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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 178 - Minerva approaches, yielding. A few more steps to the goal

1. Miklosch turns his eyes back to the scene, saying: “Minerva gets anxious, her every move showing her eagerness to see the bundle opened.

2. Cado notes it, asking: “Are you stuck in the ground?! Move here, and you shall get behind the secretive bundle! If you are nailed to the ground, just say so; I will loosen your feet from here!” Says Minerva: “That won’t be necessary; I am free to go where I will! What does the dress look like? Go on, tell me dear Cado!”

3. Says Cado: “Come over, and you shall be most pleasantly surprised!“ Says Minerva; “Wow, you are being tough! Did I have to let myself be infatuated with you! No, this has not been seen from eternity! I will have to risk it! But should you harm me then I move back here and never ever return to you again.”

4. Miklosch continues: “Minerva leaves her spot – a kind of glowing sand-dune, probing her steps toward Cado, behind whom our abovementioned friends are still tarrying. On putting her most beautiful foot upon the surge-free hill, all red heat vanishes. Nor is there anything further seen of the grotto, and the dreadful roaring and thundering have ceased. The lofty mountains also appear to have lost altitude, losing their craggy nature, leaving only a few bare cliffs. In short, the entire region takes on a more recent aspect, being just sufficiently rather than brightly lit.

5. Cado verily is an artist in his field. To get this princess of eternity to fall in love with him – a being to whom love is more alien than infinity’s end is to me – requires more than ears, eyes, mouth and hands! Cado certainly still is a so-called devil, but such devilishness elicits my respects! He has character, unshakeability and a courage that is awe-inspiring. Not to have seen it oneself would make such comments unbelievable! We cannot but be astonished and praise You Lord for allowing this to take place. But it can now be expected that the Earth in aggregate – perhaps following a few storms – will go over to a stage that shall be most desirable to all heavens.

6. But Minerva nonetheless is in no great hurry, in approaching Cado in small, measure steps. She keeps finding things on the ground, picking them up, examining them and then discarding them. I imagine these are all kinds of adornments that appear to gradually entice her towards Cado. Not bad cunning, that! Upon Earth I can recollect reading a sibylic prophecy: Should Satan ever be converted, be shall walk upon pearls and diamonds but despise them. Then shall hell be closed off and melt the chains of insanity like wax before the sun.”

7. Verily, this thing almost looks like that! She comes closer and is hardly forty paces off. Now she must have found something notable, bending down hastily to pick up something resembling a diadem, looking at it approvingly and showing no intention of throwing this one away.

8. Now she is asking Cado: “Friend, who scattered all these valuable around here?” Are these for myself or a trap laid for the fall of someone else? Here is a glorious diadem, worthy of my head! Shall I keep it or throw it away?” Says Cado: “Keep the good and cast off the bad! Too many of these things would burden you to the point of not being able to take a single step forward. Keep the diadem, not picking up any more stuff. Comprehend this and be obedient!”

9. Says Minerva: “Well well, I am on my way. But a glorious bracelet lies right in front of me here! Let me pick it up Cado- it is worthy of my arm!” Says Cado, somewhat impatiently; “Oh you treasure- greedy being, A treasure waiting here at my feet is equal to more throughout infinity. Hence don’t be detained by street trash and take possession of what is prepared for you!”

10. Now Minerva is on her way, approaching Cado to within three steps, flinging away the bracelet and saying to Cado: “Friend, I have come all this way, leaving just three steps; you will surely be able to come that far! I can see how your entire being is trembling at the sight of my charms. Your eyes tell me you love me unspeakably! Hence do me the favour and take these three small steps towards me.

11. Says Cado: “Infinitely beautiful one, celestial occasions shall still arise where I shall hasten a million steps toward you. But for your well – calculated benefit I must not accede to any of your requests until you have done what I must demand of you. Hence take these three little steps as well, having put three thousand behind you already.”

12. Says Minerva: “Well, who obliges you to demand all this from me? Who is your law-maker?” Says Cado: “No one that I know of can prescribe to me what I demand of you. I myself am my own law-maker, not letting any deity or devil dictate to me. I was recently before god by way of His two greatest spirits. These were good and wise and showed me heaven and hell in order for me to make a decision. And I did not want heaven and know how to mock hell! I became aware of a most insane undertaking that was eternally incapable of succeeding. They went on the lookout for me but all your arts of deception were shattered upon the firmness of my will and my resolve to force you from the yoke of your own blindness! Tell me then who could prescribe something like that to me?”

13. In all of infinity there is no being that I would obey, for I am my own lord and concern myself with none but yourself, because you please me so endlessly, and because you stand there as the first, greatest and mightiest being after God, which is to once more become what it had been destined to become out of God’s highest wisdom. But this can be achieved upon no way other way than I advised you. Hence no more hesitation with these three steps, or you shall not achieve your primeval beauty and dignity!”

14. Says Minerva: “My most truly beloved Cado, what you say is all very well and I cannot counter it. But if love is to guide us for all time to come, then I don’t know where you are going to derive it if you will not move a hair’s breadth to please me. Look, I’m going to take two more steps, but you must take the one and only last one, even if I tarry an eternity! There is no talk of further conversion, having made myself your captive to this degree! Hence do me this small favour!”

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