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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 176 - Cado receives intensified angelic protection. Minerva’s counter offers. Hell poses new threats

1. Miklosch continues his commentary: “But now our friend Robert-Uraniel and his companion Sahariel move upon the hill inconspicuously, towards Cado, who does not notice them.

2. Nor does the make-believe Minerva appear to note their change of position, but remains watchful; but Cado stands vigilant and firm like a wall, which does not seem to agree with Minerva, who stares at the ground, trying to figure out what to do, cutting every nuance of face from earnest to friendly, wise and domineering; but the ancient, secretive sinner is everywhere in evidence.

3. Getting bored, Cado loudly clears his throat, asking her: “Fairest one, I have waited a considerable stretch, but you are not deciding, nor acting according to my desire! I’ll let you think a little longer. Should this lead to nothing, then watch my lassoing skill. Since the time of your existence you have not found among the myriads of spirits, led astray by you, one who would be your master, none of them equal to your cunning, but with me you shall crudely miscalculate. I repeat: you cannot catch me. To a Cado, a God, death or devil are of no consequence, and heaven and hell are all the same to him. Cado stands under no-one’s command! Whatever he desires to do he will, having the capacity! Hence decide now, or you have the sling around your most marvellous neck!”

4. Says Minerva: “But dear Cado, show some decency! Can I just jump out of my ago-old, evil habits? I think, adding a little patience to your heroics would not harm you. There is a reason for seeming to not accede to your desires straight away! For I too, the greatest beauty in all of infinity must have my right to test the one to whom I should bind myself. If you were not pleasing to me, I would have left you long since, but I find myself chained to your singular nature with magic power. I am letting you speak to me in a way I have never tolerated even from the Deity; does that still not satisfy you?”

5. Says Cado: “Most splendid one of God’s Creations, I love you endlessly; I shall tarry a few more moments, so as not to be indecent to you; but don’t stretch my patience beyond that.”

6. Smiling, Minerva casts her broken lance into the less glowing sea, whose waves the countless bullied spirits are still trying to hold down.

7. As the lance is being consumed by that sea, seeming a favourable omen to Cado, an immense number of shapes of a most dreadful appearance rise from the glowing slough, settling down around Minerva. One of them, having the appearance of every dragon and dreadful beast, thunders at Minerva with a tiger’s roar.

8. “Miserable one – is this your thanks for the trillions of services we rendered you for eternities! We shirked no sacrifice on your account, and no effort in spite of the most immense pains and torments to assure ourselves of your oft-promised love. Do you thank us by most shamelessly abandoning us, for the love of a devil who has hardly poked his nose into hell so far? No, that you shall never do to us! We will rather destroy you and hell and all the heavens, before you move one step from this place! Look how our servants are taming the surge, suffering dreadful torments, so that you can as mistress wander calmly upon it, even whilst intending to leave us, not granting us that oft-promised pleasure. Oh, just try, miserable whore, and you shall receive a reward of which not even the fullness of God’s fantasy has dreamt yet! What are you going to do: speak! Just look up and see how courage has abandoned your hero – looking everywhere for an escape hole! Just yell for his help – go on! Why aren’t you hollering for your chosen one?”

9. Minerva appears to melt for fury and shame, unable to utter a word for trembling with rage. But Cado fumes even more furiously, figuring what to do. Those intimidating giants still engage his respect, whilst their testimony on Minerva makes him cringe about her faithfulness and love, making him undecided about his next move. But Minerva’s yearning makes him reluctant to part with her, wherefore he examines and orders his stones.

10. After a while he straightens up, saying to the fiends: I am awake to your might and artful deception, and they are not your own work! You yourselves are but empty patterns and more images, and your threats to her are those of her own contrived images. If you were real beings, I would actually reward you for the service you just rendered me, as your behaviours made me aware of her real character. Tear her to shreds if you can; I can indeed do so, but it would not be worth my effort.

11. Satana, should you come up with more such tests then just try. I will get to know you better. But you schemers I shall fix up forthwith in God’s name – Jesus the crucified! See this stone – it is inscribed with the divine name Jesus and three crosses! This stone shall show of what spirit you are!”

12. Cado lifts the stone off ground, arm extended to throw, Minerva screaming: ”Cado for all that is holy to you, don’t! The moment the stone leaves your fist you are lost forever. The power of these spirits, which you take as outgrowths of my fantasy, is bridled. Whatever they seize, no godly power can snatch from them! Keep still and I might yet dissuade them and secure your and my release!”

13. Cado, under secret effect of the two guardian angels behind him, speaks with assurance: “Your words are soap bubbles without truth. You have been a liar from the beginning but harming only yourself therewith. Hence I shall indeed do whatever you argue against. Hence in the name of my God, my Saviour Jesus!”

14. He throws the stone at the first fiend’s dragon head, the impact producing the bang of a thousand canons. Everything excepting Minerva disappears, who now stands there naked and trembling upon a heap of sand before Cado, vainly trying to hide from, Cado.

15. But Cado, asks: “Now, fair one, what’s going on! What happened to the danger, and where are the mighty spirits about to destroy heaven, hell, God and the entire Earth, and about to punish you for unfaithfulness? Behold, your art won’t do you anymore! You shall not get away from me! Anyone other would deservedly punish you now, but all is forgiven. You nevertheless have to follow me, or I shall use power you can’t resist. See how everything that gave you the appearance of power has left you. Now you have only me and your indescribably beautiful shape. Hence lean on me resolutely, and I shall guide you along the path of truth love for you. But you must follow me voluntarily!”

16. Says the humiliated pseudo – Minerva: “Well well, I will and must follow you! But just come a step closer if you really bear love in your heart. You can surely risk one step towards me, since I have approached you a thousand steps already!”

17. Says Cado: “You know very well that I am not one to relent by even one hair’s breadth of bartering, and will not agree to your request until you reach the point of your total transformation of your arch-primordial wickedness and infidelity. Hence let go of all further demands on me. I’m more wicked than you, notwithstanding the ability of your arch-primeval wickedness to fill infinity with the severest judgment. But since all the angel’s every attempt to win you back suffered shipwreck upon your rock-hard stubbornness, it will have to be a devil of all devils that brings you back to where you come forth. This devil is not one of your kind but decidedly different. His power derives from above, although his nature is infernal. You alone are his reward, which however he is ready to forego if obtained through bonded rather than free will; hence follow me!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-176 Chapter