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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 140 - The stranger queried further. A strange reply.

1. Says Miklosch, delighted with the stranger’s words: “Oh, dearest friend, since you appear to be well aquainted with the Lord Jesus, or you could not speak with such assurance, oblige us with a short description of Him, and indicate the region where He customarily detains Himself with His most blessed friends.”

2. Says the stranger: “Dear friends, regarding question number one, I happen to bear a most striking resemblance to Him myself. He personally looks like I myself, His voice also be like mine. Verily, whoever sees me, sees the most complete image of Jesus the Lord! You only need to let your eyes take stock of me, and you are seeing Jesus Himself by shape.

3. “As to His whereabouts, the answer is somewhat more difficult, although it all comes to the same thing. In general terms however, He dwells in the eternal East, and from a natural, terrestrial aspect, with the region of the constellation ‘Leo’, and that in the corresponding spiritual central sun, which envelopes the natural one by the name ‘Regulus’, and beyond that all of infinity. Have you understood me well?”

4. Says the count: “Indeed, as well as can be! But it will not have escaped any of us that you were rather vague about the whereabouts. It is somewhat intriguing how your personal resemblance can ultimately coincide with that of Jesus and His actual location. How is our accidental resemblance related to the true whereabouts of the Lord Jesus, and how can all this be on and the same thing? Here you must have perhaps in your zeal erred a little. Hence oblige us with an elucidation!”

5. Says the stranger: “Well, my dear Bathianyi, it nevertheless is the case! It is not essential to be at once fully clear on this. Do you not notice how the mists of this region do not all lift at once? It is so with many an answer. A more complete answer makes the spirit sluggish, having nothing further to inquire. If the answer is somewhat vague however, then the spirit becomes supremely eager to get the hang of it. Note how you had no further query about Jesus’ figure. Your spirit at once, after this clear answer gave in to its indolent quiet, ceasing its inquiries. But the vagueness of the second answer re-awakened it, forcing you to ask further questions, which is good! Hence do not in future concern yourself about reservation, for things shall become clear at the right time!”

6. Says the Count: “This is all nicely good and true – yet it all remains mysterious!” – He is interrupted by the Franciscan: “Sure, sure, mystery upon mystery. We must be glad that this friend has cleared up so much, and not find fault with his marvelous words. I was not in the least intrigued by his second answer. Look, Mr. Count, you again grab the hand when a finger is offered. I don’t detect that courtesy which was so much your own!” Says the count: “Friend, this is none of your business. If you want to be spiritually lazy, that’s up to you, but don’t expect it from my spirit!”

7. Says the stranger: “Settle down, my friends! Nothing great and true can be done with such zeal – let love be your spokesman!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-140 Chapter