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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 177 - Minerva suspects divine subtlety. Cado blows his cover. A dress falls from heaven, arousing Minerva’s curiosity

1. Mikliosch’s commentary continues: “ Says Minerva: “My friend Cado, I love you, really! It is actually the first true love to ever move my heart; but would you explain why you are so intransigent! This must be based in thought-out strategy. There is something in the offering from above, and you are the hidden tool. You will have to reveal the plan or you shall not move me by a hair’s breadth, excepting by force; what, in any case, would you gain by force? You are familiar with my most stubborn defiance of God; how much more of yourself! The Deity is endlessly mighty and can do to me as It desires, but only through eternal force. Heart and will are mine, and I know how to defy all power, including yours, although you have come closest to my heart since beginnings. If it were not so, you would instead of my true arch-primeval form have an ugly monster in front of you. That tells you how I am and have to be. Give me therefore the reason for your unbending way with me!”

2. Says Cado: “Why do you ask what I already explained with solar clarity. I must not fall for this, or I would never liberate you. You first have to voluntarily surrender to my will, making same your own. Then I shall do everything you desire out of yourself!”

3. Says Minerva: “Sure sure; you can accommodate me, provided I desire only what you do; where does that leave my free will? Says Cado: “In your voluntary desire of what I do; hence uniting your will with mine! Without this, there can be eternally no thought of higher, real effect.”

4. Says Minerva: “This is rather vague! Make yourself clear!“ Says Cado: “Oh you peculiar bearer, of all light and shining poured out over all endless spaces! If you don’t understand plain things like that how shall you grasp more profound things from God’s unstoppable fountains of purely divine wisdom?

5. Be advised that you are to be set free again and enter upon the right order! Hence, you must first conjoin my will system, so that your will also is set free! Try it at least, and if not agreeable, then you can by all means re-enter your old judgment!”

6. Says Minerva more cheerfully: “Well then, this offer I shall accept! If my return is not blocked off upon my not liking the new condition then be it as you wish! But I am naked and too embarrassed to stand in front of you. Provide me a dress and I shall come over at once.” Says Cado: “This too I cannot grant you until you accede to my original request; a glorious raiment has just dropped at my feet from heaven! To you it will be of a kind that the heavens themselves have not seen yet! Hence come and take it from my hand as a worthy bridal grown!”

7. Continues Miklosch: “Minerva is hesitant, turning her big fiery eyes on a close look, to see if it is worth accepting, straining to see the actual dress, but it is too well wrapped. Her curiosity escalates – I am myself curious what this Satan creature, anointed with every wicked ointment, will do! Lord, our most beloved, Holy Father Jesus! Will this ancient liar ever be converted, and will things then improve upon the cosmic bodies and especially our Earth?”

8. Say I: My dearest friend Miklosch, this shall all be presently revealed; continue to watch and translate the scene for our company, and you shall be cleared up, together with all the brothers and sisters!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-177 Chapter