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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 157 - Report on Robert’s underworld. The holy inscriptions upon the steps of the pyramid. An important salvation doctrine and its effect upon Robert

1. The same moment Robert steps up to me with his wife, saying: “Oh Lord Thou good, holy father of all men and angels! Things look terrible over there, terrible! If this pyramid’s interior were tenfold Aegean stable, it would still be easy to clean. But as things are, this sin-dung, especially near the base of the pyramid, exceeds an Aegean stable a million fold! Here there can be no thought of cleaning even if one could divert all the Earth’s rivers into it. In the pyramid’s upper region, thousands of thoughtless images from my entire earth-life are on display. The lower chambers however are filled with all sorts of indescribable feculence, paired to a most pestilential stench! Oh woe upon woe; who is going to help me, poor fellow, clean this stable?”

2. Say I: “My dear friend Robert! No task is too big to bring under control with the right means, but proper insight and patience are necessary. Consider the vast creation from its beginning to its eventual, necessary end and from its tiniest organic and inorganic particles to its overwhelming, ordered whole; and you shall become conscious of the all but impossible order, co-ordination, maintenance and guidance towards its correct, ultimate purpose. Yet this grand creational edifice stands there most superbly ordered and no atom can escape its destiny! Wherefore it should be comparatively easy to clean your earthly Aegean stable; but the right insight and patience and a firm resolve are essential!

3. So that you would however gain a proper insight, go over to the pyramid’s exterior steps, which are enclosed with an in scripted gold ring, and read what is written there! It will tell you all the things you will have to do.”

4. Robert goes and first reads the lowermost in scripted circle, which says: ‘Come unto me all ye that labour, and are heavy-laden, and I shall quicken you! ’ And he continues: ‘Abide only within love! ’Verily, though the numbers of your sins were as the sand of the sea and the grass upon the Earth, love shall wipe them out one and all. And were your shame before God as the blood of the scapegoats, it shall be whitewashed by love like white wool and the finest Byssus!”

5. And he continues at the second step: “Love is the life, the law, the order, the power, the authority, the gentleness, humility, patience and hence the kernel of all wisdom! Not all things are possible to wisdom, because wisdom can only go a certain road and cannot concern itself with what is unclean. But to love, all things are possible, because it seizes also what is depraved with the same warmth as what is already the purest within itself. Love can utilize everything, but wisdom only what love has cleaned.”

6. And he continues to read upon the third step: ‘Ask your heart whether it can love much; whether it can love God above everything else without any motivation other than love itself? Ask your heart whether it can, for God’s sake, love a brother more than itself? Ask your heart whether it is truly capable of pure love? Whether it can love God for being God. And can it love a brother like God, out of pure love for God? If your heart is capable of that, then your festering decay is at an end, and you yourself stand before God, your Lord, Father and Brother as perfected!”

7. And he continues from the fourth step: ‘God is himself the primordially eternal, purest love, and its fire is the life and wisdom in God. Love therefore is out of and, as God, the life and the light of all beings. The sparks out of the furnace fire of God’s heart! You too are such spark! Kindle yourself to a live blaze, and in your heart you shall see God!”

8. And he further reads from the fifth step: ‘The word from God’s heart is love’s omnipotence; wherefore the word and the eternal Son out of God are the same. God himself is the complete word which is generated in the fire of love. But you too are a word of God, produced in God’s heart! Hence become once again a perfect word of God! Become full of love, full love in God – thereby becoming a son of God and at one with him! But you shall not come unto God except through the Father, Who is love and the word within itself, the same from eternity to eternity! ’

9. And he reads from the sixth step: ‘Christ alone is the mediator between God and man’s nature. Through the death or His flesh and His shed blood, He has paved the way to resurrection and the return to God of all flesh, which is Satan’s primordial sin! But Christ is the basic love in God, the chief word of the word that became flesh, and hence the flesh of all flesh and the blood of all blood. This flesh voluntarily took the entire world’s sin upon itself and purified it before God through His holy blood. Make yourself partaker of this greatest salvation work of God through the flesh and blood of Christ, and you shall be pure before God. For no being or thing can become pure of itself but exclusively through the merits of Christ, which are the highest grace and mercy of God. You of yourself can do nothing, but Christ can do everything!”

10. And he reads from the seventh step: ‘Your earthly dwelling is full of filth; who shall cleanse it? Who alone has the power and authority? Behold, Christ the eternal High Priest before God, his eternal Father! For Christ and the Father are one from eternity. In Christ alone dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And this fullness is the Father as the purest divine love. Seize same with your love and it shall cleanse and awaken your flesh, as same has awakened Christ’s flesh, which it carried within itself.”

11. And he reads from the eighth step: ‘You are shocked at the great multitude of your evil spirits which ruled your flesh and blood upon earth, asking with Paul: ‘Who shall redeem me from my flesh and free me from the bonds of death? Behold: Christ, who was killed, is risen and lives – a Lord from eternity! Had it been possible for him to remain within death, then your everlasting death too would be a certainty; but because Christ has risen as you yourself now see him, it is impossible that anyone should be left in the grave. Because just as through the serpent, death came over all flesh, so also life came over all human flesh of the Earth through the one God-man; but simultaneously also a new judgment, notwithstanding that the old judgment which bore death within itself was everlastingly annihilated through the rising of this one. This new judgment also is death, but not death to death, but a death to life! Get unto love through your love, that this new judgment of your flesh would become true life through the works of that one. You stand at the source; drink the fullness of living water!”

12. And upon the ninth step he reads thus: ‘Womanizing actually is self-love! Because he who lets himself be so twisted by love of woman that his love of neighbour and consequently of God becomes to him a burden, He loves himself within woman’s nature! Hence do not permit yourself to become captive, in excess of the right measure, to a woman’s enticing shape, or you shall go under in woman’s weakness, whereas the woman ought through your power to rise up to one being with and in you! But love the woman as you would love one or the other of your limbs, so that she may become one with you! But love God above all, so that from such might love be born again to a true, most free citizen of God’s purest heavens forever, together with your wife as one being with you!”

13. And he reads at the tenth step: ‘Seek, seek, seek, so that you would not become conceited when you become great! Behold the Lord’s meekness, gentleness and goodness! He is the Lord from eternity; everything contained within infinity is his own work. His power is so great that all the works of endless wasteness must sink back into eternal nothingness before the gentlest breath of his mouth. Yet notwithstanding this he stands among his little ones as plain and unassuming, as if he were all but the least among them. He loves them and carries on with them as if he had none besides them in all of infinity, which latter surely is teaming with countless myriads of the most wonderful, glorious and affectionately wise, purest beings! Wherefore seek, seek, seek to become and remain the least forever!”

14. Upon this last step, Robert is so heavily overcome with love for me that he starts weeping loudly. He glances back and forth between this last inscription and myself and sometimes his new wife, saying after a long bout of astonishment: ‘Oh thou holy inscription; but for your simplicity, lacking all pretence, written upon purest gold – and as eternally true as the one whose almighty fingers have inscribed you into this gold. Oh God! Only now an immense love for you begins to penetrate me through and through. And therewith I become aware of having loved you deficiently heretofore! But now it is different! You alone are now Lord of my heart of my life! Eternal, unconquerable love! To you alone, nothing but love, love and more love; Thou my God and Father Jesus! !

15. When you gave me the most beautiful Helena for a wife, my heartfelt more of an innermost thankfulness than proper love towards you. And I deemed myself to have gained perfection by just punctilious obedience towards Your Commandments. But how far was I from my real goal! I indeed lacked the discernment of how I could love You more than Helena. But now things have changed! I now love You alone, seeing a new life awakening out of this love! Oh Lord and Father, oh Jesus, You my only love!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-157 Chapter