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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 183 - Minerva’s glory in the celestial gown. Robert and Sahariel reveal themselves. Bringing up souls for true freedom and independence

1. Milklosch continues his report: “Minerva is now actually putting on the gown. Oh- for a thousand powers, this is unbearable; what unspeakable beauty! Lord and Father Jesus – be gracious to me, a poor sinner! Lord, I would either die or go crazy if I had to watch this great beauty for a few more seconds! It puzzles me how a Cado and the two others – Robert Uraniel and Sahariel, can tolerate such proximity and not lose their lives. The latter two’s eyes are certainly overflowing with the brilliance and beauty, but it’s anyone’s guess how Cado can bear her immediate closeness like that! Brother Bathianyi, relieve me for a while, for I can no longer bear it!”

2. Says Bathinayi; “Friend, this won’t do, for just a few fleeting glances have already check-mated me; what would a prolonged time do to me! Thanks for your offer, dearest friend; just attend to your pleasant office and I shall continue my part from your words.”

3. Says Miklosch: “Very well-I’ll play the dope! Well, would you believe it, the two angels are now revealing themselves to Cado and Minerva, the latter two being perplexed at their sudden appearance. Cado seizes them up for either their celestial or infernal origin; what will come of it?!”

4. Cado brushes his hair from his face, pluckily confronting them: “Where ya come from – what do you want – who are ya! Speak up – here – the devil Cado ask ya!”

5. Says Robert, moving forward: “We two are your sincerest friends, from above as well as from below, having secretly protected you, or you would not have otherwise brought this arch-primordial queen of all matter this far. But we have come to congratulate you on succeeding in this great work, upon which the efforts of many brethren have foundered. If you desire to avail yourself of our services in anything good before God, we are at your disposal!”

6. Says Cado: “I thank you for your efforts and guard, but confess that I would have preferred to do without it, because for me the name and power of the great One is enough, everything else being vanity I hence ask you to at once remove yourselves or I shall have to use force. My much beloved Minerva is nowhere near being able to cope with your stranger’s parasite looks. Once she is fully perfected, you may return and delight in her full recovery. But no more assistance, for it would only delay rather than abbreviate my efforts. Hence, God’s speed, my friends!”

7. Says Minerva: “Friend Cado, since I am now done up with the queenly garment I deem myself entitled to a few words and things here. Hence I insist that these two Wiseman from above and below remain here to render me a service or two, if they are so inclined!”

8. Says Cado: “It is up to me to decide what takes place here! Should I relent, you are lost for at least another half eternity; don’t forget we two are devils and follow a path different to God’s angels for our development. Hence friends, do me the favour and go, for I cannot continue to guide Minerva in your presence!”

9. Says Robert: “Cado, friend, you don’t know us too well yet if you think we could be a hindrance to your plans with Minerva. Behold, whatever you have thus far spoken or do was through ourselves; for God the Lord, Whose name is supremely glorious, has given us abundant power and authority for that. Had you stood alone before this so-called Minerva, you would have long since been her dreadful prey. It was ourselves who placed every work on your tongue. It was us who blessed and charged the stones you picked up as your weapons, as we also prevented the fiery flood from rising, enabling you to find effective refuge upon this hill. Since this is how things are, how should we now be a handicap to you? We can indeed be conducive to your heavens-pleasing work, and so don’t be troubled by us!

10. We hence remain with you a little longer, so that you can do what is left freely out of yourself, to bring this great work to a favourable conclusion. Henceforth our counsel shall not be secret but open, with things happening only upon your request, so that you and Minerva can be truly liberated therewith; you shall be able to freely accept or reject our advice. If we were to continue influencing you in secret, you could not be made free and hence blessed, leaving you a mere tool in our hands. But we now set the tool free from the fetters of judgment, so that it would become something before the Lord out of itself. This the weak tool must however acknowledge, and subsequently self-determine itself, whereupon it shall in a short while achieve true and free perfection and not remain within coerced slavery. Let it be so, in Jesus the Lord’s name, the One and only God of Heaven and all the worlds!”

11. Says Cado: “If so, then stay of course! For I must act freely to be freed from every yoke. But whether Minerva also is going to stay is another matter.”

12. Says Minerva: “The steps that I have already taken forward remain; I shall certainly not retreat. But these two celestial scoundrels must get out of my sight, as they proceeded against me secretly and treacherously! I shall take no further step forward whilst they are here!”

13. Says Robert: “Not at all, fairest Minerva! Were we to have harmed you, we would leave. But you must admit that we only did you a supreme favour, through the power out of God effectively acting from within us. You should gratefully realize the extent to which we have freed you from hell’s fetters, having caused same to gradually abate in your heart, within which the basic germ of all evil had resided. Think of the dreadful eons throughout which you suffered the most intensive torments – of course through your own stubborn will, and then our presence for your future wellbeing is certain not to put you off! ’

14. Says Cado to Minerva: “That true! Hence think about it and all shall be well! These two have to stay now, because I commanded them; do you object to my orders as well?” Says Minerva: “Indeed, because, they forced you to give them!”

15. Says Cado: “There you are mistaken; I don’t let anyone force me in my free will. But if I were under judgment to do so then you should object even less to what is spoken by my judged will. It then not being mine but God’s almighty will. And so comply with what is determined by the two and commanded by myself!”

16. Says Minerva: “Well – your stubbornness is not too bad, and you know how to twist things to maintain your standing. But am I, the first-born of all creatures, to beg for my position I shall however submit to you outwardly, being too weak to fight you. But my inward parts belong to me and henceforth only curse you and your bond of friendship, Amen! Understand this, Amen??

17. Says Cado: “I have indeed that much understanding and perhaps more. Once your own exterior has digested that, your interior too shall turn towards my aim for you, out of God’s unchangeable order. And to that I too say an unalterable amen! Do you too understand this unalterable Amen?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-183 Chapter