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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 37 - The danger of soul-praise. Even princes of angels need humility for spiritual progress. Humbly confess your guilt for your blessing.

1. Say I: “My dear friend and brother! Right now we can have none of this. Here in the world of spirits, substantial manifestation of only what a human soul brings over in its heart is possible. If however the heart is completely empty, as in your case, unfortunately, in spite of your protestations, then not even the tiniest spot of lawn can make an appearance therefrom.

2. “You also asked Me to tell you something about the stellar sky, rather than reproach you for your earthly faults. This I can easily believe; every soul from the inception of its existence primordially, already prefers praise to even justified rebuke.

3. “But believe Me, even earned praise is poison for the soul and hence also injurious to the spirit. If I were your enemy then I would praise you in order to ruin you. Since I am, surely, a supreme friend to you, I must be frank with you, because a shameful flatterer is everyone’s dangerous enemy, since he is usually a raving wolf under the mask of friendship; I say unto you that you can do no greater harm to yourself than to praise yourself, rejoicing in your excellence. For herewith you inflict a deathblow to your own heart.

4. “Wherefore I also strictly commanded all My disciples to reject praise, even where attending to God’s every demand, and to consider themselves as mere lazy servants.

5. “Why did I demand this of the disciples? Because I alone can see only too clearly what the soul has to do to truly liberate itself through the freeing of its spirit. Throughout all infinity there is only one effective means of achieving this aim, – it is called meekness of heart – in its all-embracing sense.

6. “But the right, perfect humility – the only aid for the soul, excludes even the feeblest and most modes self-praise – because same feeds self-love, which is a turning away from God – a food to destroy the spirit, which is the true death of the soul.

7. “If I were now to praise you, notwithstanding the fact that, basically, all your terrestrial actions merit only My rebuke; and that, secondly, to acknowledge your wisdom and pick up massive respect for the sagacity of your reason, what would then become of you?

8. “But take the case that you could get Me to do so: what could you expect therefrom? No less than My having to depart from you, defeated, your greater power subduing Me, something that in the world of spirits signifies swallowing up one’s enemy and therewith causing his disappearance. The result would be your standing there in complete isolation again, making it extremely hard for you to ever gain fellowship again. Because were I to abandon someone, same would also be abandoned forever, and his soul would partake of true death.

9. “But such is completely impossible; even the greatest wise men of all stars must bend to their innermost life-fibre before My wisdom. And this is salutary even for the most profound angelic spirit. For even the greatest angels must be humble, if they want to achieve blissfulness, even though their brilliance of wisdom would put every sun into shade, were the latter to enter its sphere.

10. “How much more essential is a proper humbling on your part, as you are still bare of everything that would fill you with even a glimmer of real existence. – Hence judge those things with which I rebuke you more precisely in future and do not become furious, - confessing your guilt before Me and humbling yourself; then you will get further in a moment than otherwise in millennia!

11. “Ponder this well and tell Me exactly what you will do; I shall act accordingly.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-37 Chapter