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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 179 - Final conflict and change. Satana’s ancient pride returns. Cado stays firm. Parable of the rescuing navigator

1. Miklosch continues his report: “ Says Cado: But, my fair one, do you ask me something that I can’t do for you precisely because you

2. demand it of me; oh you incorrigible crown of infinity! Now you shall have to without fail take the last step, which I would have otherwise definitely taken! For your maximum benefit, do not ask me for anything in future. Behold, just one more step and all of infinity is saved and liberated from the hardest yoke of eternal judgement! And you shall shine as the happiest being with the light of all suns contained with infinity!”

3. Says Minerva: “That could be so indeed, if I could only be stupid enough to do what suits you fine! But I lack such stupidity, and that is bad for your dazzling prospects with me. We are of course short of just one step; but should I not take it voluntarily and laugh at every one of your attempts to persuade me –by what means can you then force me? Externally yes, but inwardly never!

4. Be advised that I am a being from whom infinity has received all its beings: I am a creature of all creatures – a degree of negative power polarity equal to the arch-primeval positive polarity of the Deity! I am the limitless ground upon which the primordial Deity builds its works! And, grasp this well: you endless nothing and merest dust particle before me would make me, the most perfect being within all of infinity, with a few paltry words subject to yourself, and perhaps even corrupt me through your never-ending flatteries! Oh, miserable blockhead! I certainly see you trembling with lust after full enjoyment of my embrace. But let go of your dirty thoughts, if you don’t want to wager this last step in my behalf! I am firmly resolved – no further step!”

5. Says Cado: “Well well, just look how clever you suddenly are! You will have me wait an eternity for this last step? I wish you plenty of patience, for you shall never get the better of my patience! That one step is no bother – I can do with you as I like out of my own will. Hence I lack nothing for my advantage over you; so hang in there by all means – I lose nothing. You are already in my hands, and can transmute yourself into a dragon no more, and I’d rather have you remain as you are. Hooray this life’s going to be fun! Well done, Minerva!”

6. Says Minerva, puzzled at Cado’s transformation: “Well, I never thought you were such a scamp! If only I could get rid of my accursed love for you, things would be different. But it had to be you who saw through my weakness; no, I can‘t bear that. Let him who created you who be accursed! But just wait, you shall recognize Satan in me yet!”

7. Says Cado, unmoved: “Oh, that‘s no problem! Ultimately you are mine the most charming beauty that can’t ever turn ugly, and this will do Cado! Which does not, by the way, prevent you from taking the required last step. After getting sufficiently bored, you will accede to my demand anyway. But till then – hooray, fairest Minerva, because I have you.”

8. Miklosch continues his commentary: “Minerva would now burst for rage. She would love to transform herself into some vile creature, but to no avail. She tries to escape, but her feet are as if nailed to the ground, being able to lift her foot only in Cado’s fixed direction. Are they not shapely feet! Verily, my respects to Cado for the way he can be so indifferent to such voluptuous beauty, whom he has completely in his power; it is more than I can grasp. To seem cold towards such beauty elicits admiration!

9. Now she takes on a raging stance, staring at him scornfully! She tries vainly to distort her beautiful face, but it only vexes more striking, and Cado says: “Fairest, don’t even try, because the more you distort your face, the more charmed I am; you truly are a goddess!”

10. Says Minerva, all but weeping for rage: “Accursed life – taking such turn! Am I no longer a mistress, no princess of all princesses? Must I have myself derided by such stupid donkey? Can I not go back? Leaving you forever? Did you not promise me I could go back when and how I wish? “

11. Says Cado: “Nothing is going to come of this promise until you fully enter upon my will. For you are and shall remain under judgement for as long as you remain a slave to your stubbornness. Behold, if someone is in great danger and, being helpless, he remains a slave to the danger for in spite of being helpless, he remains a slave to the danger for as long as he does not avail himself of the mariner’s assistance.

12. That is the case with you! Here I am offering you my helping hand to get you away from a terrible danger, to then set you down in fullest freedom, but you scorn my help. Your barest and vainest madness eggs you on to what must hasten your demise. Wherefore you cannot return but must remain upon this rock. And where would you be if I had not protected you from sinking, holding back the waves that would have washed you away long since?

13. As said, you shall not get away from me, and you cannot remove yourself by a hair’s breadth! As merest slave of my will, what will you do? Will you be able to defy me forever?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-179 Chapter