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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 36 - Robert’s annoyance at being reminded of his worldly weaknesses, seeking other discourse.

1. Says Robert: “Most treasured friend! I note that You are getting somewhat lewd and also somewhat offensive! It is an attribute adhering to nearly all teachers, whether great or small. Because all of them are rough on occasion, insinuating to their charges that these belong to that species of patient animals having commonality with the great wise men of the world, gentleness and patience! These animals never crave for blood, but just hay and straw. This meager fare is supposed to contribute only marginally towards brain development. Wherefore these animals also are in damned little possession of that mushy white substance in the head of which Socrates’ head is purported to have been endued to excess.

2. “You did not make it hard for me to appreciate how things are around and within me, - like the cerebral emptiness of those four-legged ones drawing their life-ether from hay and straw. Therefore I would not mind if in future You tell me straight out that I am a donkey without the preambles. For if You earnestly find nothing for building up my cognition, there being no more substance in my head other than that of a donkey – then say it straight out, and I shall not be hurt. For where there is nothing, that’s it.

3. “I understand indeed that the faith You described never resided in me; but can I be blamed if the nature of true faith has never been made clear to me? If in place of Hegel someone had stood up, counseling me in Your manner, then I would certainly not have become a Hegelian, but would have stood before You like a Paul.

4. “Since this was not the case however and, to my knowledge, it never occurred to anyone that man can think also in his heart, - and who knows whether also in the knees and heels, - I surely had to generate my thoughts where dear mother nature consigned them. In the world I thought thus: man’s every limb and component has its own destiny and practical function; the feet cannot replace the hands, the backside not the heard, the stomach contents not those of the head, the ear not the service of the eyes, not the heart that of the tongue. Wherefore I thought only within the head, and unconcernedly left the heart its function; am I therefore to be blamed for coming over here empty?

5. “If You now ask things of me however which I never received in the world, then in spite of Your wisdom You are a thousand times more stupid than I, and shall be of little if any use to me in the future!

6. “And it is also silly of You to tear strips off me over here, for my earthly but rare indulgence and Venus-service, and to even cite these as the reason why I find myself so void before You. If such pleasures, laid into human nature like the germ into the seed, are a sin before You, then why were they laid into man?

7. “Is it not said of the lion that he is no fly-catcher? If however You are one of the greatest sages and even the almighty Deity Itself – something You have given me quite clearly to understand several times in the course of our fellowship, then it is incomprehensible to me that You could be so trivial about things whose momentary enjoyment as human I hardly deemed worthy of a second thought.

8. “Man is an animal physically, and hence also has animalistic needs whose gratification nature’s iron hand dictates. If he finds an irresistible urge within him, against which spiritual imagination can accomplish nothing, then it is the spirit’s imperative duty to satisfy the lust of the flesh, in order to afterwards move more freely in its own spiritual sphere.

9. “If the spirit then complies with the imperatives of the flesh, and that during its pressure; when it drives its excrement and urine out of its canals; when it takes in food and drink according to task, and when it furthermore satisfies its tedious sex-drive, where the latter demands its sacrifice, in order to then have a few hours of peace therefrom, - say, can this be ever declared a sin, particularly here, where we both are hopefully for evermore untroubled by such natural drives: for we are bound to do damned little business serving the flesh where there is none?

10. “Hence let us discuss other things, letting past nature-strips be what they are. Let us talk about the starry sky, for instance! This will fortify me more than warming up my erstwhile nature-stripping!

11. “Behold, my most treasured Friend and God, and all You wish to be in my presence: I can’t actually complain about my present condition. I am neither thirsty nor hungry; none of my being is plagued by pain, and Your company shall suffice me for eternity; if only we could find a better place for our debates, then this would do us no harm at all. Because things look rather airy here, and one could say, like nothing! Except for these little mountains, upon which we have been standing a considerable time, there is no kind of existence to be detected anywhere; if we could only discover some lawn and some simple country hut somewhere that we could take in possession, then we could carry out our most interesting debates with a much better disposition!

12. “Of especial interest would be a few portentous words about the suns, and other cosmic bodies! But none of those, erstwhile praise God, earthly conditions of yore, which could fill me with the greatest disgust, making me in the end incapable of discussing anything with You! If it therefore were possible to find us such a spot, then be implored to let Your wisdom be put to action!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-36 Chapter