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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 7 - Well tried remembrance of Jesus produces powerful lightning. Robert’s fear and happy amazement.

1. Robert continues: “Among all forms of prayer, the Lord’s Prayer is probably the best! Thus the wise teacher Jesus taught His disciples to pray. Unfortunately, this prayer has never been properly understood, always being blindly brought up for every occasion and requirement. But the Romans attribute to it only some silly magical quality, instead of the truth, using it as some panacea against all evils, as well as animal sicknesses! And this makes it implausible to me! The Lord’s Prayer in itself certainly is a most dignified prayer, but only in the right sense of course, and only as what it actually is. But the way the Romans and Protestants use it is barest stupidity!

2. “Oh You good teacher and Master Jesus! If perchance Your fate is similar to mine, then You will also have, after Your execution regretted to have done mankind so much good? Nearly two thousand years in such night! Oh You most noble one, this must be tough!”

3. Following our man’s pronouncing the name Jesus so sympathetically and reverently, a powerful lightning strikes right across from east to west (rising to setting); this thoroughly scares our apostle for freedom, but also brings him much joy, as it assures him that he is not blind.

4. It also causes him to ponder what could have caused this bright lightning. He goes through all the causes for electricity, but cannot from his puzzling situation come up with a sufficient explanation for this first light-manifestation.

5. “But now some bright idea hits me!”, he shouts. “Yes indeed, so it is! – Oh marvelous philosophy, perpetual fountain of true wisdom! You bring wisdom to all who fervently seize you with love, using you at all times as the only reliable counselor and signpost! Just look how quickly I have unraveled this Gordian knot with your help!

6. “Wherever in the kingdom of nothingness some existence manifests, there a great many other or similar existences could be found! And so there could be a great many diverse beings besides myself that are suitable for triggering electricity, without in any way restricting our all-embracing nothingness; that settles it! I am certain now that next to myself there are some kind of neighbours; wherefore I am not as alone as I had at first thought. Ah, this is superb!

7. “Had I only thrown myself into German philosophy’s arms earlier, then I would be standing on different foundations. But blockhead that I am, I got myself lost in silly ruminations about prayer, and the futile commiseration with the great, wise and noble teacher of nations Jesus and for… –- –- !”

8. At that point there is even more intense lightning. Robert is beside himself with fright and amazement, and cannot get over the baffling, intense but rather brief light. – It even appeared to him as if he had in the distance seen the outline of certain familiar things. But they were lit up too briefly for recognition.

9. Only after a long pause could he gather up his thoughts more deeply. His first orderly thought was as follows: “Ah, now I know where I stand! This lightning means a mighty thunderstorm, which will be going off over Vienna! I am gradually awakening from my intense daze, returning fully into life under lightning, thunder and hail? – Not that I can hear the thunder, but the weather could still be at great distance.

10. “But could I be deaf? I can of course hear my thoughts like words, but this is no proof of my hearing. I cannot of course explain the feeling of surrounding nothingness in any natural way; but does it matter? The fact is that I am here, and have twice seen lightning: proof that I am not blind! Who knows whether this is not the effect of the threatening weather? Wherefore I will wait until the weather passes over; this will show if I remain as I am.

11. “Of course this condition has been protracted; it could already be a hundred years by my estimation; yet this is more likely to be deceived feelings. Indeed when one languishes stunned, as it were, then a minute must drag out into a year. It is so. If only there were another lightning and perhaps thunder? – But the lightning is taking its time? – “

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-7 Chapter