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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 182 - Minerva’s further excuses and Cado’s response. About repentance and conversion. Portentous acts of salvation

1. Miklosch continues: “ Says Minerva: “But the Deity has commanded a form of penitence for the forgiveness of sins without which no man, let alone a devil, can achieve bliss. I however am the foundation of all sin, and a pillar of judgment and death. How should I gain freedom and bliss without an omen, in order to in fact be free and blissful? How should I practice atonement in this dazzling gown? Sackcloth and ashes, in a hairy dress, are required for that! Procure me such penitential gown, and I shall begin atonement in earnest!”

2. Says Cado: “Indeed, you and the doing of penitence would go well together. Do you actually understand what doing penitence means? Do you think that a hairshirt and sackcloth and ashes add up to penitence? I for my part, although a devil like yourself before God, consider penitence genuine when one voluntarily abandons the wicked and counter-divine path, placing one’s own will unshakeably under the eternal Deity banner, firmly desiring what one has recognized as such divine order. After thus acting out of your own regulated will, you shall also thereby do the right penitence, but a hairshirt, sackcloth and ashes, general confession and communion and even a million masses belong to the domain of ultimate human absurdities, as they only make man worse. I can become better only through my own free will, everything else having no importance before the better spirits and God!

3. You also can see what every spirit can discern from his higher wisdom. Desire nothing out of yourself but only what I desire, and you shall soon be rid of your own jailor. But while you still come at me with your own will-chunks, it shall not get better with you for lengthy periods. You had never been lacking in wisdom and native cognition, but in goodwill; wherefore you became the foundation of all vileness and wickedness! If however a being wants to become good and noble, it must carry out the same experiment with its initial and wild will as a gardener upon Earth does with a wild plant; he cuts off the crown, splitting the stem and inserting a noble branch, whereupon it becomes a new, noble and good fruit tree. You too have to proceed thus with your old, untamed will! Do not be troubled even if you have your old crown removed, for therewith you shall come by a more marvellous, better and nobler crown.”

4. Says Minerva: “Although you are stubborn as a devil, Cado, your wisdom is god-like!” Responds Cado: “If no one other than myself wants to follow it, then what use such wisdom! I am preaching to deaf ears and perform spectacles before blind eyes! By almighty God, I have spoken to excess, but to what purpose? I am showing you why you should fully subordinate yourself to my will. But you come up with a thousand excuses and even, where complying to some degree, you never do so forthwith or the way I demand and must have it! Since you consider me wise as a god, why are you not doing what I ask? A most splendid gown lies there in front of you, giving off its mighty beams into infinity like a central sun; yet its mighty light, destined to be driven towards your inner being, is consuming itself in vain: Why? Say why!”

5. Says Minerva: “I have already said why, but you refuted it wittily. I nevertheless maintain that I feel much too unworthy to just put it on like any old rag. I can’t give you another reason, regardless of how it offends you. But another thing: how will it affect the Earth and all the other worlds if I put on this gown? Shall those spirits, about to undergo development, and at present still enveloped in crudest matter, be better or worse off? Give me a good reason, and I shall then forthwith do what and how you want it.”

6. Says Cado: “I knew she would use delaying tactics again! Oh you most exasperating being! What have we to do with the Earth and all the other worlds now? The Deity is sure to know what to do about that. We are not in the least affected by how people now co-habit upon Earth or the sun. We live and act only for ourselves. I have already told you that you yourself were placed upon the cosmic bodies without any influence upon them, and this since the Deity’s Incarnation, within whom a second Adam out of God took upon His shoulders the entire creation with all its, problems, and now guides it the way His eternal order demands it. Wherefore you need not henceforth concern yourself with anything other than your own self! Put the gown on, and it shall transpire what next!”

7. Says Minerva: “My my, you living book speak like a disciple of Solomon! But I can see that in one sense you are right. And so I am going to transform myself into a dress up doll right in front of you and play real haughty, foolish and vain person, it pleasing you so much! Will you be better off if unable to look at me for all my brilliance? I will now put it on, but don’t come bothering me with more demands too soon! ’

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-182 Chapter