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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 114 - Bruno’s response from the Lord. Proof of the divine origin of Christ’s doctrine: its inexhaustible fullness and diversity.

1. Following our ruffian’s lucid talk, Bruno turns to Me, praying to Me for enlightenment in order to effectively respond to the speaker and his colleagues.

2. But I indicated to him: “Speak, and don’t trouble yourself about the words, for you shall find the right response upon your tongue!”

3. With this assurance, Bruno again turns to the speaker, saying: “Friend, if you have the right patience and pay attention, then I shall gladly respond to your challenge.” - Says the ruffian: “Let’s have it! Neither I nor my group shall be lacking therein. But don’t extend your speech beyond Christ’s age.”

4. Says Bruno: “Very well, dear friends, my speech shall be short and to the point and so hearken:

5. “All temporal gifts of the Deity to men are given in such a way that imperfect man with his natural reasoning, being unable to give justice to the gifts, can constantly criticise them. To the one, the sun is too hot in summer – he would prefer a permanent spring. To another, winter is dreadfully burdensome – he would prefer a never-ending summer. To the one, human life is too short, to the other so boringly long that he forcibly abbreviates it. Another would like the entire Earth to be fertile, solid land, whilst an Englishman would like the sea more extensive than it already is. Some would like it all to be fields, and still others, all meadows, still others all gardens, and yet others only cities and fortresses; and so on – thousands of other things! Indeed I hardly ever met two people who wanted exactly the same thing.

6. “Nor can unsatisfied mankind leave godly gifts as they are, but keep changing things wantonly and to suit earthly needs. Animals are captured, slaughtered and their meat consumed in all kinds of ways. Trees and plants are transplanted and improved. No order satisfies man, and he makes himself a better one. Thus it was supposed to have been commanded that man wander about naked, and in summer and winter to either camp in the open or in caves and grottoes. But they are not in the least satisfied with that and they prepare themselves luxurious clothing and build all kinds of buildings and dwellings.

7. “Why do people muck about in God’s exalted Creation, showing the Deity thereby that they are not satisfied with God’s order? It is lucky for the stars to be out of man’s reach, or they would have received a new order long since. Does man leave anything untouched with his senses and hands? I tell you – nothing! Should however things not have been created by God upon Earth presumably because man’s deficient hands were laid upon it, to sometimes change things completely? Friend, answer me this question first, after which we shall trade sensible and wise words about God’s doctrine!”

8. Says the speaker: “Well, this thing is worth hearing! I am beginning to suspect that you may even succeed in making Christ’s teaching comprehensible to us. Carry on – it is interesting to hear you along these lines.”

9. Continues Bruno: “Very well, since you have grasped what I said, I shall in the name of the Lord clarify God’s ways further:

10. “It is with God’s doctrine as with the rest of Creation. For the worldly intellect it is a most disorderly foolishness, which vainly seeks a firm order which it calls natural logic. Miraculous works and moral doctrines seem too mixed up in mystic parables, like cabbages and beetroot. Here a miraculous wonder, over there a rebuke. On the other hand, there is a most exquisite moral code that seems to have less cohesion with the other parables and happenings than the most disorderly flora of a farm meadow. This however is not a contradiction to the divine order within the divine doctrine laid down for man, but a confirmation. For therewith the Deity forces man’s indigent nature towards constant contemplation and diverse seeking, in order to properly find itself within what at first, from the doctrine’s outside, seems to be thrown in in such a disorderly fashion and without logic.

11. “What would you think about God if, for instance, only one type of fruit would occur in areas of strictest mathematical demarcation, and only one variety at others? If a householder were to sow some other fruit in such area and reap no harvest – what would become of his household?

12. “The wise Creator therefore introduced strict order only where necessary and beneficial to mankind. But things that are to occupy man’s free spirit are scattered about colourfully in order to give the spirit the best opportunity for exercising certain attributes, to acquire skill and power which here in the kingdom of pure spirits conditions the actual, eternal existence in love-activity.

13. “Divine doctrine is given in such fashion that every spirit can draw his desired nutrients therefrom, sustaining and therewith growing and perfecting himself.

14. “Just as two different plants can exist quite well side by side within the same plot, so can ever-so confessionally diverging spirits achieve spiritual perfection from the same divine doctrine without hindrance.

15. “Yet the sheer global diversity of cults is chief testimony to the divine origin of Jesus Christ’s doctrine and its exalted Founder and Proclaimer and Sponsor! Were this doctrine the work of man, then such from imitation wooden tree, no man could transplant a branch. Since the doctrine out of Chris’s divine mouth is of one artificially carved by human hands but a tree of fullest life-force, planted by God Himself, it is also factual that its grafts (denominations) thrive everywhere unfailingly, with proper care, bringing forth good fruits.

16. “By contrast, consider human doctrines, such as philosophy, mathematics and such like. These are like a machine of a set shape and function, always bringing forth the same effect. In mathematics the world over, and without sects, two times two is four. Aristotle admits of only one sect – the purely Aristotelian; likewise Wolff, Leibniz, Fichte, Kant and Hegel. For they are all planted dead trees!

17. “It is not so with Christ’s doctrine. Every transplanted branch takes roots, continuing to blossom and grow into a life-tree bearing fruit. That is the important distinction between the work of God and the dead work of man, being simultaneously the greatest proof of the divine origin of a doctrine, bearing, with proper care, the same fruits of life under the most diverse cult forms.

18. “If however you have any further objections, then it is up to you! I shall not in the Lord’s name leave you begging for an answer.”

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