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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 181 - Bathianyi and Miklosch discussing the phenomenon. Minerva takes the last step, rewarded by the celestial dress prospects for Satan’s salvation

1. Says Baron Bethianyi, getting bored with that scene: “Friend Miklosch, you really are an excellent commentator, engaging the listener. But this story of Cado and so-called Minerva, who should rather go under the name of Luciferina of Satan, is getting tiresome. I can only admire the Lord’s immense patience, and also that of the ancient fathers, prophets and apostles! They are watching this progressively tedious scene as if of a boring novel that could spin on forever. With all due respects to Cado, he elicits respect. But Minerva is a subtle scoundrel that can transform itself into every form or element that cannot be caught out. She indeed occasionally feigns stupidity, but quite deliberately does not let on about her ulterior motives. Oh is not this a spoofer! Just watch and you’ll find me right!”

2. Says Miklosch: “Let’s leave all that to the Lord; I think it will all eventually fall into place.” Says Bathianyi: “It shall all come good in the end – I agree; but when? We are certain to experience it, having an eternal life. But our ilk can be forgiven for the notion that with this beautiful Minerva’s obvious deviousness, this business between them may never end.”

3. Says Milklosch: “Brother, I myself am basically troubled only marginally. The thing absorbs my attention because it is certain to be no everyday occurrence. Two most craftily infernal spirits into one another’s hair and it shall presently transpire which one carries off the victory; I’d take a punt on Cado.” Says Bathianyi: “Me too; if there is to be an end to it, then surely for the better. Right now it looks highly speculative; watch and keep us informed.”

4. Miklosch looks, saying: “You too keep watching; see how amicably Minerva now gives Cado her hand, the latter nevertheless responding;”That won’t help you offer me out of your own will I must not accept until you also take the last step! Lift your foot over to mine and you have solved your problem and regained your freedom! After that I shall be able to accede to some of your requests!”

5. Says Minerva: “Well then, I’m lifting my right foot over to yours, to see how well you keep your word! All the heavens and hells be my witness on how I never obeyed anyone’s will like yours! But, Cado, beware if you have deceived me to the slightest degree, because I love you! I would otherwise have to take revenge second to none!”

6. Minerva really lifts her right foot over to Cado’s, saying: “Now I have carried out your demand; what are you going to do now?”

7. Says Cado: “Only when you have also lifted the other one have you completely met the conditions, after which I’ll tell you what I’ll do! I have basically told you already, but as your memory seems short, I repeat in a nutshell: the last step has to first be taken fully and not by half! Hence out of captivity with the other foot also, and everything shall then show itself plainly!”

8. Says Minerva;”Well, it seems that your demands on me shall never end. But since I have done this much I may as well do that too! But watch I don’t leave you after that! Because you remember that my freest retreat to my former state was assured me as a main condition to my demeaning action in accordance with your will.”

9. Minerva is lifting the second foot, saying: “Now it is accomplished: I have completely fulfilled your will; what now? Says Cado: “Endlessly much, fairest one! Loosen this bundle, taking out the raiment and covering those hopelessly alluring charms!”

10. Bending down, Minerva opens the bundle. Seeing the carmine-red dress that radiates more powerfully than the sun, and which is studded with a profusion of shining diamonds and rubies, she is so startled by the massive light that she actually sinks at Cado’s feet as if in a swoon.

11. Asks Cado: “How do you feel now, Minerva; do you like this queenly gown? Did I lie to you; what do you think of me now?”

12. Minerva, almost speechless, says with tremulous voice: “Cado, this is too much, too great, too glorious! Do I not know all the heavens with their inhabitants: Yet I have never seen anyone there fitted with such gown- not even the Deity in Its inaccessible light! How should I, hardly yet emerging from my worst and deepest depravity, be capable of accepting and even wearing such fiery raiment! I am indeed indescribably overjoyed therewith, but I truly don’t dare to put it on! The most deeply infernal cannot so hastily enter upon an alliance with the most lofty celestial. It will take a long time yet for me to ponder over my fundamentally infernal, wicked actions in order to gradually rise above them! Remember that I am the basis of all wickedness and judgment! Oh when, and how shall I be able to lift myself above my arch-wicked condition, Cado; how distant such period!”

13. Says Cado: “Fool, count the suns within endless space; count the planets which not seldom, like atoms within outer space, orbit by the trillions around a single, final central sun that itself is not of a primordial sun magnitude yet! Count the sand particles of just one smallest planet! Add up all the material particles that are under judgment in eternal space, having to carry the light upon their backs from one infinity to another! Behold all this is severely judge substance out of your very own judgment! How long would you have to think through the foundation of every judged atom throughout infinity? Behold, this would be foolish to the ultimate degree! Hence do what I advise you for your true liberation, and then you will not need the final summary account to become truly free and therewith well-pleasing to the almighty Deity within its Jesus humanity!”

14. Says Minerva: “Beloved Cado, you are right indeed; but do not ever enounce that certain name to me again, as it is absolutely intolerable to me. I can’t actually tell you why, but it is so; the name burns me more than all the fire of hell!”

15. Says Cado: “Behold, this again is extremely foolish of you! In this very name like in no other, your and my salvation are to be wrought; hence just laud and praise this name in future, and you shall conquer all evil in your heart! You shall then celebrate a veritable triumph over everything that up till now has constantly tempted you to such immense falling away from the eternal Deity!”

16. Says Minerva: “Dear Cado, it is endlessly easier for you to speak than for me; remember how many countless hosts of poor beings are languishing in extremist torment, which I prepared for them; how should I ever become free and happy at all for as long as the countless ones must languish on my account! No, that’s impossible it can’t be!”

17. Says Cado: “Don’t let that trouble you; from the time the Deity took on the human, It also took the entire material Creation upon Itself, making every person independent of you, and subject to their own conscience! All the world now rests upon God’s shoulder and upon that of all free men, even whilst you yourself have not for a long time been accountable directly to god. Hence do as I tell you, and you shall be free in everything.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-181 Chapter