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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 139 - The Count brightens up. Alps and a palace come into view. Most loving counsel on order in the beyond.

1. The Count, hearing this shout nearly turns around in rage, intending to run off. But the Franciscan grabs him firmly by the cloak, saying: “Mr. Count, not another step! In Hungary you ruled over us as Prime Minister. It is getting lighter – the eternal judge is coming. You shall answer for us before Him! Do you understand me?

2. The Count, horrified at the Franciscan’s seriousness and still angry about the speaker’s prayer, gets feverish, speaking in a gentle and calm tone: “Well well, that is fine by me. But I beg you al not to kill me like thieving murderers! No need to assail me like that, I shall do my best!” Says the Franciscan: “All right, all right, but how shall you fare before the eternal judge, - and us, your fellow conspirators?”

3. Says the Count: “But dear friend, did you not earlier hear that the Lord desires to be gracious and merciful unto us! How should He therefore want to judge us? Or why should the Almighty and all-wise first have a confrontation with His beings in order to make them realise through their confessions that they shall be justifiably condemned? Oh, that is rather poor for a Roman Catholic Priest to attribute human weakness to the Deity. God is good and gracious to whoever He will. Whoever He wants to drop however will not be helped by anything, at least of all through intercessions by a Hungarian Count. But I don’t think the dear Lord God will take note of the rubbish that we mutually swept before our doors. Do you understand, my dear Pater Ruffianus?”

4. Says the Franciscan: “Don’t worry, milord Count! We shall be seeing who is right in the end. It seems to be getting brighter from the East. I wish that dreadful fog wasn’t there! Surely we should have discerned something in this brightness by now, if indeed there is anything to be made out here at all.”

5. Says the previous speaker: “Dear friends and brothers, a good thought has flickered through me, and I want to share it with you! Behold, we all became equally unhappy, and none enjoys an advantage over another. What do you say if we all stick together in a true brotherly love and friendship, without mutual recriminations, awaiting whatever God’s omnipotence has in store for us? Is it not enough that we fear God the way the pigeon fears the falcon’s claws? Do you surmise that God’s judgement over us will be the milder for this? God does what He will and no eternity deflects Him from decisions He had made! Hence let us at least be friendly among ourselves, if the Deity should not encounter us amicably! – But it earnestly appears to be getting constantly brighter, and even the sky above seems blue now, excepting that no stars can yet be seen; probably there won’t be any over here.”

6. Says the Count: “Well done, friend Miklosch, I prefer your language to that of Pater Cyprianus. Verily, a parson stays an insensitive being forever! But let everything be forgiven him. From now on I shall not elevate myself even over my worst enemy. May God give us all the right insight and much patience with each other! His will be with us!”

7. Following the Count’s comments, the mists are thinning, and it seems to everyone as if they had not been in the area all that long.

8. Miklosch says after a while, noticing a mighty mountain-chain toward evening and midnight: “Oh friends – look over there! Land, alps! At last, for the first time in this world, land, and that an Alpine region! Nothing shall ever exceed the majestic sight of alps! It wonderfully softens man’s normally dull feelings and strengthens his heart in his faith in an almighty God, kindling love towards Him! Oh how uplifted I am now by thee sight of these gigantic alps! That peak between evening and north is something overwhelming. The Earth’s highest peaks would compare like little hills. Do you all see this massive mountain chain?”

9. They all say: “We sure do. But their distance must be immense, judging by the grey-blue colour. One has to almost crane one’s neck looking up at that highest peak; that would have to be some height! Praise God a thousand-fold that we at last get to see something! Isn’t this breathtaking – one could wear one’s eyes out looking. But strangely, everything towards midday and morning is still shrouded in mist! Yet a certain brightness seems to emanate just from morning! The sun, if there be one over here, must still be beyond the horizon, because no rays have hit even those highest peaks yet.”

10. Says the Count: “All the same, the highest peak is lit, otherwise it could not be of a reddish shimmer. But the sight of such alps certainly is something singularly majestic! Friends, if only we had a guide over here, then I would be the first to opt for such a climb. The peak may not even be that hard to scale from the midday side. And over here we would have hardly anything to lose therefrom. – Well, Pater Cyprianus, what say you to that?”

11. Says the Franciscan: “What should I say? I have said plenty but was not heard but only chided as a ruffian. Hence I hold my peace now and listen, acting as if in agreement! Should you venture over to the mountain then I shall not stay behind. But I wonder which of us would not suffer a headache upon those peaks, one being dizzy just looking up! How would one then fare at the top!”

12. Says Miklosch: “Yes, that’s what I think! We certainly are spirits over here, and therefore much lighter than upon Earth. Nevertheless I would not try a death-defying leap from such height. Hence lets hearken for a while, perhaps it will get brighter, revealing our options. I feel within my spirit that we could soon have some rare visitors. And if my senses don’t deceive me, someone is already approaching from morning over there.”

13. Says the Count: “Indeed, I’m seeing someone with a richly pleated robe! Should it be another new arrival from dear Earth, someone executed like us?”

14. Says the Franciscan: “In that case he would still be wrapped in earthly rags like us. No one has worn a pleated cloak upon Earth since the ancient Greeks and Romans! This is bound to b a really ancient inhabitant of this world! Well, it will soon show who and what station he is! I shall call him over!”

15. Says Miklosch: “I don’t think we need to call him, as he is heading straight our way. His approach evoked a good and even beneficial effect upon my nature. This would have to be a good person or spirit! It is also getting brighter with his approach, and this is amazing! Look over there towards morning – at some distance behind the man, through the still heavy fog, I notice the clear outline of an immense palace!”

16. All turn their faces towards morning, seeing the same thing with astonishment. Says the Count: “Now you see that I was right earlier on. Had we continued a few hundred more paces, we would have bumped into it with our noses and asked for admission, whereas we are still stuck here.” Says the Franciscan: “Doesn’t matter, a few minutes more or less within eternity! But let’s be quiet! The good man, probably a resident of the palace, is at hand. Good protocol dictates that we move to meet him, as he is sure to make the effort for our sake.”

17. They agree and move. On meeting, the Count takes the word, saying: “Beg permission to ask, whereto so hastily? Perhaps a long walk ahead?”

18. Says the stranger: “My greetings, dear friends and brothers! It is on your account I come. I heard your voices and hastened out of this house, to offer you any possible assistance in case of need. I live in this house, which you see still shrouded in mist.” Says the Count: “You probably are the owner, - ?”

19. Says the stranger: “Yes and no, so to say. Yet hearken, property ownership is not really on a separate basis – everything being common property, as it were. This kingdom is truly democratic. For whatever belongs to one, belongs to all who are like-minded. And so you too can be enjoyers of property without having to ask whose is this or that. Over here reigns the most perfect freedom, which is at the disposal of every truest spirit without contest. Whatever someone wants over here is granted him.”

20. Says the count: “Oh, what splendid order! This we also had tried to achieve upon Earth, but it didn’t work there. Rights are still those of thee fittest! But here, apparently, either the original owner or also anyone can be a lord in his own right?”

21. Says the stranger: “Indeed so, yet not quite! Because here there is only one right – that of freest, pure love. The right is like unto the love, and stemming from it! Over here, the basic motto is: do unto others as you would have them do unto you! And since everyone over here makes this their topmost life principle, he also promotes everyone’s right to enjoy everything he has, since he alternatively enjoys the same right undisturbed. You are now able to see yonder house more clearly. And I say unto you that you have the full right to the use of this house, as the owner also has the same right to any property that comes your way anywhere. Are you in agreement with these principles of life?”

22. Says the Count: “But friend, is not that the most ideal form of communism, or actually the pure, ancient Christianity! Upon Earth, no wheat sprouts as a result of such constitution yet. It truly is the best constitution for a nation, the only drawback being that indolence then has the better over diligence.”

23. Says the stranger: “Friend, here you are mistaken! The indolent and the diligent have no commonality here, because the indolent cannot possibly desire what the diligent does. Over here, like and like are paired, the ‘unlike’ splitting off by itself. Because, if the topmost life-principle is that everyone should do unto his brother as he would expect from in – then that already automatically excludes the indolent one wanting everything beneficial from his diligent brother, whilst not being minded to do likewise for his brother. This is not capable of applying here at all, for the very reason that here, every spirit strives to be useful to his brother in every conceivable way. But he who is indolent and not like-minded will soon be put off by such communism, seeking a community corresponding to his nature. But it would not need much explaining to you all how such fellowship of layabouts would soon fare.

24. “Since you are responding positively to this, because you fully acknowledge this law of rights in this world – in which there is no more death, act also according to the way this commandment is in your own best interests. Therewith you are then also full citizens of this world, being able to make good and practicable use of everything, if you are desirous of moving into yonder house in order to partake with yourselves a resolve to be useful to this house in very possible way.”

25. Says the count: “This speaks for itself, my most esteemed and dear friend! For I would much rather not exist at all than to accept something without reciprocating one way or another. My entire crowd is of such persuasion, which I vouch for with the best of conscience! But now, dear friend, since you have probably resided in this region for a lengthy period, knowing your way around well, would you tell us all how to turn to the only God of Heaven and Earth, and hence Jesus the Crucified? Where is He? Will our sinful eyes ever get to see His most holy face?

26. “Previously, when it was still dark here, we were challenged by a voice to turn to Jesus, if we were to be helped. At first I took this for an acoustic deception, gradually persuaded that there must be substance to it. But it is another matter to respond meaningfully! And no being could probably answer this better than yourself, who are probably familiar with everything over here.”

27. Says the stranger: “Very well, my dear friends! I am so-to-say everywhere at home in this region. Regarding your other concern however, you have in any case already turned to the Lord Jesus, the reason it also at once became lighter around you. Hence there is nothing further to be disclosed to you on this matter. Just keep Jesus in your hearts, and He shall presently come your way. But you will first have to forever ban all arrogance, pride, conceit, vengefulness and the tiresome sensuality in relation to the female sex, leaving everything to Jesus the Lord. In this way you shall be everlastingly with Him, around Him and in Him! For vast is His Goodness.”

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