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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 137 - The Count’s pride rears up one more time. Earth politics lit up in the beyond. The General and Robert discuss these spirits arguments. The Lord’s outsized patience.

1. Says the Franciscan: “Milord Count, not much can be said to that. Injustice is on our side, and things depend only on God’s grace. If He receives us then we are not lost. If however He lets us down, then we are the black cats forever.

2. Says the infuriated Count: “What are you saying – injustice being on our side! Where lives the God who can prove that to me? Are we not descended directly from Attila? Did not our forefathers conquer splendid Hungary for us? Have we not occupied this land for a thousand years? We chose the kings ourselves and were never restricted to the Habsburg house. It was due to our free, Magyar magnanimity that we clung to it. How could we be at fault with him whom we never anointed as king, declaring him deposed from the Hungarian throne, since he had simply arrogated it to himself? Because his uncle, the rightful king of Hungary, had never possessed the right to appoint a king in place of himself without our consent, along the lines of pragmatic sanction. – And you speak of us being in the wrong?”

3. Says the Franciscan: “But – for God’s sake – here, in the kingdom of spirits you speak of this ultra foolish Magyar way! Tell me, did the Deity perhaps give this land to Attila the way He gave the Promised Land to the Israelites? Or did Attila rather conquer it with arms, thus unrightfully robbing the ancient inhabitants of it? Is that righteous possession before God? Austria indeed had greater and older rights to our kingdom than we were ready to concede to them. Austria had truly re-conquered Hungary from the Turks, handing it back to us with the only proviso that the Habsburgs should at all time have the preferred right to the Hungarian crown. Why do we now intend to fry a sausage of our own? Behold, this was done by our arrogance! Under Austria’s scepter we became too rich and wanted to rule our kingdom independently and then make a big thing out of it.

4. “But the dear Lord God was not pleased therewith and put a cross through our calculations. And it is now up to you, Mr. Count, a true son of Attila, to sit in judgement over the Almighty, who know with what results. Good luck and nice weather!

5. “Do you not know what it says in the holy Scripture – that whatever is great before the world is an abomination before God? But we desired to be great and mighty, and so we are stuck in a lovely sauce! Just let’s rev up our stupidity, and we might have everlasting sweets dished up by way of choice infernal roast with a sulfur salad. That will leave us nothing further to be desired, having had a good foretaste already. Right ahead with our mulishness, it is bound to get better! It is an old adage: whatever hell desires it shall not miss out on. I have spoken!”

6. Says the count: “Well said, Mr. Black and Yellow! What a pity you did not come up with such arguments upon Earth, twelve months earlier. Things would be sheer devilish, had you not taken up a little lucrative seat in the Vienna Parliament. Verily, such debating skill would have brought no shame to even a Prince Metternich.

7. “Were you to imminently come across Jesus the Lord and strike up a friendship Him, then try to persuade Him to send some ‘order of merit’ medals down to Earth, and as a sign of His goodwill have them distributed to those who proved themselves most eager in the business of hanging us. For behold, the business of hanging humans must be of especially high regard to Jesus, since He died a similar death. Well, I never thought you to be such a well wishing sympathiser. Hanging must have done you a world of good, bristling with gratitude to Austria.”

8. Says the Franciscan: “Dear Mr. Count, it pleases you to rubbish me like an urchin, but it does not upset me because I know why I spoke. But you did not understand at all, and hence are excusable. Was I praising the Austrian Government? Lord, do I not know Austria’s transgressions as well as anyone? The Austrian Emperor is himself already a sufficient Mt Vesuvius for all of Austria’s lands, which the Lord Jesus well knows. But we attempted with all the devil’s power to become a second one, and this was amiss. Wherefore from God’s viewpoint, injustice rests with ourselves!

9. “It is now our duty to acknowledge this injustice and to confess it before God the Lord in our hearts! Did not God once speak: ‘In My wrath did I give you a king” – If a king is a work of wrath, why did we seek it! We also, with the king, received our bonus with God’s wrath! Had we fought for God’s love instead of His wrath, things would be brighter with us now.

10. But for good reasons it is Jesus’ will to diminish and not increase the number of regents, as I now clearly perceive in my heart. And so we who wanted to increase Europe by a new kingdom came to Him just at the right time. Should we dwell upon this idea even over here and perish everlastingly with it? Mr. Count, let go of these earthly greatness stupidities! Let it suffice that we caved in with that idea upon Earth!”

11. Says the above mentioned General, in the house’s first hall, to Robert, just then entering with Helena from the second hall: “Listen, is not that a tiresome story! It is unbelievable what these unfortunate spirits are blathering! Here one stupidity is categorically beating another. These fellows are already arguing an eternity as to whether or not to accept the Lord’s help! No, this may not have its likes in all of infinity! How much longer must we show these blatherers our patience?”

12. Says Robert: “My dearest friend and brother. Over here the Lord Himself is the most living measure. Just look through the door, how He amuses Himself with his children, even telling them right now how these thirty shall be dealt with. Do we detect even the slightest impatience in His most holy face?” – Says the General: “Definitely not! A most divine ease and eternally consistent and loftiest gracefulness radiate from His entire Being.”

13. Continues Robert: “Take note, brother. That shows us our patience and love measure! For Him there are no enemies, conservative or radical, all are His children. He cares for them all. If upon Earth some father has many children who constantly squabble, then he indeed punishes the most mischievous ones. Yet he cannot hide his equal love to all, and hence constantly strives to care for all. What is earthly human conservatism or radicalism before the Lord? He indeed punishes the most malicious ones too, yet He cares the more for them through this very punishment. He is still the One who leaves the ninety-nine fenced-in sheep, to go in search of the hundredth, which he then gladly carries back to His big sheepfold, fenced in every direction by His divine grace, love and mercy.

14. “And so we too must have the greatest patience with His children, our brethren. For there are no alien parties over here but only children of the one Father! Here we no longer say: ‘Lord, punish Austria, it is acting contrary to Your order!’ or ‘the Hungarians acted against Your law – punish them!’ But rather we say: ‘Oh Father, look down to poor Earth in Your grace and enlighten our weak brethren, regardless from which party, helping them all!’ – And the Lord then graciously speaks to us: ‘Why are you asking? Do you perhaps have more love for your brothers and sisters than I, the Father of all?’ – Words then fail us at such response from the eternal, most holy Father’s great love.

15. “He loves everyone equally! Those who would come unto Him shall do so without exceptions. Just as He lets His sun shine over the worthy and the unworthy, and as His rain falls on choice and ordinary herbs, just so also is His grace, love and mercy. It spreads equally over all, and not seldom over the feeblest comes a cloudburst of His deepest love, patience, grace and mercy!

16. “Hence be patient a trifle longer, and you shall all see what the Lord’s love is capable of! – And upon these very thirty, His mercy shall become especially manifest!”

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