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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 8 - Renewed zest for life. Revenge turns into forgiveness. New lightning and lasting light.

1. Continues Robert: “Or, or? Strange thought! Could these two lightning-bolts have occurred only in my imagination, indicating that my end is actually near? Yes, it could be that. Having started to become a little fond of this poor life, it shall probably end soon! If one calls for death, it is certain not to come; but fearing it and desiring with all one’s heart for it so stay away as long as possible, it is bound to come soonest! Wherefore I shall have to desire my earliest full annihilation with all my remaining strength; then I can be sure that true death shall not take me by the scruff of the neck too soon!

2. “Verily, that saying is a good one: ‘He who loves his life shall lose it, but he who scorns it shall gain it’! This has now been the case with me. Because from scorning life, I exposed myself to the greatest danger – out of love for all my German brethren, and have most probably been dispatched to over here by gunpowder and lead! But I, Robert Blum, live!

3. “Of course I am still unconscious; but an inner feeling tells me: Robert, you shall soon be strong and mighty enough to revenge your blood on these murderers and henchmen! Indeed, Robert, you shall get strong again! When you lived on Earth, you were at home within yourself, but now you live in millions of your brethren’s hearts, and besides that you live within yourself in all reality! Wherefore fear not, Robert! You shall yet get very strong and mighty!

4. “It would be preferable of course to be strong already, while my rage and thirst for revenge are hot. But if my vengeance gradually abates within this night, and waxes stronger only thereafter, then I would rather remain within my present weakness, and hand things over to fate.

5. “It is actually strange that I am unable to maintain my rage and vengeance! It indeed turns into a kind of magnanimous forgiveness, which annoys me tremendously. But looked at another way, it is characteristically German! Only a German can forgive, and this is a virtue intrinsic only to the most noble souls!

6. “Who can say to his murderers: ‘Friend, you have done a terrible thing to me, but I forgive you from the foundation of my life!’ Robert can do so! Indeed, he also does so! You, brother Alfred (Windischgrätz), who had me shamefully murdered, I forgive you, and shall eternally not revenge myself on you, even if able to do so a thousandfold! – Indeed, let all Germany hear: Robert Blum has forgiven the misdeed of not only his but also your foe! Ah, now I feel lighter at heart! Hmm, I indeed admire my own stature; this is most refreshing! Legend about the great teacher of nations indeed has it that he too forgave all his foes their misdeeds from the cross. But His indwelling soul must also have been a characteristically German one, or He would not have been capable of such lofty character. For such magnanimity was never manifest in the Orientals. Indeed, indeed, the great teacher Jesus also was a German!”

7. At the mention of the name Jesus, mighty lightning again strikes from east to west, leaving behind a peculiar grey sheen that alienates our Robert, as this once again, so to say, flattens his weather forecast.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-8 Chapter