverence. But the supposed word of God – where does godliness stand there? – If this is no more to the parsons than a saleable hair-cream, then what should same be to us, the laity – no doctors of divinity?

7. “If therefore man has to necessarily be disquieted by such doctrine, should it be surprising if every intelligent person makes his own life-rules in accordance with the needs of nature, living and enjoying therewith in a balanced way with whatever the beloved Deity presents him in the most natural way.

8. “I have no quarrel with the tenets of Christ’s basic doctrines. They are good, and completely correspond with mankind’s needs. But what’s the good of a good Catholic not being able and allowed to practice them? Since the Deity guides everything, should it not also be possible for It to protect It’s own doctrine from such devastation? Where however is such protection apparent? Friend, nowhere, to my knowledge!

9. “If things however really are like that, then show us how Christ’s doctrine should nevertheless be divine, if those who should most strongly perceive it as such regard it as bare nothingness, misusing it in every conceivable manner and hence it also standing as disgraced before mankind!

10. “Prove to us the divine origin of Christ’s doctrine, and we shall believe you what you will tell us about the responsibilities God asks men in respect thereof. And if we ever sinned against it then we shall gladly repent our sins and make amends wherever possible!

11. “But then you would also have to prove to us that man can sin without commandments. But we, as more enlightened people, necessarily for above reasons had no law and even less a positive divine commandment – excepting that of our nature – which we also constantly adhered to – and hence could not keep any. Oblige us friend by speaking, if you will, or let us go to where our senses shall lead us!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-113 Chapter