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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 156 - Explaining the Pyramidal monument. Journey to the underworld; Purgatory, Heaven and Paradise

1. I continue: “Do you see this Pyramid before us? It is your body’s heart! But just as the heart is the carrier of all countless germs for good or evil, so this monument in the shape of a pyramid is the essence of all that rested and acted as flesh power in the flesh of your natural creature. Go inside this pyramid with your wife now and behold everything that lingers, on high and in the depth and upon all walls.

2. After looking at everything, return and testify before all what you have encountered, after which I will instruct you on what else you have to do. But you must not let anything hold you up! Should lust grip you over one or the other thing then just look upon your Helena, and she shall draw you away from it!

3. And so take up your journey to the underworld courageously and with good cheer, escorted by My grace and love! For My soul too, before the rising of My flesh had to descend to the underworld and free all who still tarried there for salvation in the flesh of my flesh.

4. Bowing down deeply, Robert at once starts his journey.

5. The Franciscan however asks Me whether he could perhaps go along; but I say to him: “My dear one, once you fully matured you shall get to do the same, although in a different manner, in line with your nature. For the same method does not apply to everybody; it depends on the predominant leaning which the soul impressed upon her flesh, wherefore just wait nicely for what things Robert shall come up with! Therewith you shall more or less discern the way you will be descending into the underworld yourself.”

6. Says the Franciscan: “Lord, is in that case the underworld a kind of ante-hell, a certain purgatory so-to-say? Say I: “Yes, something like that! Yet quite different to what you carry around in your Roman heart.

7. Says the Franciscan: “In that case no one immediately comes from mouth to heaven, as they say?” Say I: “Not easily, my dear one, because if I myself who am the Lord had to journey to the underworld, then each of My children shall certainly have to do it too! Because every fruit needs to be ripe before being consumed. Foolish and ignorant children of course think that a cherry is ripe already when mildly reddish. But a knowledgeable gardener well knows the shade of red of a cherry when ripe. Wherefore there is nothing to the getting straight to heaven from the mouth! But the spiritual paradise in which you now find yourselves is so indeed. It is enough if I once said to a sinner: ‘This day thou shalt be with Me in paradise! But let us now be quiet, as Robert shall be back presently.”

8. After these my words the Franciscan would have still liked to add something, but the General, who together with Dismas and the transfigured Thomas are next to the Franciscan, at once places the entire flat of his hand over the Franciscan’s mouth, saying only: “The Lord God Father has commanded silence now, and this means obedience; understood?”

9. Say I: “Let that be, friend Mathia! There is no positive law on My part over here. If Cyprian wants to speak, he should not be stopped!” Says the Franciscan: “Not at all, I don’t want to speak, although I was itching to a little. Robert is just returning from the pyramid and I look childishly forward to his tale. But standing there in front of us, he is not cutting the happiest face and his companion not either! The thing must not have agreed with them. But for quiet now!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-156 Chapter