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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 155 - The great pyramidal monument. The Lord’s vivid and vital life words about spirit, soul and body. The true resurrection of the flesh

1. We are there in a few moments; the many other guests, led by the apostles and the ancient fathers make way for us with much reverence. We move up to the immense monument, which resembles one of the greatest of Egypt’s pyramids.

2. There is a huge gold sphere stop the monument. Each of the pyramid steps is encircled by a wide, golden ring engraved with all sorts of inscriptions. Only one entrance leads into the Pyramid, from the north side, through which one can properly gain entry to the interior. A few yards beyond the entrance, left and right, there are two sidewalks, and a little further back a stairway leading into the depth, and another leading to the height. Although the pyramid appears to be built of heavy, opaque stones on the outside, through which no light can penetrate to the interior of this gigantic monument, the many interior rooms nevertheless are sufficiently lit to make everything visible.

3. The exceedingly curious Franciscan Cyprian asks me: “Oh Lord, thou best Father, what might this signify? Such immense pyramid must have an equally portentous meaning!” Say I: “My dear friend just be patient, because no axeman can split such tree with one blow! Once upon Earth there had indeed been a heathen king by the name of Alexander, who once unfurled the notorious Gordian knot with one blow of the sword. But it is not the way knotty entanglements are unfurled here, in the kingdom of pure spirits, but only with proper time and patience! Wherefore a little more patience, my dear friend Cyprian!”

4. The Franciscan is satisfied therewith, saying: “Lord, Thou best Father, You are completely right! Over here it is everlasting eternity, and we should all have ample time for gaining insight. What good would it do us any way to fall into the depths of celestial wisdom with one blow, to afterwards suffer everlasting boredom?” Says the Baron: “Friend, you are getting somewhat satirical again! I tell you, beware, for the place where you stand is holy! Hence let go of such teasing.

5. Say I: ‘Let there be no quarrel here! You brother Ludwig is right indeed, but Cyprian’s remarks too carry some weight. We have much more important things over here. Let you friend Cyprian rather go over to Robert, summoning him and his wife over to Me! For he has to play the main part in this matter over here.”

6. Cyprian bows down most deeply before me and quickly carries out his errand to Robert. Robert at once comes over with Helena, praying Me to reveal My will.

7. I say unto him: “Dearest friend, brother and son Robert! Behold, this museum too is an essential part of your house, and I want to especially lay it to your heart. You have already done much to date and accomplished great things, causing Me to be much pleased with you. Your spirit is in best order. But your soul still lacks firmness here and there, which cannot yet be otherwise, for your body has not yet completely decayed. But here is the spot where you can and will gain complete firmness of soul. But certain things have to be adhered to!”

8. Behold, every person’s body is a veritable million fold compendium of all kinds of infernal passions which are combined into a form under judgment. Did you not once hear something about the resurrection of the dead as well as the living, as also about a resurrection of the flesh, and no less about the so called Judgment Day, on which all who are in the graves shall be awakened by Myself in accordance with their works, either to life or to everlasting death?

9. Behold, here is the place where I must reveal these secrets to you in accordance with your nature and constitution, and subsequently, through you, to all those who came to the world of spirits due to the same cause, having to find admission to your house because already upon Earth they had, by thought, attitude, words, desires and consequent works lived more or less within your spirit.

10. You were the first of all those I received here and of whose future progress I took charge. Wherefore you must also be the first over here, where your ultimate development is at stake, to carry this out upon yourself, so that this may transfer to all the others.

11. I already mentioned that your soul has no actual consistency yet; but how is same to be achieved? I say unto you and therewith all the others.

12. Just as I as the Lord, in the likeness of man preceded you all and in everything, laying down a good and indestructible path, just so you must all follow Me along the same path, if you would truly gain life eternal!

13. I did not only rise again in My soul and spirit but mainly in body, because My soul and My arch primordial divine spirit surely were in no need of resurrection, since it would have been the crassest impossibility to, as God, be killed. But just as I Myself physically rose from the dead, as eternal conqueror over death, just so you all must be resurrected in your bodies. Because you cannot see Me, the perfect God, and live, until resurrected, purified and transcended in your flesh; your flesh however is under judgment and the latter has to be taken away from the flesh, or same could never serve for providing consistency for the soul.

14. Behold these graves – they all carry your very own flesh, isolated according to its millions of judged constituents, from which it was joined together. The beings which you discovered beneath the monuments are basically only manifestations of the diverse wishes, desires and passions which you were sheltering in your flesh as judged particles of natural being in aggregate. These must now be purified by all sorts of means in order to become a firm, living mantle for your soul.

15. But just as I awakened My flesh through My very own power and authority, just so you must all set about this important task through the power of my spirit within you, in order to bring the former to its true perfection. For he who would of a truth be My child must in all things be like Me and do everything that I did and do, and yet shall do!

16. But you Robert now make big eyes, asking me within your heart: “Lord, what is all this, and how will I be able to bring it about? Patience and you shall at once find out!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-155 Chapter