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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 35 - Man’s dual capacity to discern. Only spiritual light gains true faith. Practice and virtue.

1. Say I: “For as long as man defines things only by reason, he can have no other notion of faith and prayer to that you have now offered Me sincerely. For man’s cerebral reason has no path other than the material view and sensual perception. But a spiritually living faith can no more take roots within sensual perception than a grain of wheat upon granite. It has a solid foundation there certainly, but the hard rock having no moisture to dissolve the grain of wheat to release the germ, it remains upon the hard rock the way it was. With time however it dies off, finding no sustenance. Of what good all your knowing and the mental obedience you call faith if your spirit does not participate?

2. “Behold, every person has a twofold perception: an exterior, that is The head or actual physical understanding, with which God’s nature cannot be grasped and comprehended, because same was given the soul only to initially separate the spirit within it from the Deity and to veil it from the spirit for a time. If the soul wants to seek and find God just with this negative ability, then it will only remove itself from its goal, the more stubbornly it pursues same along such path.

3. “But the soul has also another ability that resides not in its head but the heart. It is called inner feeling, consisting of its own feeling, out of love, and a corresponding conceptualisation, made up of the previous two elements. Once this has taken up the concept of God’s existence, then He is at once embraced by love and held fast by its will, which holding fast alone is called faith.

4. “Through this faith, which is a living one, the true spirit is awakened. The latter then examines its awakener, at once recognising and seizing same, straightening up like a mighty light out of God, suffusing the soul and transforming to light everything within it. This light then is the actual faith through which every soul can achieve bliss.

5. “Had you ever heard of this, the only true faith? You say no, this type of faith is utterly strange to me, because thinking from within the heart seems impossible to me! – Indeed so it is! This thing has to seem impossible to you.

6. “To think within the heart takes practice, consisting of constantly re-awakened love towards God. This re-awakening strengthens and expands the heart, loosening the spirit’s band, so that its light (because every spirit is a light out of God) can constantly and more freely develop. Once the light of the spirit begins to light up the actual life-chamber of the heart, the countless archetypes are delineated ever more vividly in the equally countless walls within the life-chamber, making them visible to the soul. And behold, viewing of the soul within its heart is then a new type of thinking. The soul then gains new concepts and great new ideas. Its wide field of vision enlarges with every heartbeat. The stones of contention vanish in proportion to cerebral silencing, and that is no longer proof-seeking. For the light of the spirit lights up the inner forms so vividly as to cast no shadow on any side. Therewith everything resembling even the feeblest breath of a doubt is banished everlastingly.

7. “And thus a faith that has its seat in the heart rather than the head is to be called a true and living faith: true because of going forth from the infallible light of the spirit, and living because within man, only the spirit is alive in the real sense of the word!

8. “Within such faith then lies that extraordinary power mentioned twice in the Gospels.

9. “To achieve such faith – the only blessed one however, one has to do as above, and through practice achieve facility as soon as possible. Because if man has striven too much for intellectual development and therewith worldly aims and comforts, the capacity to think within the heart must seem impossible to such person.

10. “Furthermore, one must have ground for enjoying ethics. One must not be self-indulgent, and even less, carnally unchaste. Because unchastity and fornication either kills the spirit almost completely, or if not killing the spirit, then it precludes the development of its light for all time; which also is the reason why such fornicators, especially in advanced age become quite mindless, lightening their drab life only with some indulgence, or staring at and frisking some maiden.

11. “Was this not indeed the case in your later period, when you regarded the female sex as mere lascivious indulgence? Did you not actually seek earthly happiness in such most dishonest enjoyment? And when you wish to now go over to a purely spiritual bliss, there is hardly any foundation within you on which to build. For behold, there is emptiness all around you, as empty and insubstantial as the inside of your heart and its life-chambers.

12. “Say unto Me, where shall we now obtain the material from which to build you up to a new man? Speak and provide advice!”

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