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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 138 - The Count and the Franciscan discuss the newly resounding voices. The Count still harbors second thoughts. One of the crowd calls upon Jesus.

1. The thirty-odd outside hear this discussion, and the Count Bathianyi even distinctly, word for word.

2. The astonished Count says to the Franciscan: “Friend, did you hear these reassuring words? It seems to me that neither of us is right. Notwithstanding the first voice’s relative crudeness and impatience, the next gentle angelic voice radiated balm over my depressed breast! Well, friend, to such a Lord Jesus I have no objection! But the way you sketched Him to me I could never have found use for Him.”

3. Says the Franciscan: “Whoever can give more than he has, is a rogue and blackguard, My view was at least honest, even if crude at times. Since it is dark here for all of us, our disputes will not be giving a bright impression. I nevertheless was right, in the end, if I tried to move you towards accepting the help offered on the part of the Lord Jesus Christ, whilst milord Count was staunchly against its acceptance – except under laughably annoying conditions. But now you have heard it with your own ears, and I presume you shall voice no further objections.

4. “It should not be difficult to grasp that my understanding of Christ, the Son of the Most High, is not how the angels know Him. But I was sure that the good Lord Jesus was not inexorable, the way Saint Ignatius of Loyola presented Him. For I always kept sight of the verse where Jesus once said: come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will quicken you! Unfortunately the Roman Priests made that into a laudable confessional at whose steps alone the Lord Jesus would accept those who are labouring and heavy-laden. But this sort of confessional-quickening has already brought a few weak ones to despair, and relieved some of all their possessions, peace and life-conditions, having little quickening to show for themselves! But I reckoned that an exceedingly good person would surely deal differently with the labouring and heavy-laden than the holy Roman, sol beatifying church, which innocently enjoys its finger-licking dinner just after condemning the poor heretics to everlasting, infernal pain, as if nothing had taken place, and then has the cheek to call itself a most loving mother!

5. “And so I opine that we already are labouring and laden, with the best consequent reasons for betaking ourselves to the supremely love-rich Lord Jesus, and pray Him for the promised and proffered quickening. I am ready to make a start. Whoever wants to, let them follow me, for I shall do so irrevocably!”

6. Says the Count: “Can you not wait a little? Perhaps we shall receive a few more hints from an invisible mouth about how to go about the thing. Surely one cannot just gate-crash the Most High. You certainly are of a lucid reasoning, in spite of the surrounding darkness. But you still err in relation to the most mystic life-conditions of this world with your too natural eyes, wanting to act over here as if on Earth – in your parents’ house. Are you able to say what is above and below us here? Hence it is advisable to inform oneselves even before the best of steps.

7. “I am no longer in any way against acceptance of the proffered help, and indeed am looking forward to it with child-like joy. Furthermore, I tell you: it is now my most fervent desire to se Christ the Lord from eternity, and from deepest love fall at His feet and if possible die there from love! But friend, to grab the entire hand when, in a mystic way, only a small finger is offered – will not do!

8. “Courtesy, as a sign of a thankful and humble hart, on Earth is noticed with gladness, whilst impertinent audacity is greatly disapproved. Should we assume that here in the kingdom of actual life, one proceeds naughtily, street-urchin fashion, in order to push something through with the highest Lord of infinity? Hence, my dear friend, let’s hasten slowly, and everything shall fall into place.”

9. Says the Franciscan: “Well, indeed, in this sense you too would not be wrong for once. We certainly have to appear before God in a most reverential attitude, even if initially within the heart. And so let us indeed wait; perhaps we shall hear something for further comfort.”

10. After this, the entire company keeps still, listening for anything audible, but nothing transpires anywhere.

11. After a while of fruitless waiting, one of the company steps out before the Count, saying: “Friend, I was always a Magyar in body and soul, fearing neither death nor devil. My entire life was dedicated to serving things Hungarian. No god could have moved me to anything other than the good of our fatherland. But the understanding we all had was sheer fantasy, because whatever we did ideologically for the fatherland, we did without God. We indeed said prayers within peoples’ earshot – to enchant them, but where was our heart, our faith, - where true love for God and the people?

12. “We knew we were weak, waiting for help from outside. But such did not come, and as a result of our grandstanding, we had to look on as our adversary sought and obtained Russia’s help. Finally, our true position became obvious. The result was that we not only were of no use to our people, but we turned our hope into dreams.

13. “I therefore maintain that we should not rely on other help. In that miraculous offer it said: ‘turn to the Lord Jesus, and you shall b helped’. I have listened to sickening, interminable ravings for and against by yourself and the Franciscan; how much better are we off? We still stand on the old spot! Hence no more hesitation, but action according to the stipulated condition, or I am up and away, acting on my own!”

14. Says the Count: “My dear friend, I am amazed how in this chimeran world of spirits, all radicals become black and yellow! Is the Deity Itself perhaps Black and Yellow in the end?!”

15. Provoked, the other interrupts him: “Ay – tell me in God’s name, what did you actually win with your anti black and yellow people’s democracy? Our radicals’ gain was that we two and perhaps several dozens of others were hanged! Nor could our anti Black and Yellow action have been too pleasing to the dear Deity, or we would not have been placed into such pitiable circumstances after our vindication!

16. “Behold, friend, notwithstanding that we find ourselves in fullest darkness, it is yet getting constantly brighter in my heart. I vividly perceive that man was not created for the Earth – where he is to only undergo a preparatory life, but for an everlasting spirit kingdom, within which the highest bliss could quite easily surface yet.

17. “Had we only submitted ourselves to the Austrian Government, bearing up to diverse pressures, calculated for the great good of the people, things would be better for us now. Having become disobedient however to a government bound to have been set up by the Deity, and having wanted to become regents ourselves, we have also received our due wages. It suffices that we brought about a masterpiece of human stupidity upon Earth. Should we perhaps make use of it over here as well? Better to be a most lowly resident of some Black and Yellow heaven than a most radical king in this hell!

18. “From now on I am not tying myself to any colour other than that of obedience and true humility; wherefore I am now shouting:

19. ‘You most exalted, righteous and most loving Lord and God Jesus, Who has redeemed me with Your most holy blood on the Cross, help me and perhaps all of us out of this lightless torment! Don’t listen to the domineering, bawling donkey of a leftie aristocratic, selfish people’s democrat, with whom the ordinary people are just a vulgar herd! Listen rather also to us other poor devils and help us all, by Your grace and mercy, out of this wretchedness which as perhaps lasted several Earth years already!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-138 Chapter