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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 180 - Cado fortifies himself with bread and wine; Minerva’s rage. Cado’s lucid instructions about her unworthiness

1. Miklosch continues: “ Says Minerva: “That I can indeed, if I want to; notwithstanding my lack of further effective power, I can remain in inner resistance forever! But I may not do so just because of my foolish love for you, thinking the thing over properly and if seeming advantageous to my heart, submit to your counsel. But mark well; I shall take my lengthy time mulling it over!” Cado responds dispassionately: “Quite so, dear one! But the longer you take for your conversation, the longer will you remain unhappy, and the harder it will be to take this last step; remember that!”

2. Cado sits down. Being hungry and thirsty he consumes some bread and wine, and since it improves his expression, it would given him better looks. Minerva, watching him feasting resentfully, is saying to herself; well a life-style that he must have picked up at the bears and wolves school. The fellow eats like a wolf and drinks like a whale. He is left with another beaker and a chunk of bread, but his churlishness will not let him offer me some. Nor would I accept any from such a donkey! Yet it would have been appropriate to make me- the leading light of infinity- an offer! How the churl loads up! That one could hollow out the entire Creation!

3. But what now? I have to do something! If only I could pull that bundle closer, supposedly contains a dress for me; but do what – watch him till he stuffs himself? Quite a situation! But just wait, you crude churl, things shall change with time!”

4. Cado is still eating and drinking snugly, saying to himself; “God, this surely was some bread and wine that must have grown upon a sun! Now I feel lamb-like reverence, and good like a donkey! And the most beautiful Mrs. Satana – whom I christened Minerva, presently with me and subserviently so! Goodie goodie, I’m doing well! Well well, my fairest Minerva, what a sour face you’re cutting! Be cheerful and snuggle up to me! That would absolve you from the last step! Go on – Minerva - make my day. Behold all the celestial beings share our joy – just look up. And us two – endlessly more noble and perfect than all this heavenly rabble, are huddling here together like two sick donkeys with vinegar faces! Yuck, let’s not allow ourselves be put to shame, cheering up tenfold over those above us! Go on, sit next to me!”

5. Says Minerva miffed: “O shut up, crude and drunk lout; what next? I am to sit with him forthwith! Not bad fun for him of course. But, nothing doing! Fruits like me shall not be ripening for such donkey eternally; does his majesty understand?”

6. “But Minerva” says Cado; “why should you not be capable of ripening for me? Oh, you are abundantly ripe; for you too have grown nicely old! But just one little kiss from those right rosy lips would surpass everything! So come over and make jolly my heart!”

7. Says Minerva: “Oh forthwith, lord and master! Thou knowest how I obey such creatures wanting things. Thou wouldest not believe how much I love thee. Hence calm down for a few more eternities, whereupon I shall comply with your inebriated desires!”

8. Says Cado: “It’s all one devil to me a couple of eternities sooner or later ultimately you are in my constant power, and I need nothing other for my pleasure. But since I care more for you than my welfare, I would like to haul you out of your immense stupidity and make you free and blissful again. Intending to remain a slave to your blindest foolishness, just stay as you are the most stupid and evil being throughout infinity; it shall bother me very little.

9. Just turn your most beautiful but endlessly stupid eyes upwards and look how trillions rejoice in their divine existence, notwithstanding their knowing that you are the most unhappy being throughout all of infinity. And so, in my own way, I can be quite blissful without you. I will furthermore say that I shall not from now on bother much with winning you for your freedom in God nor devil has accomplished anything with you, which does not bother me. You are mine and have been made harmless like a viper whose poison has been removed. You know what to do to be free and happy! You shall receive no further invitation from me. Fare thee well in your madness and note only one thing well - that I couldn’t care less.”

10. This makes Minerva think, saying: “What will happen to the renown I enjoyed throughout infinity?”

11. Says Cado: “Don’t have yourself laughed off on account of your imagined prestige, for God’s sake; is not your ‘unsurpassed’ wisdom put to shame by every donkey?! But there will be a problem with prestige that is ever so beautiful on the surface but of a stupidity second to none! Hence say no more about your imagined high standing, given you by yourself; spare me more such immunities! ’

12. Says Minerva: “Well – do you have to flare up like that! Surely I am worthy of a little instruction on my shortcomings!” Says Cado: “Dearest one, you lack much – in fact the lot! There would be much talking to do my part, although I am no friend of speech.”

13. Says Minerva: “Well, just be patient with my stupidity and weakness. For if I am your future reward than your efforts have been handily compensated!” Says Cado: “For sure, should you be capable of instruction as heretofore then my own backside is preferable to all your ever-so exceeding beauty! Consider it, for I am no lustful devil!”

14. Miklosch keeps up his commentary: “Minerva rubs her brow reluctantly, whilst Cado turns his face in our direction, as if perceiving our presence. What amazes me is that, notwithstanding his probable sighting of all the celestial spirits, he doesn’t seem to see the two next to him – namely Robert-Uraniel and his companion Sahariel. For he shows no sign of perceiving anyone behind him.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-180 Chapter